Embodying the Great I AM Presence

The Christ Impulse is a power to transform the ego-I–the power to move it away from selfishness and into selflessness.

The meditation focuses on changing momentum in the “ego-I” from selfish orientation toward selflessness. Only in selflessness are you receptive to the power of the Great Being of Living Light that is being birthed etherically in our realm.

The meditation focuses on the areas of relationships, acquisition, work, health, and ideals, to uncover the level of self-interest in each. It is very helpful to get a sense of how to change from an inward motion of the ego-I that moves toward smallness and illusion, to an outpouring motion toward infinite expansion and ever higher spiritual reality.

The area of ideals is a very special one, as the Christ is the Being that enables our ideals to be carried on into eternity, where they will act as blessings to the whole evolution and will draw to us great gifts of spirit. When we devote our ideals in service to humanity and evolution, we are expanded beyond what we may imagine. Unrealized ideals are a source of torment to the soul, because these are the powers within us that hold the greatest potential to inspire others and help them to remember what they came for…ideals are the powers that impact the most on cosmic evolution.

Unite with the Great I AM Presence that is among us, and ask to have all momentum of your “I” move toward outpouring love and ever greater expansion. The amazing thing is that when we are outpouring love, our deeper being is drawn into this vibrational realm to express more powerfully. This is how we ‘grow’ the diamond soul self through the experience of life. Through the great I AM Presence our body becomes ever greater and refined crystalline structure that can hold higher divine consciousness. You will be assisted to feel the I AM Presence in your “I”, and will feel yourself as “All as One”. You are then led to feel your life anew, from the presence of the Great I AM.

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The greatest cosmic event is unfolding in this realm as the earth aligns with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, opening up a portal of Living Light from the Godhead.

The Godhead is calling creation into greater harmony, as the dissonance in this realm no longer serves any use. Many are ready to move toward Oneness, and the vibration in this realm is not supporting this choice that is our freedom…the planetary body has suffered enough and is in great need of healing.

This opening marks the beginning of a major transition—or rather the point of demarcation into a new order, where the old order is no longer being sustained.

This realm is being inundated with Living Light, which will expose darkness and illusion. It will become harder to sustain lies and ignorance, as the quality of Light is Truth. All that is resonant to this Light is being uplifted, and all that is not is being dissolved. If you hold onto the illusion, you will feel your world crumbling; if you surrender the illusion, you will feel uplifted into the loving embrace of spirit.

It is time to surrender illusion, to surrender attachment to the material, to allow higher purpose to rule, to allow the Kingdom of heaven to emerge from within us through the harmony of our being. It is time to lay down our weapons of separation and self-interest, and recognize that we are our brother and sister…that we are responsible for everything that we see in the world…and that we have the power to step up into our essence of love and cause radical transformation in the world.

Living Love seeks to be embodied in each of us—in each human vessel that is oriented toward a state of purification. This living Love is the power to ignite the substance within you that will cause you to be made anew as Child of Father and Mother God.

You may become receptive to this Living Love through purifying your thoughts, feelings, and will impulses…through purifying intention, word, and deed, and consecrating all your creative energy to serve a higher good and serve the All.

In purification you will be receptive and this vibratory Light/Love will merge in you, ignite you elevate our consciousness. Living Love is Higher Will, and it enters into the body that has prepared as sacred vessel and Holy Grail.—in Mind/Spirit, Heart/Soul, and Body.

Only through Purification on all level will greatest harmony be possible , which will accelerates the emergent power of the Divine Feminine on earth. The Divine Feminine must emerge in our realm for the power of love to dwell among us.

The Divine Feminine is a Trinity of the following:

The Great Mother (God as Mother/Womb of Creation)…the whole vibrational realm as womb of creation…

The Holy Sophia Wisdom that will allow spirit to be revealed in nature and in the world,

The Holy Soul of Humanity that is an aspect of the Christ that joins in groups of like-minded souls (gathered as two or more in the name of Love).

You support the Presence of the Great Mother when you honor the ecosystem in this wondrous vibrational realm and ensure that your ‘etheric footprint’ is pure and supportive of the increase of life in all ways. When are in symbiosis and reciprocity with the world.

The Divine Sophia is revived in human life when we seek for spiritual revelation in all that transpires and all that is around us, and when we seek to uphold spiritual principle, wholeness, and divine law in all aspects and structures of human life.

And the Holy Soul incarnates among us, as we gather in communities of souls in the name of Living Love…with intentions and higher visions to restore equity, respect, care, and freedom for all.

Engage in life in a manner that supports the emergence of the Divine Feminine, and you will allow Living Love to become embodied in this realm.


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