Endocrine System Activations Module

The Endocrine System ~ Gateway to Unleashing Soul/Spirit Power to Regenerate the Body

The endocrine system has been referred to as the mystical system that makes up the interior mechanism of which the organs of the body, in their function and activity, are the outer mechanism. The endocrine system is the gateway to a deeper dimension of our being, wherein spirit-surrendered soul may awaken its immortal nature and partake of the evolution of the Light body of ascension.

The endocrine system awakens as a spiritual system of evolution in the being who is deeply aligned with truth and morality, where morality means acting in accordance with supersensible reality. When a person fully cognizes the spiritual effects of his thoughts, feelings and deeds, then alignment with life becomes the most important thing to do.

Each endocrine gland acts as a focal point for an aspect of intelligence into supersensible reality. When truth is embodied deeply, the glands become spiritual faculties of perception/cognition, which enables the soul’s power to become refined so that it can know Spirit ever more deeply and transform the lower bodies (astral, etheric, and physical) into the higher spiritual bodies of Manas (Spirit Self), Buddhi (Life Spirit), and Atma (Spirit Man). Further, as perception moves away from the act of ‘recording conditions’ to one of ‘seeking to know Divine Will in things’, the glands evolve ‘receptors’ that attune them to the vibrations of God. And further to this, they become organs of perception and reception of the macrocosm. For example, the amygdala (part of the four head glands relating to the four faces of God) is the gateway to access the Akasha as living memory. Their evolutionary potential is infinite.

Our Immortality and Evolution

The soul is immortal in potential, but not all souls realize their immortality. It is up to us as evolving soul consciousness to reach for greater spiritual awakening that will lead to our immortal status. Human evolution is under continual guidance and care from the spiritual realms that seed impulses into us for the purpose of directing our evolution forward. But we must take up those impulses and develop them into faculties of being, in order that we keep up and act as a beneficent evolutionary force for humanity as a whole.

At the present time in humanity’s evolution, the stakes are higher than ever before, time has accelerated, and our individual impact on the world is far more binding in that we are determining our future for many lifetimes to come. Essentially, if we are not embodying and expressing the evolutionary impulses for our time, we are a force of devolution through which the forces of chaos and opposition to Divine Will may incarnate.

At the present time in our evolution, we are in the phase of the consciousness soul, which is the third of three soul faculties that must develop as foundation to support the emergence of our spiritual self. It is through the consciousness soul that we become conscious of being a soul and able to consciously transform our lower nature into higher spiritual faculties. The reason that we are seeing so many endocrine disorders at present is because so many people are in the process of devolution, as they are not actively working to spiritualize their beings through seeking supersensible understanding of life. The time is now to reverse the forces of descension toward ascension and to spiritual awakening. We cannot afford to descend into the body and materialistic thinking any further.

The present-day human being is in a situation where the body exerts too much control over the lifestream, and it is very difficult for the soul/spirit nature to hold sway. At the time of the Christ deed, mankind was at a balance point of power between the body and the soul/spirit. And in the ensuing two thousand years, humanity went deeper, beyond the balance point and into ‘negative’ territory. And the power to move us in the opposite direction of ascension…of recovering our true nature as being of soul/spirit is through the power of the Christ that embodies in the ego principle through which the soul works in. The deed of Christ was actually to bring to the ego the faculties and powers to purify and transform our lower bodies so that we could begin this process of ascension in full consciousness. And as the soul-spirit regains power over the body, then spiritual healing of the physical body will become possible once again.

And so the path to healing the body is the same as the path to spiritual awakening, and this requires a spiritualized endocrine system so that the forces of mortality can reverse and move to regeneration.

We began work on the endocrine system in an effort to support the common ailments of our time, and in the process we were led on a deep journey of our evolution and understanding of what needs to unfold at present and why. The endocrine system comprises the perception faculties of the etheric body of formative forces, much as the chakras are the faculties of the astral or energy body. In most of humanity at present, the endocrine system has been deadened and is moving people to a state where the soul is becoming fettered to the body and unable to find the way to spirit.

Just to give you an idea of the situation, hormones are spiritual schemata (from our Higher Self) to unfold our evolving Self as a cosmic creative being in creation—they are not simply molecules that can be replicated synthetically like minerals or other bodybuilding substances. When a person has a hormone imbalance, the cause is always a spiritual concern, and resolutions that do not heal the situation result in further devolution and disease. The endocrine system does not operate like a physical system (e.g. organ system) and must be healed spiritually. That is not to say that an organ cannot benefit from spiritual healing, but rather the statement is that endocrine disorder cannot heal by physical means.

The Endocrine System Module provides information and activations to transform it from the deadened state to a spiritualized state wherein the glands evolve into spiritual faculties to behold the Christ in the etheric and embody the Christ impulse and power to move toward ascension. We become more fully ensouled and able to take our place in cosmic evolution. And of course, in the process of spiritualizing the endocrine, we heal it, heal the body, increase in vitality and clarity, and through healing the etheric body we refine our moral character, improve memory, and accelerate our spiritual awakening.

This module is a very important part of the work to enter into the Christ Mystery and embody the Christ impulse for our time. We anticipate having it ready in the first quarter of 2012.


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