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The times call for the power of higher love that can establish a higher order reality. And this higher love can only be achieved in freedom. The power of this love is wielded to the degree of our earnest striving for freedom in love in the spirit of brotherhood. Freedom is established through the soul faculties of thinking, feeling, and willing, and it unfolds as we do practices to free these soul powers more and more from outward sense-impressions and conditions, as well as to attune them to the infinite, the abiding, the eternal that is to be found in divine qualities of truth, beauty, goodness, wisdom, love, morality and devotion. As we reattune to divine qualities, we bind ourselves, as soul being, to the infinite and eternal and become responsible or awake to the evolutionary demands of the time. Admittedly this is a process that will not occur overnight; but fortunately our striving mobilizes immediate support toward us…

“When the soul unites with eternal truth, it lives in the Eternal. And when the soul lives in the Eternal, then the Higher Beings have access to it and can let their own power sink into it.” Rudolf Steiner

A good way to understand the times is through the occult symbol of the intertwining spirals (zodiac sign for the Crab), which symbolizes the transition from one stage of development to another. Every impetus of creation follows a cycle, and as it dies away, new impetus must be brought if things are to be expressed at a higher level, otherwise the creational cycle ends. Between the first spiral and the second is the ‘pregnant pause’, where new impulse may be injected to move to a higher stage of development. We are at a time of many end-cycles, and human beings must also participate in moving things to a higher stage.

And the new impetus cannot come from the cosmos unless incarnated human souls are able to receive it within themselves. We are the most important anchor points in this realm, because we are the most ‘conscious’ of sentient life on this planet. The planet cannot do it without us, as it happens through humanity whose role it is to consciously spiritualize matter. The fate of the world will be determined by our efforts at this time.

Going back to my healing practice, it became clearly apparent to me in 2010 when things were feeling very intense, that we needed to move healing to a higher order in two ways. Firstly, we needed to move out of the ‘self-evolution’ of navel-gazing and self-perfection that is an endless process of clearing ‘issues’, and into selfless evolution, that is evolution toward the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is not some higher aspect of “I” consciousness—it exists outside of our “I” consciousness and expresses in the world around us. From our “I” consciousness (or ego-“I”), as we evolve toward the Higher Self, we become what I refer to as spherical consciousness, wherein the depth of the center point determines the circumference or size of the circle. As we deepen self-understanding through seeing life as reflecting the higher potentials open to us, both periphery and center become co-resonant. We then realize that we are a point of consciousness experiencing as well as the experience itself, and our experience within can be infinite. And so in turning inward we are really having life meet us in a new way, and vice versa, as we surrender to life in faith, love, and hope, and release self-interest or personal point of view and become the experience, we deepen the center. As center deepens, so too does the life that meets us become more full, and thus do we achieve a sense of fulfillment.

The reason for this is because in self-focus for the sake of perfecting and clearing issues, we are not yet in the true self but rather in the lower egotistical (to varying degrees) self. And that explains why the ‘issues’ are never-ending. When we adjust focus to the self as center consciousness experiencing itself all around, we are moving in the direction of the liberated self that is truly who we are. We realize that there is nothing to resist, to defend, or to prefer—as all is perfect experience and blessing to move us toward greater expansion in wisdom, love, and inner power. In liberated consciousness, we wield ever greater love in freedom, which is the most potent force of creation.

And secondly, I realized that we needed to move out of manifesting for personal fulfilment for this lifetime into manifesting for eternity…in support of continued viability of human evolution into the future. Most people don’t like this thought…but we create our future and are the custodians of this incarnational realm at this time. And as things are rather tenuous, we are being forced to mature quickly. Resisting will do no good; the only thing to do is to rise to the occasion and have it serve us well.

And we manifest for eternity also through selfless evolution. In the first instance, selfless evolution is toward the true liberated self that has no attachment to outer life because life is wholly an effect and experience of the expanding indwelling consciousness. Note that non-attachment does not mean non-involvement, but rather engagement from the true rather than a false self. In the second instance, selfless evolution moves us to recognize that our Higher Self is itself part of a larger perspective that encompasses the Higher Self of all of humanity, and this all-encompassing Higher Self is the circumference or sphere of the Christ that is the macrocosmic indwelling ego-“I” of the cosmos. And so in selfless evolution, we find the Christ and begin to activate this impulse within our own ego-“I”, embracing far larger evolutionary concerns such that we become anchor points for cosmic flows to support a reordering in this realm to higher love.

* * * * *

The book from which this article was extracted, Love in Freedom ~ Freedom in Thinking, Feeling, and Willing on Your Path to Greatest Human Destiny, is planned for publication in 2013. A Remote Healing Session Program will be offered in 2012 to support embodiment of the principles brought forth in the book.


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