FA Audios and Teleseminar: Pearl of Goodness & Rejuvenation and Energetic Facelift

untitled 3 (1)In this series, you are led  through a meditative process for deep clearing of the meridian and organ system. Through the first process,  you will cultivate the ‘pearl of goodness’ in the Gut center, that is a healing power that my be used, through intention, to heal any part of the body.

In the second process you will tap on this power to heal the body systems and and give  yourself an energetic facelift, which can be repeated as often as you wish.

The third process focuses on healing and activating the Thyroid center and voice. The voice is our most potent tool of healing and body evolution, and the thyroid directly impacts on the ‘speed of life’ or ability to be in timelessness, as well on the beauty expressed in body.

  1.  Clearing organs/meridians through sound, and activating the five aspects of consciousness (material below)
  2. Rejuvenation and Energetic Facelift through Activating the Pearl of Goodness
  3. Healing and Activating the Thyroid/Throat and Power of the Voice

1- Yin Meridian and Organ Sound Healing

Every part of the body has a specific function.  The emotional pollution from life in duality consciousness gets lodged in the organ system. Through the organs, our future unfolds, as they hold ‘attitudes’ toward life. The more hindered they are with distortion, the less they operate as a unified, cooperative or coherent whole.  In this meditation, we use the correspondences of FA, sound, sense organs, affirmations, and higher perspectives and virtues of the internal yin organs to clear physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual stagnation, and activate higher awareness. Sound can break up stagnation and density–it is a vibrational frequency that reverberates through the tissues and organs of the body.  Different sounds have different frequencies that affect specific organs and functions.  Together with the FA, specific angelic elixirs, and higher perception and feeling, we may achieve alchemical leveraging and release the resources that have been trapped by illusion, into body and life.

After clearing, we create the ‘pearl of goodness’ in the Gut or 3nd dantien, through cultivating the higher level frequencies or virtues of the yin organs through higher perspectives.

For those who have FA: Recommended to use full 12 meridian oils + full 8 extraordinary meridian sequence.


2. Rejuvenation and Energetic Facelift through activation of the Pearl of Goodness

az face

Following the call, I will post other exercises to enhance (facial) self-regeneration that you may add to your daily routine.  Use of FA may be optimized by these practices, as it is such an incredible way to engage the power of mighty angels through the details of life.

Fragrance Alchemy for Perpetual Self-Regeneration and Facial Rejuvenation

  •  Facial FA protocols for self-regeneration pdf  ~ This pdf has the protocol info for the audio meditations (call and other one) and other exercises and suggestions for daily facial rejuvenation with FA!
  • Cultivation of the Pearl of Goodness and the Virtues of the yin Organs for an “Energetic Facial”Audio focuses on the cultivation of the pearl of goodness through the virtues, and then maps these virtues onto the corresponding areas of the face, for an ‘energetic facial’.
  • The Virtues of the Yin Organs mp3 (44:04) 


Teleseminar Recording: Rejuvenate and Energetic Facelift – Pearl of Goodness

You may play a music elixir with a media player on your computer, while listening to the call.





Higher Chakras - Throat Chakra

Awakening the Power of the Voice

To speak from the shallow cup of the little self depletes our supply. To communicate from the well-spring of existence feeds immortality and draws in higher reality, until through the sacred word, we will have manifested heaven on earth. This audio is a contemplative talk that reveals esoteric information about the immense power of the voice to heal or to harm the inner terrain of the body and the environment. When the voice is made agendaless and operates from inspiration rather than from personal will, it becomes a most potent tool of healing.

This 22 minute audio has very important information for those serious about purification and mastery.

For those who have full FA: Use the God Blend on the throat chakra, Lion of Judah (Surrender to Infinite Intent) on the Sacral chakra (2 in below navel), Realms of Innocence on 3rd eye (between eyebrows), and Garden of Eden on solar plexus. Contemplate on agendaless, harmless, innocent being for a few moments and welcome deepest transformation concentrated in the Throat.

Praise as Power to Uplift

Praise is the power of regeneration and rejuvenation, as it lessens density and the force of gravity, and the resources so unleashed are used to revitalize and generate anew.

Print the 33 Tones of Praise pdf, put the elixir on loop so it replays. Expand out from the heart, then focus on nature scenes of new growth, lush vibrant flowers bursting into bloom, soft downy baby birds, tender shoots, etc. Feel all those qualities within you.  When you feel this vibe in you, then start measured breathing…Breathe in slowly, and open eyes, run your finger across the sigil then say the angel name and read the meaning, then close your eyes on the exhalation and feel that quality. Repeat for all 33 Tones of Praise. Sit quietly for as long as you wish, as you feel these tones deeply.

Clearing/Purification Visualizations and Angel Elixirs

Many of the purification processes in the pdf are done in various audios. They are good to learn as short visualizations that can be done quickly as ‘power pauses’ during the day, to move out of doingness and bring in a deeper quality to living. Read the information on the pranic tube, as clearing is done through the pranic tube in many of the exercises.

FA logo 2All can be augmented with Fragrance Alchemy. To enhance fluidity, apply Lotus oil to the 13 main joints of the body. (See Releasing the Past for the locations on pdf, above.)  To support clearing along the spine/pranic tube, apply points as given in this short pdf:  Spine clearing Hand-Ear pdf

Angelic Elixirs to enhance the exercises


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