Foundation for the Miraculous Life 2

Foundation to the Miraculous Life 2 will be very packed with clearing and activation processes to create great momentum for the leap to resurrected being. We are activating alchemical processes in all systems of the body, and as we live the higher principles and seed them into our Field of Hope, they will leverage into far greater results than would otherwise be possible. All support is with us to make this happen.

The program runs for 6 weeks, from March 29th to May 3rd, and promises exciting processes for manifestation. The program will run similarly to Foundation 1, with weekly live calls with Elyse, which make the processes come alive to support deeper embodiment, a FB group with daily inspiration, weekly remote sessions by Jodie Carter and myself, and daily support in a potent field of blessings that supports awakening and integration.

We are preparing for eventual training in the runes, which leads to becoming a Bridge of No Time, and then a Bridge of No Space. Rune mastery is a calling for those wishing to be code carriers of Infinite Intent for new realities to be birthed. I have been personally attuned by Almine, as the place-holder of the Runes for North America. 

Whether you continue on to learn the runes or not, through Foundation 2, you will have most powerful tools to create a self-sovereign life.

sigil of HH latest

  • The program will jump right into activating divine compassion in the heart, so that it can sing the Song of Self powerfully into the Field of Hope, out of which our self-sovereign reality is created. We will explore a brand new process that engages the High Heart and pulls in all realms in support and mutual evolution, to create a massive alchemical equation for body evolution.  You will learn a daily practice that will serve as powerful method to manifest a pristine reality through the Song of the Heart–through it, the High Heart will start to activate  In this process, the 8 extraordinary meridians will be further activated to the 8 Tones of Fertility.

7 wheels SBH

  • Next, we will work with the 7 main chakras and begin to activate a unified field with all 7 fields of perception. We will introduce a practice of 7 movements, to unify the chakra system, so that we are able to operate from all levels. Consciousness is defined as the levels of awareness that we operate on, and this will support evolved consciousness and the achievement of oneness.

fluid alchemy

  • We then activate the 24 chakras of the body, which make up the system of sexual magic for pristine white magic. The chakras activate on 24 States of Awareness  and 24 Attitudes of Exhilaration, which enable a fluid alchemy between inner and outer chakras, and inner and outer senses.  Having inner senses activated is imperative to move from mind-based sub-creation, to the pristine reality of integrated oneness.



I&P fused

    • We will repair and fuse the Ida and Pingala, a necessary step for the resurrected state. When these channels fuse as one–remembering that they were never separated–,  changes will occur in the brain such that we emit a new particle that clears all psychic imprints, and become able to behold the Holy One walking among us. We will then truly be in a heavenly reality.


672 petaled Rose

  • We will  clear the first DNA Rose of matrices so that it can be fluid and receive the impulses from the 2nd DNA Rose of inner space. You will learn powerful manifestation processes and activate the god/goddess archetypes, and more.  All will unfold as inspired, as always happens in these programs….


(All wheels and sigils on this page, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys)

We’d love to have your participation, and welcome you into this highly activated field of blessings, which we hold in reverent appreciation. 


To sign up, use the button below. If you would like to do a payment plan, please email me at

FA logo 2For Foundation 2, we will be using the full 12 OM oils, 8 EM oils, Song of Joy, Song of HH, and additionally Song of the Rose, Almine’s Secret Garden, and Desert Moon.

A special is being offered for those how need the additional oils: Song of the Rose, A’s Secret Garden, Desert Moon, and Song of HH (as you may wish to use it more liberally). Cost is $68, which is 20% off the regular price.  Please note, A’s Secret Garden is not available in 3.5 mls outside of special kits that I offer. Email me if you wish to order, or do any substitutes.


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