Fragrance Alchemy & Acupressure Processes


Richard Bach videos

windows of sky points are spiritual points enabling qi to move into areas of the brain. 


  • Apply Neroli to Lu-3 (raise arm up straight to the ceiling, turn your head toward arm. Where nose touches arm is Lu-3. Apply bilaterally.
  • Apply Flower of Saffron 1 in along the cervical vertebra at the back of the neck,.
  • Apply Patchouli, liberally on the sides of the neck, and bilaterally on GB 21 (on shoulders) and GB 21.
  • Take deep breaths, and intend to still the mind. Let all thoughts float by like clouds in the sky, and disappear as mist in the sun.
  • Do the acupressure stimulation as depicted in the video, and look at the Mind Stillness sigil and elixir.




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