Fragrance Alchemy ~ For Emotional Transcendence and Body Evolution


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Fragrance Alchemy is a modality brought forth by mystic and seer Almine,


What is the mystery of Pure Scent that has captivated people through the ages?

The answer lies in the sense of smell itself, which is the only sense that never fallen into the duality of separation. Through this sense the oneness beyond separation may be remembered. Scent may remind us of that state of being of indivisible oneness before our fall into duality and separation. From never having fallen, scent has been untampered with through all time. Therefore we cannot alter or distort the frequency of scent according to our wounds and limitations.

What do our distorting senses do?  They cause us to see illusion rather than the real.  The illusion takes us into a world of opposition and struggle, whereas the senses healed of distortion attune to a benevolent reality where growth is by inspiration.

The Fragrance Alchemy works through the meridian system, to clear the emotional imprints of memory that cause impeded flow. It is critical to our evolution at this time, to clear the pain body to enable highest DNA capacity. FA is one of the tools to achieve this in a manner that causes transcendence of old patterns through remembering oneness. When applied repeatedly for a period of time, old patterns from wounding and emotional triggers begin to dissolve as we reinterpret from a sense of oneness. To read about the origins of these fragrances, click here.

A dedicated website has been created for this most potent alchemical tool.  To explore further, please visit the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy.


The Aliveness of Fragrance Alchemy

The fragrance alchemy works at deep levels in several ways:

  • The alchemical formulations of these fragrances have been given to Almine by the angelic realm for the purpose of moving us out of the story of separation.  It does this by erasing negative emotions that got lodged in the meridian system and cause blocked flow of qi, which i is density in the body and resistance to life.
  • Memory is magnetic; it holds frequency or emotion. Memory is really crystallized emotion that has not been processed. Its apparent static nature arises from the trapped negative emotions that we refuse to face and transcend. We then live by coping and defense mechanisms, and are stuck recreating the past into the future. Furthermore, we get our sense of identity from memory, yet, what we have not processed is suppressed, i.e. unexpressed in us. In other words, memory defines far more of what we are not than what we have been expressing. Through remembering ourselves beyond separation, we rewrite the magnetic field and the memories dissolve over time.
  • The alchemical formulations in the 12-kit FA match the pristine tones of each of the 12 main (ordinary) meridians. Used singly, the oil entrains the associated meridian to sing its pure tone so that it flows free of blocks and density. As we use the oils on all or on various meridian combinations according to what is indicated, we get alchemical leveraging in the meridian system.  You may view the 12 meridians as holding the ‘pain body’–the FA oils clears the pain body.
  • The oils are a ‘new matter, such that angelic consciousness is able to permeate them. They do not work on the principles of traditional essential oil therapy.  FA results in a vibrational field of oneness, that makes it easier to access awareness beyond you will more effortlessly not take things personally, see behind appearances, have higher insight, and access more refined feeling states.
  • As the 12 ordinary meridians clear, if we also cultivate certain perspectives that move us beyond opposition, the extraordinary meridians become activated. These are the deeper flows of cause known as the ‘rivers of life’, which feed the ordinary meridians and wash through them, bringing a higher order to life. To read about these perspectives, click here.  
  • Distorted emotions inhibit the expression of higher hormones that will enable the leap in evolution to the new reality beyond separation.  We choose our reality by the hormones we secrete. Living beyond separation closes the gap that gives rise to linear time, illusion, drama, negative emotions, unresolved memory, and karma.  Without the gap, we are continually renewed and regenerated through the unfolding moment– window into eternity.
  • Memory has always been a ‘tool of evolution’.  Ancient man remembered his ancestors’ lives as though he had lived that. By the blood connection, memory was of the ‘group soul’–the entire lineage back to the earliest origin. And so the feuds and alliances lived on for ages. A 3rd blood cell is to activate through the Spleen such that we remember ourselves beyond the matrix of separation. Fragrance Alchemy has the power to support this fully. Through the 8 alchemical oils of the extraordinary meridians, we will remember ourselves into new being
  • The meridian system is the system through which we may move into tonal luminosity. As frequency (emotion) and light (perception) merge as one through an alchemical process that makes the result far greater than the sum of the parts, we embody fully the emotions of the new reality, which are emotions of recognition, rather than desire that have caused movement in the past.   We then move out of linear time, to timelessness wherein exponential growth occurs. In timelessness, we are in perpetual self-regeneration. and have greater health, vitality, and consciousness.

For updated information, please visit the new website  Academy of Fragrance Alchemy..


“Wow”….that is all I could say after the retreat! This is amazing stuff…I can’t wait to use it on clients so I can ‘bliss them out’! Yahoo! Love Lynne (NS, Canada)


After working with oils for years, I am astonished at the quality, potency, completeness and grace in clearing using Fragrance Alchemy in the recent workshop. I have been using the Egyptian Oils daily for a week since, and a multiplicity of issues have cleared with utmost ease and grace. Through the thoroughness of this clearing, my vibratory hum is increasing effortlessly! The caliber of the Egyptian Oils coupled with the use of sigils and applied to specific points is a gentle, reverent and powerful process… it is a great blessing to have access to this sacred method at this monumental, potential-filled time in evolution. Gratitude for the brilliant inspiration, and all those who have made this possible! JC, Canada


Did the Tapping Protocol and FA to Clear Meridians and Strangeflows. That was WONDERFUL! The oils smell so clean! O.S.


“I had no idea of what to expect with the Fragrance Alchemy as I have never worked with aromatherapy or essential oils before. What I can say for certain is that the oils are unlocking something deep within my system and, after less than 10 days, I can actually sense that the stale energies that have moved out of my system are truly gone. It is fascinating to follow the horary clock and to experience a correlation between the emotions that feel activated and the list of emotions that “rise” at that hour. And I love that you have provided a number of different ways to use the oils. From the first application I found applying the oils to be very peaceful and soothing. The scents are so pure and the memories stirred when I inhale them seem deep and primal. The current sense of spaciousness and expansion is intoxicating and I am curious about just how much additional spaciousness will become available over time.” Elyse Hope Killoran, USA


Omg! Are you kidding me!?!? I just did my first serious self-treatment with FA, and i am blown away by the results! I used three oils on the corresponding points, there was a sigil in my FA package, and i put my left hand on it, and i can feel the points and the meridians flushing and at the points where i massaged in the oil, there is a cool stream of fast energy flushing out! I think FA will become a favorite of mine!! I did neroli, jasmine and narcissus. N. Shepheard, Sweden


Last week I had a very strange physical manifestation where my leg from the knee down was swollen and in severe pain- highly unusual and seemingly from nowhere! Lynne and Olivia who have been training and working with you for years in IMTs, BV, & recently FA, very kindly offered some insight from the Angels that it was my large intestine meridian. I listened to the Fragrance Alchemy teleseminar and soaked in the Angelic assistance to clear through the meridians with only the intent of the oils… And well of course it was completely healed the next day- no swelling; no pain- Nothing short of a miracle!!
I had a such an immense feeling of gratitude for the Angels, you, Lynne, Olivia, and this physicality to nudge me into soaking in the emotions connected to LI meridian (resistance to let go, not be disappointed in myself & my life, guilt and remorse!!!) Mo B. Canada


Well I just used the sigils with a phone client, to clear the meridians associated with the emotions she was feeling, and used the Lotus oil on me by proxy for her,and transmitted the Lotus sigil. She went from not being able to talk because it was so emotional, to being very calm and detached! And all in a matter of minutes!! We were both amazed. Can’t wait for your live training program Anita! L.S. Canada







FA Used with Children

Read a writeup from an IMT/BV practitioner on her experiences using FA with her little boy.  She has witnessed the effects of the ‘angelic field of grace‘ that forms around the child, which makes them impervious to the emotional imbalances of those around them…. Using Fragrance Alchemy with Children pdf


I used the oils on my kids on our 10 hour road trip during Thanksgiving. They were having a fight over a teddy bear (literally), I put neroli on them, and instantly they were back into harmony enjoying the rest of the trip!!!! I’ve used Neroli several times on my daughter when she experiences grief. Elissa Bella

For a full printable list of some of the oils in FA and their properties, click on the pdf: FA-oildescriptions




Meant to tell you about how remarkable it is ongoingly to work with the oils… so much is just gone, AND even physical issues resolving – remember lumps in throat? Greatly reducing in size, also spinal alignment, other things too! I so fully support the FA, I will shout if from the rooftops! I used them with my sister, who has been an oil enthusiast for years, and actually has a dream to have a flower farm and make oils (she is a chemist), and she was blown away by the Egyptian oils… we kept dropping what we were doing to reapply, and go “bliss out in our aromashpere…”. JC, Canada


The oils/acupressure/meditations are bringing insights, clarity and understanding at an accelerated level beyond what I was already experiencing in the DNA course. The combo is unbelievable! Can’t believe I’m finally truly loving/praising my challenges and teachers- the emotional rise is becoming very dull and I’m totally seeing, embracing the gifts I’m receiving from it and it’s becoming very automatic and at a quicker pace. I can’t believe it!! This Breakthrough just came with the use of the oils on day 3.  So thanks again! Very happy with the progress. And excited!! Love your work and help.. so much appreciation for you xo! Tracy Cormier, NB


“I witnessed a miracle!” I was outside with E… he tripped and fell over backwards… caught his fall by reaching out and really hurt wrist – possibly even broke if not just sprained… could tell it was serious by his cry – he was howling and that is NOT common for him… and when I felt it I could tell it was “not right”. He asked me to bring him upstairs. I briefly had fear flash up, but was present to witness and shift into – anything is possible. Brought him up, intuitively selected rose and saffron oils, applied on heart and around navel – then did BV. Not only did he completely stop crying once oils applied, he mimicked the motions as I was drawing the sigils, and said he was calling the angels to him…. After a few moments, he got up, and we talked about the fairies in the forest, so he called them too to come and bring some of their magic – their sparkles. He is outside having a picnic now – not even any swelling!!! What a gift to witness / experience…. a much deeper understanding of all in practice…PRAISE!!! love & gratitude & surrendered trust & appreciation ~ J (My note, Flower of Saffron oil increases the power of ceremonies, so her intuition was right…and she increased the power by surrendering her fear.)


To read about more topics related to this amazing modality, read the blog on the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy


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