Healer & Lightworker Activation, Cleanup, and Realignment Program

Attention to All Healers and Lightworkers

We are in year two of a seven-year phase that began with a great time collapse in 2011. Humanity must resolve karmic burden from the past and the future that is no longer possible, in order to secure evolutionary potential and move through to the higher order reality that will be possible in March of this year.

We are in the most critical year of alignment in which all will be tested in order to move into the spiritual creation. The first major gateway is in March 2012.

The most important concerns right now are to align deeply with Christ consciousness, and embody the Christ virtues of selflessness and surrender to Higher Will, at least to a first order degree. The status quo of securing one’s personal future and pursuing activities for the self alone now has grave consequences as it magnetizes the forces opposing the Christ impulse. It you are not aligned in support of Christ power on the planet, you act as an allowance for the forces of chaos, even if you have no intention to do so.

This is most evident in the healer community, as those from the light mission had soul contracts to support humanity’s evolution at this time. The forces of chaos have never been stronger than now, and they’ve created a false veneer of light. Many are tapping into a false astral realm and the channelled messages are a mixed bag at best. The only immunity is a person’s morality and selflessness. It is time to wake up en masse and abandon the selfish path of fulfilling personal concerns. Each soul is accountable for their impact at this most critical time.

We are offering four 2-day remote healing sessions programs to clear misaligned energies and effects and align deeply on the christed path of full evolutionary potential and ascension.

The first program takes place February 8/9 and is specifically to support Healers and Lightworkers to clean up modalities and energies they tap into, clean up past client healings, and ensure deepest alignment with true healing energies and Beings of Light.

In addition, all programs in February prepare the body at all levels to take up the new Adam-2 Template and beyond, that represent the new covenant with God for the spiritual creation. You can expect deep clearing of infiltration and reprogramming, and activation of the following:

  • Endocrine system, evolving it as a spiritual system of cognition into the macrocosm (follow this link for more details)
  • Etheric body, ensuring memory is no longer brain-bound, increasing power of morality through time
  • Astral body and chakras, reorienting desire nature to God
  • Causal body clean up and connection to four aspects of God
  • Higher Self distortion clearing, so that you do not fall prey to the false astral or fallen beings
  • Cleaning up of misappropriated energies on clients in the past
  • Cleaning up of misappropriated energies that you have received from healing sessions
  • Activations to connect you more deeply:

  • To the light mission for the current times
  • Light Beings orchestrating the present Christ mission
  • Deeper soul integration
  • True Discernment – Alignment to Deepest Truth
  • Awakening Morality as a Force of Evolution and Healing
  • Attunement to healing energies from the Trinity
  • …and much more
  • You will receive attunement to the Love Transformer Tool to ensure that all that you do is pristine and connected to the One True Source, activations for session work with clients, to set up protection, and much more. The two days will be activation-packed, and you will receive energy tools and material to work with to ensure deepest alignment to Truth, as well as some to use in client sessions.

    Before the session date you will receive information on the current state of things on the planet so that you can better understand what we must all work into in the immediate future. You will also receive supporting material. Following the two-day session, you will receive a report on all that was done and before and after results in the group. This session will prepare you for the RHS in March, in which we will support participants to integrate the Adam-2 template and as far beyond (Adam 3-13) as is possible, depending on soul evolution and level of realized devotion and morality.

    To read testimonials from last year’s RHS programs, click here.

    Cost of the program is $333. Sign up without delay, as space is limited.

    For Canadian participants, sign up here:

    US and International participants, sign up here:


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