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Cultivating Joy, Empowerment, and the Appreciative Perspective in Your Child: An activation program, supporting a higher vibrational field in and around your child 

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Our young ones have a natural proclivity to the new reality emerging, and holding them in an active field of hope, delight, and nurturing love will bring graceful unfolding of the new in the lives of those around them.

In this program, your child will be supported to dwell in a purifying and strengthening field of happiness that is unaffected by influences around them, so that their true nature can unfold unhindered.

The program will be conducted as bi-weekly remote sessions on a month by month basis (after a minimum commitment of 2 months), and will include healing resources for you as parent, to cultivate a harmonious field to support for your child to thrive.

play in waterYour child will be nurtured in a field of grace through the combined efforts of Jodie Carter (Grand Master in Belvaspata), and myself, and we will respond to the collective needs as things progress. We are both actively involved in bringing in the cutting edge of what is possible, and offer this with full and willing support from the highest angelic realms. So much is possible now, as evolution is accelerating at a rate beyond what we can even fathom! All is fluidic and changeable through pure intention that holds open all potential.

An optional component for the program is Fragrance Alchemy for Children, which combines protocols on acupoints using the pristine fragrant oils that Almine has brought in through her remarkable work. The FA is powerful for all, but children are very receptive and responsive. Through the FA component, you will learn several constitutional,harmonizing, and self-empowering processes to use in daily life, to support your child in becoming emotionally empowered–foundation to increasing mastery throughout  life. This will be a journey into the magic of life–both for you and child… The FA component is in development, and will be ready within the next few weeks. There is a 20% discount on the FA for Children for those registered in this program!

I wanted to share how amazing the work you’re doing with the children is!
Ethan stayed over last night until this afternoon…we had delight at every turn…and his demeanor is one of respect, consideration, and kindness; as though no need to challenge anything as he was apt to be only a few weeks ago…contrary-ness is gone and he has an open willingness to go with flow. And he has lots of good ideas that he wants to share so that no harm may come to others. Shining eyes – healthy little spirit! Love personified. Thank you so much!
Love, C (grandmother)

Start Date: November 1st 2014! Read details and sign up below.

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Details on the Remote Session Program for Children:

  • Upon signing up, you may send an email with whatever you feel to share about your child and the dynamic in the home, along with a picture.
  • We then schedule an hour phone session (with Anita), where you receive the attunement to the Enhanced Healing Symbol, and instructions on how to use it to magnify the activation work that we are doing. You will get to experience the clearing power of the EHS during the session.
  • A one-on-one remote session for your child before they join the group sessions is then done. This is a joint remote session (done by Jodie and me) that lasts from 60-75 mins. You will receive a brief email of impressions and possible suggestions following the session.


  • Every week, we will conduct two remote sessions on the group of children signed up,: one on Sunday evenings from 6pm – 8pm EST, and another one mid-week, Wednesday evenings, from 7pm-8pm.  An email of general impressions and guidance will follow on Monday. This adds up to 8 remote session per month.
  • Daily, we will tune into the group and hold the space more powerfully as needed. Essentially, we ‘carry’ the group and bring in harmonizing, deepening ‘energies’ as we are guided or inspired to. Each child in the group impacts of what is drawn into the ‘equation’.
  • Occasional emails with inspirational messages or guidance through the week. You may email for support through this time.
  • You receive access to resource pages, with sound and light elixirs to support the work on your child, and audios and pdfs for you as parent. Resources on healthy eating (smoothies, snacks, and lunch box items, etc.),  activities (Waldorf-inspired), guidance on how to raise a healthy child with impeccability,  and other helpful material will also be posted as the program progresses.
  • Though optional, we highly recommend also having the Fragrance Alchemy kit for children, that will be available in a few weeks.
  • Parents of children in the program receive a 20% discount off remote or telephone sessions with me.

A major focus of the support material will be on learning how to help your child establish a level of emotional empowerment, so that they understand that how they feel can change with perspective. Another will be reverent presence on your part, learning the power that attitude and emphases have on how situations play out, as well as mindfulness in interacting in a manner that is free of programming and conditioning. You will recognize increasingly, the great and sacred privilege and opportunity that parenting affords.

We are living in exciting times full of wonder and magic, and the
greatest of opportunities to profoundly and beneficially impact global

The human race is being evolved into a more highly developed
state of being – one in which illness is a mere reminder of unexpressed
portions of ourselves. These reminders become more painless and
transient as we learn to acknowledge and respond to them as masters
of the quality of our journey.” From the Seven Breaths of Eternal Life, Almine



What to expect? Expect the miraculous, while being fully open to however that plays out. Some things take time to integrate and you may only realize what has shifted in months to come. Though you may experience many happy surprises during the program, we are impacting on potentials for life!


Disclaimer: This vibrational support is a form of prayer energy that holds the perfection that can then be revealed. It is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment; if your child has a serious health imbalance they should see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary support methods part of a complete health care program. We will not diagnose, nor will we advise in any way on your current medical treatment, and neither do we make any claims or expectations for specific results.

Sign up is for a minimum of 2 months. The first month is $444 C, and subsequent months are $333 C. Multiple children discounts are 25% off for a 2nd child, and 35% off for a 3rd (or more). You may sign up for additional months beyond the 2-month program, on a month by month basis (by using the 2nd button provided).  To get the multiple child discounts, please email me at

Two months of bi-weekly remote sessions and Daily Support in Planting Seeds of Hope and Delight ($777 Can)

Monthly (month by month basis, AFTER the first 2 months) ($333 C)


Within 24 hours of signing up, you will receive a welcome email and details on mext steps, including scheduling a phone session for the attunement to the Enhanced Healing Symbol.


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