Healing Our Children 2-Day Cleanup & Activation Program

In our striving to embody the Christ Impulse over the last 18 months, we discovered all manner of interference and ‘unlawful’ tampering in our bodies and on the planet, such that humanity did not have free will to speak of, nor the faculties to understand the Christ. From deep exploration into the situation, we also found that the many light children had been shut down through various means.

Long story cut short: with a tremendous and formidable spiritual team that goes right up to the Godhead, we have been working tirelessly to change the situation, and ensure our evolutionary potential moving into the future. 2012 is a critical year in which much will be decided.

We are going all out this month and up to mid-March to support deepest transformation in humanity. Though we work on the children as a whole, this is the first time that we offer a program to specifically provide deeper transformation on a smaller group. Our objective is to restore the possibility of their light mission to the children and clean up/heal/evolve their bodies to restore to divine ideal and align with the spiritual creation that is on the horizon as our highest future path.

You can read about the overall work from the descriptions of the other programs. Although we have many objectives and plans for this program, we are not sure what more will come through, as so far all programs have exceeded our expectations.

The cost to sign up your child for deep healing work is $111. Discounts for multiple children if needed (please email IMTRHSession@gmail.com to inquire).

Canadian Participants:

US or International Participants (USD):


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