IMT-EHS (Generation 2) testimonials

I’ve been using it every day, many times a day, and I can feel it getting stronger and stronger. I just focus on annoyance or self-talk, do the EHS, and it just goes away like it’s no big deal. J.B.

The activation for the flows of joy is amazing. Thank you. What language is that? That just instantly aligned me. T.W.

The depth of insight into things amazes me. I am awed by what you have put together Anita!


Thank you so much Anita – i feel the changes and also how my EHS grows in power.
Nunuk S
Have just listened to the last of the audios (DNA-3) – MAGNIFICENT! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Derek S England
The changes/shifts are coming so fast – I’m keeping up but it’s sure a speedy ride! I love the DNA clearing meditations. I’ve done level 1 twice and just did level 2 today. Amazing! N

Your audio is awesome !! voice sounds great .. you are very talented with these … i had to stop half way and take a break before resuming because there is so much that comes through …

I am loving the affirmations for dna 1 and how they touch on the somatic aspects of physical disfunction !! they are so valid !! as people’s bodies are really locked physically into “horror states / neurotic holding patterns etc… all of this is going to help tremendously when i am doing bodywork on clients!
I can’t thank you enough for transmitting this … i had created a very responsive and intelligent vessel but it was useless w/out the power to enliven it and was noticeably deteriorating due to lack of current. i think the dna / image work uprooted some deep layers of dark things that might have been in the coccyx. the next day i felt my light quotient increase tremendously ..
so i have been and will continue working with dna1 as this is a very important foundation


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