IMT-EHS Practitioner Experiences and Their Client Testimonials

Elyse picElyse Hope Killoran, who has been training as IMT-EHS practitioner since Spring 2013, has led a group of her clients through an exploration of healing with their own EHS. She has had such a wonderful experience doing it, and is very excited to go deeper and deeper into what is possible in accelerated healing at this time!

Elyse began offering classes on the theme of “Choosing Prosperity” which became very popular and she attracted over 40,000 people to play her online “Choosing Prosperity Game.” In 2011 Elyse stepped out of the public eye and went “offline” with her business. The truth of her experience was that, although she had created a significant business and following, despite her best intentions and true devotion she was not successful in supporting clients to reach the level of freedom and spaciousness that she herself was experiencing.

When Elyse discovered the Inner Mastery Tools in 2013 she knew she had found the tools she was looking for that would finally enable her clients to “recalibrate” their physical, mental and emotional systems so that they may truly embody the emanation that is at the heart of creating a “prosperous” life…from the inside out.

Below are some of her client testimonials during the EHS program she led them through…

heart over water“I loved the EHS and it really resonated with me. I use it every day in so many ways. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I want invoke my higher self and my angels and guides. Surrender and miracles are the two words that come up for me. Surrender has been a difficult way of being for me to allow myself to be. But I’m feeling that when I invoke the tools I am allowing myself to surrender. When I surrender, miracles appear like magic.

The first big benefit I remember receiving is when I invoked the EHS several weeks before my mother’s death. So much was happening in my life that I truly became anxious. This has occurred two previous times in my life, and it required medication to control it. Using the EHS, it disappeared immediately. A true miracle. But where I feel I received dramatic benefits is when it has been used with others in the group such as during my mother’s death. The love and energy I received allowed me to navigate my mother’s journey in love and ease. It allowed me to be there completely for her days at a time, around the clock.” Bill Fox

heart over waterAmazing, life changing, peace-giving, centering. It gave ME to ME. Does that even make sense? I’ve been talking to my Higher Self since 2009 when I found Sanaya Roman’s meditations, but this anchored it and makes ME more real. Hard to describe. By tuning into my EHS, the rest of the stuff doesn’t matter so much. Amazing results with relationships, especially my husband and best friend. Finding peace, ending judgment (or having a tool to ZAP it in its place!) and the sharings.

OMG, the sharings of our journey. I am tearing up just thinking about the amazing stories shared on FB and in the triads. I also LOVED the meditations. Especially the long one, with the Schumann frequency. But I loved them all! I loved the “quick” ones you created and I put those on a CD and kept in my car and had on my iPod. I LOVED the weekly calls. Kept me grounded in the work. Kept me on track. I took notes and then listened to each one again. Sometimes 3 times.

Can’t really think of a thing. I loved that it kind of sprung out of your heart and Anita’s heart. You could really feel that, Elyse. Thank you so much for this gift. For your persistence. For your care and compassion. For your courage! Darn, it took a lot of courage in the beginning, didn’t it? PJ Spur

heart over water:”Grateful, incredibly blessed to have received this. Beyond beyond. Over the moon.
Time and time again, my EHS instantly and unexpectedly brought me to a heart-filled space and rose me above the 3-D / 5-sense reality stories to a new perspective without even trying or figuring or knowing how or why. It was instantaneous and effortless and surprising and delightful and magical and mysterious.
Col McGunnigle

heart over waterOur work created an opening in each individual heart and in the heart of humanity. A true realization of the unspeakable power of the human heart. A recognition that an aligned head, heart and gut ensures ease in co-creating a new reality. An appreciation of the alchemy of shared experience. Yvonne Danjuma

heart over waterPowerful, though I’m not sure I can explain it! The meditation audios took me deep – deeper than I’ve ever gone before. The EHS concept is intriguing…and I’m not sure I put it to use as much as I could have.

The Transforming Lack audio was very powerful to me.I feel calmer. More open to holding the “what else is possible” question without needing to see the “how” right away. I’m more confident that everything is just as it is meant to be.Carol McClelland

heart over water It left me wanting more. I loved that we were exploring a new territory. As far as I’m concerned it was perfect. I love that we are proxy’s for the whole planet.

So much I LOVED listening to Anita’s and your MP3 of the different process’s, tools. They took me away to a different place and I went into a very deep meditative state. They helped me fall in love with my self and to embrace this life. I feel as if they helped remove a good deal of left over non serving stuff that I wasn’t even aware that I was carrying. I became closer to my Triad and this tribe during it.Peg Fennell

heart over waterI have a tool, the EHS, that has etheric power. It is mine to use for the highest good and to clear layers of density so I can be more light. I invoke my EHS at times when I’m with people and I feel it is active. I had this with the rings of harmony etc, but the explanation of the power of the EHS and the building of layers of different elements into it week by week makes it feel potent and powerful. I experience it bringing higher energy when I’m with people. and I believe It’s cleared layers of density too. I wanted my own tool so that I could transform energy and eventually trust that all the work I’m doing will mean I can transmute energy too for myself and others.. So the 5D has been a fantastic experience for me.
This program empowers you to be someone who causes a shift in energy to higher levels for yourself 
and others. It’s a step away from the constant need for a teacher to being a bearer of the solution yourself.

I believe and I have experienced that I carry more light. I’m noticing that I’m influencing or my energy and my requests for my EHS’s help are influencing how people are when I’m around them. e.g. from critical and drama oriented to peaceful. There’s a change coming in my relationships with my family. More work to do, but definitely it’s transforming. Ann Kelly

heart over waterI am really quite amazed at how it all took shape…and here we are. We all are using the EHS ALL THE TIME it seems. In a very short time we’ve incorporated not just the tools but the essence behind the tools it seems. I was “pod poc’ing” after JT, but not like this kind of integration. My overall impression is that we are a badass group with a remarkable guide! Clarity, deepening of connection to soul and spirit and heart, relief, anchoring into what has at times felt challenging and amorphous.Annie Moffat

heart over water It’s an outstanding program you really need to experience. It has some great meditations with sounds that will help you to go into very deep levels, which will give you some amazing insights. It has tools, that although may sound a little strange at 1st, but you’ll find them to work very effectively. And this program will take you to an entirely new level of insight and expansion. You’re going to like it a lot.

I feel I have a lot more ease with things. Some of the meaningful things I’ve used it on, had very profound results – which are still in process. For example, I want to be free of family dissension. A lot has happened in regards to this, but it’s still unfolding. And it feels like all of the major things I’ve been working on with it, would fall in this category. I was also very playful using the EHS and activated it frequently to become more skillful with my use of it. So I used it for silly things. For example: I went to my future son-in-law’s softball game. It was his last game of the season and they hadn’t won a game. So as each player went to bat, I placed my EHS above their head and said…”Activate, for the highest good of all concerned.” They lost the game, but scored 12 points. Every man on the team got a hit and scored. These guys were soooo excited, even though they lost – they had the best game of the season. (Made me smile to see all of them so happy). Val Piotrowski

heart over water:”An opportunity to heal and upgrade your vibration in a very “no fuss” manner. I like having a symbol that I can “apply” in the moment without a lot of effort.” Ann Potts



lynne s Lynne Gower Smith has been involved in programs with Inner Master Tools since late 2009 and enrolled in the practitioner’s program in 2011. Up until then Lynne had been a Master Certified Life Coach and felt that although she was helping people to release limitations that were holding them back, she was searching for something that could go deeper within and release these patterns and emotions. She was seeing and feeling deeper changes with herself using the EHS, and in 2010 she asked if she could bring the EHS to her clients. When she added the EHS to her programs, the results were amazing….her clients were surprised at the results that were both profound and very quick.

In 2011 she enrolled to become a full IMT practitioner and has joined every remote healing session program offered. She has never looked back, and continues to go deeper. This is the answer that she was looking for. The EHS releases limitations, negative emotions, and beliefs at the feeling, thinking and willing levels all at one time. This is the power she wanted for her clients. And the work just gets better and better!

Lynne works with individuals and groups and provides workshops, especially for entrepreneurs. In her group work for large gatherings, no one shares what they would like to release, that is kept private even from Lynne. And all come away with significant and profound changes.

Here are some of Lynne’s testimonials from her clients, grouped in working as a life coach with the EHS, working as a practitioner with the EHS, and working one-on-one as a practitioner with the EHS.

Working as a Certified Master Life Coach with the EHS with my clients

home_lotus_heartThree years ago I went through an extremely stressful and traumatic experience. I felt a lot of anger towards an individual who I felt was directly responsible for my pain and suffering. I found myself unable to forgive and was constantly reliving the past events. When Lynne came to work with me she asked what I wanted to achieve. I told her I wanted to let go of the anger and hatred. With Lynne’s help I experienced a deep shift which was something I was not able to achieve with years of psychological counseling. Only now was I able to look at the situation from a different perspective and stop being a victim. Thank you Lynne!” – Carol Graves

home_lotus_heart“With Lynne’s help, I was able to get back on my feet, gain my confidence again, and feel empowered to accomplish my goals. Within a short period of time, I was feeling successful, got promoted and moved on to a much more challenging position in my organization. Her ability to find the negative garbage in your head and resolve passed issues was amazing. I could not have gone though this year without her help.” – Rachel Bannister


home_lotus_heartWhat can I say, I was going to send flowers to thank you, but that can’t possibly be enough. I don’t know how to thank you for your invaluable help; how do you put a price on the freedom you have given me? I feel now I can take on anything, anyone, any time.” – Tina Parker CSPTM


home_lotus_heartI had several sessions with her between April – August 2012. The first session sparked renewed faith and I was curious to learn more. In the subsequent sessions, I released guilt and other dysfunctional patterns in relationships, and healed my relationship to my mother. With her wonderful tools and empathetic guidance, Lynne helped me shift and begin finding solutions to issues that had plagued me. Things began to change immediately after each session, and I felt so much better. I highly recommend doing this work with Lynne!” – Kathlene McDonald

home_lotus_heart“Lynne is like a little energizer bunny and being in her space is a joy. The lessons I have learned from Lynne in just 3 short sessions would have saved me 10 years of counseling and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. I had a challenge with claustrophobia, and had sought every form of treatment…whatever was offered…I tried it!! I tried conventional and unconventional methods, and although Lynne may appear to be unconventional, her method (EHS) works! I feel so free and will be forever grateful to Lynne”. Dalene Allen, Bedford, Nova Scotia

home_lotus_heart“I’m convinced I met Lynne to aid me in my spiritual growth. I had a session with her to help me clear negative emotions I’ve been carrying over lifetimes! She guided me through to a safe place using wonderful imagery that made me feel totally relaxed and at peace with myself for the first time in years. What was even more helpful is the fact that I can repeat the exercise she put me through and get great shifts each time. I was so impressed that now I am training as a practitioner too! Thank you Lynne for sharing your gifts with me!” June P Connecticut

home_lotus_heart“That was quite the session we had and I am not quite done ‘understanding’ what happened. At first I was somewhat resistant, and then I thought why not. My head cleared out, no thinking going on and I started working on clearing out the bad feelings in my stomach. I could see within my stomach area, first one angel chipping away with a hammer and chisel. When he didn’t succeed another came to help him. Still not succeeding, they upgraded to heavier tools like sledge hammers and bigger chisels. Eventually they tried to blast it away with explosives. Most of what was there went easy, there was just that small piece left which was more like a piece of rock or concrete. I decided to wait until our next visit to go after the rest. What happened is beyond my understanding…..and that is OK. I am feeling a lot better and am sleeping better at nights, which was one thing that was starting to make life more than just hard.” Kevin Jordan Nova Scotia

home_lotus_heartResults from a workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia using the EHS “Becoming the Authentic you” (no one shares what they intend to release)

  • “I would never have figured that out!! Oh my goodness – that now makes sense why I have been the way I have.” – Angela, Cape Breton, N.S.
  • “I know exactly what career path I am going to choose. I came here uncertain, and I got clarity and certainty. Thank you.” Allison Keene
  • “I didn’t want to tell anyone what I was working on, but I can’t believe it has totally gone. I was really hurt and angry at some of my family regarding a situation, and have had that for years. When I try to get that feeling back now – it is not there!” Judith Porter
  • “I have never been so relaxed and calm in years!! I want another session!” Cecilia Deveaux
  • “I got clarity on something I have been working towards…how to do that next step. That was great!” Donna Phillips
  • “Today I was trying to think of what the blockage was that I cleared in the afternoon and I couldn’t remember it…almost like it was never there. I am truly looking forward to learning more.” Valerie Martin
  • “When you asked us to rate the number of intensity within us out of 10, I was an 8-9. When the process was over I could not detect a number. I felt peaceful. The peaceful feeling was so wonderful” Michelle McQuaid
  • “From the workshop I realized where the blocks/barriers were coming from. I started the exercise you put us through with and 8 out of 10. I can’t seem to get it back. I thought the examples and personal experience was great and I am better able to understand myself”. Janet Waters
  • “The process was very peaceful and calming. I experienced changing from and 8 to a 2in just the first time through, and then went back in until it was 0. It was so nice to release something within, take time for myself and focus on myself”. Dana Joudrey
  • “Last night’s session was incredible! I have been much more happy and relaxed today. Lynne is warm, vibrant, and very knowledgeable” Wanda Percy
  • “The pain that was around my heart area when I came into this session has completely gone. I could feel the energy moving in me as it was releasing” Rosemary Martin
  • “I had pain across my chest with an intensity of 8-9 when we began. I felt tingling in that area as we went through the process. I cannot get that feeling of pain back…it is gone.” Jennifer Parker

EHS By Teleconference

home_lotus_heartI enjoyed receiving a session with Lynne last night. It was very calming and revealing. The problem that I was having an 8 on the scale of 1-10 and went down to a 0 before the session ended. I was amazed at how the answer came to me so quickly and how quickly I could change my mind about “the problem”. I feel much brighter about this now!! Jen T Madison -West Jordan, Utah

home_lotus_heartLynne, thank you for the clearing session you brought for us to experience with the EHS last evening. This was a unique experience for me. The issues that surfaced seemed to have been core issues that have hampered my full expression for a lifetime. The experience of the these energies just flushing out of my system left me in a relaxed peaceful state that has stayed with me. I am looking forward to the next moment with extra Joy of Life.” Chris Duggan, Texas.

home_lotus_heartFrom the session I was able to release some deep seeded fear from issues stemming from childhood. At the beginning of the session my anxiety level was near a 10 (where 10 is high), and after the short session with her it subsided to a 3 and continued to subside in the days following. I highly recommend a session with her if you are ready to let go of something that is holding you back. Thank you Lynne!” Cindy Kempton Dana Point, California

home_lotus_heartThank you for the session Lynne!  It helped uncover behavior patterns that were slowing my down my spiritual growth. I received several insights that evening, and this seemed to pull a plug that allowed more insights to follow quickly. To speak metaphorically, it seems as though moving ‘sludge from an artery’, clears the pathways for searching and clearing out the veins as well. Gratitude and with blessings for you.Allison E. Jones North Carolina 


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