IMT Level I Training Program

Learn to utilize a number of core Inner Mastery Tools that will propel your healing practice to a new level of effectiveness.

Awaken the powers of the Trinity within, and learn to operate from the deeper mind and increase psychic/intuitive abilities.

This is an online course–part home-study and audio, part telephone training, and practice sessions with a growing community of trainees.

Part I is now offered in two sections for ease of integration (email me for details If you are considering joining, then do so soon, as the cost of training will be going up by the end of 2012.

You will harness the ability to initiate clearing and healing of mental, emotional, and physical patterns at deep levels of causation, and to seed new expansive patterns that can accelerate evolution for your clients. The IMT-EHS that you will be able to fully attune your clients to will empower them to continue to integrate and clear between sessions.

No matter what modality you currently use, you can easily incorporate the Inner Mastery Tools to boost the clearing, healing, and ongoing support for your clients. As you work with the Tools, your energy fields and chakras will clear and evolve, and you will be inspired to new ways of working with your clients that align you more deeply to healing methods that are uniquely yours. The Inner Mastery Tools can be used to boost any healing practice in one-on-one sessions, telephone, remote, or group sessions.

In Level 1 you will be attuned to eleven Inner Mastery Tools, and will receive one-on-one training (via telephone or gmail chat) in them with the founder Anita Briggs. As well, periodic group training sessions via gmail chat are conducted. You are also encouraged to do practice sessions with other IMT trainees so that you get practice with the many Tools.

Each Tool comes with a separate manual describing the Tool’s rich functionality and ways to work with it in client sessions. As well, chat training session logs contain actual practice sessions with the Tools.

In addition to the IMTs, you will also receive activations and modules to support your personal evolution and your work with clients.

IMT Level I Tool Set

Mind Purification & Expansion Tool
Trinity Love Transformer Tool
Joyful Clarity & Veil Removal Tool
Divine Essences Wash Tool
Belief Clearing & Rescripting Tool
Emotions Clearing & Rescripting Tool
DNA Repair and Crystalline Activations Tool
Past/Trauma Resolution and Re-membering Tool
Soul Presence and Power Activation Tool
All-levels Clearing & Harmonizing Tool
Trigger Healing Codes
IMT-Enhanced Clearing, Healing & Manifestation Symbol Tool (practitioner version)
Basic faculties/powers of the new Adam-2 Template (clearing powers, eye of God, Ganesh head gland, Trinity Heart faculties, and more)



Training Support

*** Basic Training (Practitioner Manual and Chat Session Files)

*** Level I IMTs Descriptions (Practitioner Manual and Chat Session Files)

*** Training Audio Program to Deepen to the Theta Level

In this audio program, you will learn to deepen within to ever higher vibratory levels, learning to move into a deep theta state connected to the Universal Mind. You will learn techniques for remote viewing from master teacher Gerald O’Donnell. With practice, you will be able to move into the deeper mind at will, where IMT work becomes even more powerful than from the beta level. In time, you will learn to expect quick and deep transformations to anything your clients may be experiencing!

*** Training Audio Program to Learn to Alter Realities– Past, Present, and Future

This audio program, augmented by written material to best support IMTs, will give you a rich and broad understanding on how to effectuate healing at deepest levels. Learn to work outside of time/space, access the healing energies of the Trinity, do planetary healing work, align with cosmic impulses, and more.

*** Minimum five sessions (private or small groups) over the phone or on gmail chat with Anita.

In these sessions we work on things you want to clear. You will be guided through to using the Tools on yourself to clear past trauma, emotional blocks, etc. Anything you want to work on is fair challenge for the IMTs.

*** Unlimited practice sessions with others training in IMTs

*** Periodic group training sessions on gmail chat

***Ongoing email support

***Monthly booster activation to integrate the Adam Templates to greatest depth

***Ongoing monitoring and activation support work during exploration and healing work on humanity

IMT practitioners are ‘first-line’ recipients of ongoing healing

Personal Development and Other Support Resources Included in Level I Materials


Practitioner Support Activations for Working with Clients

Remote Healing Manual for Clients

35% off all Remote Healing Session Programs for Personal Development


Training Dates and Cost

We are now gearing up for release of the official training program. This is a home-study program, with telephone sessions, email, and remote healing support.

You are welcome to pre-register now and can work with the many materials that are ready right away. A first payment of $675 is required to begin the program, and then monthly payments of $325 for 6 months.

Please note that this program will be split into two levels soon, and there will be a price increase because the training has been greatly expanded in the last few months. So if you are considering training, now is the time to get started. If you need a payment plan other than the one offered below, please feel free to email me (

You may also go ahead and purchase this option through Paypal, below (be sure to complete both payments).

To make the one-time payment of $675, use the buy button, below.

To start the monthly payments, subscribe below (note: billing will start in the next month.)


‘Official’ Training in IMT Level I Certification:

Training Level I will be offered starting in March 2011. The certification program requires that you practice with the Tools for at least 6 months, complete fifteen successful case studies, and do a phone session with Anita that demonstrates your proficiency with all the Tools. When certified, we will post your contact information on a directory of IMT practitioners on our website.

Total cost of Level I certification is $2650

We will also be offering live training weekends for practitioners into more advanced exploration and expression of innate healing gifts through the new Adam Templates. The schedule will be posted when dates are firmed up.

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