IMT Level II Training Program

Level II IMT training will cover a number of more advanced areas of healing that enter into the deeper mysteries of the human being, and will elaborate further on the faculties and powers of the higher Adam Templates. This will be done partly as modules and/or remote healing program, and partly as live 3-day sessions.

Your power and effectiveness as a healer will unfold as you deepen connection to the higher dimensions of being, strive to embody Christ consciousness and connection to the Trinity, surrender to Higher Will and Purpose in life, and recognize your place in evolution. This training will support you to be the soul/spirit being that you are, and help to fully emancipate from illusion.

Several IMTs are included in this level, but it will also focus more on standalone activations. The program is not fully developed yet, but some things that are part of it include:

*** Higher Dimensional Bodies Activations
***Timeline clearing, seeding impulses in the timeline, accessing from the future
***Karma and soul lesson resolution and acceleration, clearing karmic baggage for others (working with humanity’s Shadow or guardian of the gate)
***Creating parallel tracks (Parallel Track Integrator)
***Integration of the higher Adam Templates and exploring the faculties and powers available therein

More details will be posted soon.

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