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As an IMT practitioner, you can expect potent sessions that your clients will love…

Here are some of Lynne’s recent clients’ comments from EHS-led sessions. (Lynne works on groups often, and so does not know specifics of issues, but has the client rate it before and after).

When you asked me to rate the number of intensity for my issue out of 10, I was an 8-9. When the process was over I could not detect a number. I felt peaceful. The peaceful feeling was wonderful and the feeling of the issue was gone completely. ” M.McQuaid

From the session I realized where the blocks/barriers were coming from. I started the exercise you put us through with and 8 out of 10. Now I am waiting to see if it comes back. I thought the examples and personal experience was great and I am better able to understand myself” “BTW two weeks later and it still has not come back.“. J.W. Halifax

“Last night’s session was incredible! I am much more happy and relaxed today.” W.P. Dartmouth

The pain around my heart has completely gone. I could feel the energy moving in me as it was releasing” R.M. Halifax

I had pain across my chest with an intensity of 8-9 when we began. I felt tingling in that area as we went through the process. I cannot get that feeling of pain back…it is completely gone.” J. P. Halifax

Lynne, thank you for being available for our Clearing Session. This was a unique experience for me. The issues that surfaced seemed to have been core issues that have hampered me for a lifetime. The experience of the these energies just flushing out of my system left me in a relaxed peaceful state that has stayed with me. Looking forward to the next moment with extra Joy of Life. Cd in Texas.

I released some deep seeded fear from issues stemming from childhood. At the beginning of the session my anxiety level was near a 10, and after the short session with her it subsided to a 3 and continued to subside in the days following. I highly recommend a session with her if you are ready to let go of what is holding you back. Thank you Lynne. C.K. Dana Point, California

I want to thank you for the session that helped me to uncover and identify behavior patterns that have been slowing down my spiritual growth. I received several insights that evening, and they apparently pulled a plug that allowed more to follow as I continue to have more insights, identifications and clarifications since. To speak metaphorically, it seems as though moving ‘sludge from an artery’, clears the pathways for searching and clearing out the veins as well. Sending gratitude and blessings for you. A.E. Jones N.D.

Lynne is like a little energizer bunny and being in her space is a joy. The lessons I have learned from Lynne in just 3 short sessions would have saved me 10 years of counseling and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. I had a challenge with claustrophobia, and had sought every form of treatment…whatever was offered…I tried it!! I tried conventional and unconventional methods, and although Lynne may appear to be unconventional, her method works! I feel so free and will be forever grateful to Lynne”. Dalene Allen, Bedford, Nova Scotia.

I’m convinced I met Lynne to aid me in my spiritual growth. She is more than a Life Coach! I had a session to help me clear negative emotions I’ve been carrying over lifetimes! She guided me through to a safe place using wonderful imagery that made me feel totally relaxed and at peace with myself for the first time in years. What was even more helpful was knowing I could now access other feelings anytime I wanted by repeating the exercise she put me through. Thank you Lynne for sharing your gifts with me!” JP Connecticut

That was quite the session we had and I am not quite done ‘understanding’ what happened. My head cleared out, no thinking going on and I started working on clearing out the bad feelings in my stomach. I could see within my stomach area, first one angel chipping away with a hammer and chisel. When he didn’t succeed another came to help him. Still not succeeding, they upgraded to heavier tools like sledge hammers and bigger chisels. Eventually they tried to blast it away with explosives. Actually had a picture of one of the angels pulling the lever and seeing the explosion.
When you asked me what it was in me, I told you it was like layers of barnacles sitting in me. Most of it went easy, there was just that small piece left which was more like a piece of rock or concrete. I decided to wait until our next visit to go after the rest. To the best of my knowledge, it’s (at least for me) currently beyond understanding…..and that is OK. To realize that there is something you don’t understand, I guess that is some kind of understanding too. I am also feeling a lot better and am sleeping decently at nights, which was one thing that was starting to make life more than just hard.
” K.J. Nova Scotia, Canada

“What can I say, I was going to send flowers to thank you, but that can’t possibly be enough. I don’t know how to thank you for your invaluable help; how do you put a price on the freedom you have given me? I feel now I can take on anything, anyone, any time.” – Tina Parker Nova Scotia

Three years ago I went through an extremely stressful and traumatic experience. I felt a lot of anger towards an individual who was directly responsible for my pain and suffering. I found myself unable to forgive and was constantly reliving the events. When Lynne worked with me she asked what I wanted to achieve. I told her I wanted to let go of the anger and hatred. She had me rate the emotions, and it was a 10! She then gently guided me through a process where I was in a meditative state. At the end I felt relieved, grateful and very calm – I am now at a “0”. Through the process I experienced a deep psychological shift which was something I was not able to achieve with years of psychological counseling. Only now was I am able to see the situation from a different perspective and stop being a victim. Thank you Lynne!” – C. L., Dartmouth N.S.

I am feeling a lot better in general and I have found my voice for other things as well and I am so grateful to Lynne for this. For the first time at a business meeting I was at ease speaking with strangers, I didn’t feel the need to seek out the people I already knew. All I can tell you is this was quite a shift! Lynne, thank you from every bit of my heart!” – FP Halifax, NS


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