True Self Alchemy: An Exploration of the Psyche to Finally Resolve the Manifestation Paradox

Join us for a Direct, Personal Experience of True Self Alchemy

We each respond primarily to the pull of one of four distinct sub-personality orientations.

When we are blind to this pull, we operate unconsciously from one of four primal fears.

Your distinctive fear underlies everything for you. It compels you to spend your life chasing what you think you need/can’t live without.

What we are inviting you to recognize – in an indisputable way – is that when we are “chasing” anything in the outside world we are actually reinforcing our primal fear.

Resolving this primal fear is the first step in understanding the Manifestation Paradox.

The next step takes you on a deep dive to uncover powers within you that you never imagined you had!

Catch the Reply of the webcast event from Thursday, August 17th 

Replay of TSA Webinar

What participants have said:

It was a very rich call that clocked in at 82-minutes and inspired comments like these:

“Today’s webinar was a beautiful and condensed embodied learning experience! Thank you, Elyse!” – Bobbye
“Great webinar last night – although I am not sure how I feel about doing a Wonder Woman pose!! lol. Then again it may help me get in touch with my feminine side.” – Andrew
“Thank you Elyse!! This is fantastic!” -Jeffrey
“I thought this was such a wonderful, joyful way to introduce folks to the program. I can feel all of Anita’s behind the scenes work as well. Excited for what is to come.” – Emma
“Thanks from the center of my being.” – Melany

Sign up by following this link: True Self Alchemy Deep Dive! 

Don’t miss this amazing experience to discover the untapped powers of reality co-creation within. These teachings have never been shared before and you will not find them anywhere else!  This is the Holy Grail!

Are you ready to start a new chapter in life wherein you finally unleash your full potential and express your boundless Self into a reality of infinite blessings?


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