Lexicon of Terms

Please Note: this lexicon is being developed ongoingly. If you do not find a term explained, please be patient and check again later. But if you reached this page through a hyperlink, you will most certainly find the term explained.

Alchemy: is the phenomenon where two or more components add up to form an element that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Directions

Divine Feminine: The Divine or True Feminine is our potential, the soul, that operates at non-cognitive depth from feeling through the inner senses. Contract this to the false feminine, that is a layer of distortion held in place by unprocessed emotion. False feminine is needy, subversive, and manipulative.

Divine Masculine: The Divine or True Masculine is the actualization of potential. It operates from deeper cognitive mind, that are the 5 elements at their higher stage of evolution.  Do not mistake linear, rational mind for the true masculine–that is the false masculine that emerged from overpolarization in doing, and thinking anything can be known.

Dream of Separation

Dream of the Infinite


False Emotions:

Emotions of Desire:

Emotions of Recognition:

Creative Emotion:


False Spirit:


High Mind:

Inner Adventurer:

Inner Babe:

Inner Child:

Inner Family: is the inner psyche, consisting of the deepest layer of the Inner Child, then the Inner Nurturer, Inner Sage, and Inner Warrior.

Inner Nurturer:

Inner Sage:

Inner Warrior:

Inner Senses:

Life Force:

Light: in the Dream of Separation, light is accessed information, and it forms grids or matrices through belief systems that come from that. Beyond the Dream, light changes to becoming the “catalyst for the manifestation of sovereign intent”. Sovereign, because it is not programmed. Programmed information creates matrices, sovereign is the state of living by the highest truth that is inseparable from the moment. Light then creates a fluid infrastructure that merges with depth of feeling.


Outer Senses:

Source: this refers to the creative power and All That Is…the Infinite,

Still point:


Wild Woman:





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