Lightworker RHS2 Download Page

Below are links to some of the files in the RHS program.

To download the files, right click on the link below and choose the option “Save Target As.” It will prompt you on where to save the file on your computer and then after it has been downloaded, you may open the file and begin reading the manual or listening to the audio.

Vibrationally Encoded Image for the ACLB

Session 2 material:

1. Sovereignty Activations

2. Divine Rights and Freedoms

Session 3 material:

Lightworker RHS Affirmations for Will Thought Feeling

Session 4 material:

The Twenty-Two Causal Powers

Five Principles of Success


Session 6 material:

The Endocrine System: Gateway to Spiritual Evolution and Unleashing Spiritual Power of Regeneration in the Body


Session 7 material:

Prosperity Codes-II module


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