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Many people live in a state of lack, but there is also a whole group whose relationship to money is more aptly characterized as mild aversion or disinterest. This is a state of ambivalence, wherein there is resistance to money, a general disdain for the whole money game, and maybe even some rebellious tendencies that, of course, are non-serving. Many people on a spiritual path of service tend toward this relationship to money. Is this you to some degree?

Not only does this do you a disservice, but it also works against your true objectives to bring positive change to the world. Your truthful understanding of money will clear resistances and support you to having far greater impact. So long as you have ambivalence, you are unable to operate fully within the symbols of this creational realm.

Money is not some static entity through time; the energy of money has changed dramatically over time and symbolizes our present state of materialism. And truthful understanding of it is key in being able to revolutionize this realm at present.

Goethe said: “Everything transitory is but a symbol.” What he meant was everything in the world of transitory effects is a reflection of a spiritual reality—spiritual processes, impulses, and divine moral- and wisdom-filled law that underlies all of creation.

Money is a symbol as is everything in matter…all in matter is symbolic for something real at the spiritual level. By real is meant enduring…abiding…eternal. If we do not spiritualize matter, then we dwell in the illusion. The following statements are true for the world of matter:

· Illusion = Material world in which spirit is no longer perceived or understood
· Delusion = Projecting misconceptions and misperceptions onto illusion
· Partial Reality = Spirit revealed in all matter
· Reality = You and the Father as One

We dwell in ever greater reality in measure as we perceive spirit in matter and conceive from spiritual principle, until we realize that all thought emanates from the Father Principle, and similarly, we dwell in illusion bordering on delusion to the degree that we do not perceive beyond the material, conceive in order to secure external material conditions, and believe in separation.

Our task at present is precisely to spiritualize matter and lift out of a strictly material understanding devoid of spirit, as that keeps us fettered to the illusion and unable to rise to higher consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the more spiritualized, the closer we get to realizing Oneness of Being; the openings in 2012 are precisely ones leading to higher consciousness, i.e. to greater spiritual reality.

Most people have such a mixed relationship to money because we all need it and yet it feels tainted in our world. We easily charge for work that does harm to the environment…we easily charge for work we do not like…yet we collectively believe that environmental, social activism, benevolent or healing work, and other ‘labors of love’ should somehow be offered freely or not necessitate much monetary compensation. This is counter-productive to our evolution. Work that supports the good of all should receive the most support, while work that harms (most big business) should have the plug pulled out…

But more than being counter-productive in the sense of money not flowing to what is of value in our world, this sustains the misperception that we are needy of things external to us. So long as we have ambivalence to a symbol, we have externalized it and made it into more than a symbol and something that it is not. In truth, all symbols emerge from consciousness.

The amount of money in the world at present is staggering…beyond our comprehension. The spiritual message is this: there is no limit…if we have insatiable greed, it will be outpictured as staggering amounts of money that will eventually lead to our demise so long as it is put to ill use…But the staggering amounts also demonstrates that nothing is bounded—there is no limit to the spiritual resources that we may access and wield.

Money should be symbolic of value added to the world, whereas it is now a symbol of human greed. Since money operates in dissonance with the spiritual reality of value, we are in a situation where we have drawn from the bank of Spirit and are accumulating incredible interest! If we default on that loan, the system will implode–not out of punishment, but because we will have carried the illusion too far.

While money is not real in and of itself, our relationship to it is. If we can spiritualize money, we will be able to wrest the flows of money away from those who use it to cause harm, and into the hearts of the spiritually awakened who can be responsible custodians of it and put it in service of all. The staggering amounts of money wielded by the spiritual awakened will revolutionize the world.

This is not so much about redirecting it as it is about deeper spiritual awakening. It is easy to believe that you would be unaffected by having vast amounts of money, but that is rather naive. When more awakened people step up to the plate to wield far greater power in this realm, the awakening will be more complete. And the flows of money will be redirected but also, there will be less ill-use overall. Business practices will change to reflect the changing consciousness. Money is the next frontier for the spiritual aspirants who are ready to support conscious evolution. We must do it within this realm and work with all of its powerful symbols.

The spiritual revolution does not start with money; it starts with vision and desire to serve the good of all. And with vision and devotion to giving that vision the substance of form, you have a sound plan to add value to the world. From that, you may wield the flows of money, as flows of selfless love in support of your vision. And you will be tested because money is a powerful tempter in this realm. But as you deepen in selflessness, you will become undaunted because your power will come from spirit and not from the money, and that is how you spiritualize and transform money.

As you spiritualize matter your vision will clarify; and as you spiritualize money, you transform the most powerful ‘fallen’ symbol in our world and will learn to wield it with love. You will attract it to you and to others in support of a growing collective vision for the good of all; you will be infinitely supported to conceive of greater and greater and unbounded by what you can do.

Since money serves corruption at present (for the most part), it needs to be redirected to serve spirit if we are to establish spiritual law on earth. Therefore, it is critical that spiritually aligned people learn to wield the vast amounts of money and have it flow through them in service of all. This will serve to cleanse this realm like no other effort can. It is not enough to work with intention and prayer, we have to boldly step forth and wrestle with this powerful fallen symbol and its temptation, overcome them, and wield this source of power in service to Spirit from whence it comes.

Then the staggering wealth will be used to discover the unbounded material resources and the spiritual solutions to the many problems that we face on the planet.

Begin with visioning, and then allow yourself to wield the money to support that…you can pace yourself through to ever expanding deepening to Oneness and ever greater impact in the world. Do not leave out the step of spiritualizing money, as that is a necessary transformation at present.

Below are trigger affirmations and a vibrationally encoded image to support your inner transformation toward visioning ways to add value to the world and heal the money system in order to make good on our collective loan.

Trigger Affirmations

** I am waking up as spiritual visionary devoted to supporting the highest good of all.
** I can heal the world by learning to wield ever more money in service to the good of all.
**I wield money in alignment with spiritual law, flowing it on value added in the world.
**I wield ever vaster amounts of money as my growing wisdom-filled visions command.
**I grow in requisite morality and inviolability of character in order to boldly wield the power of and heal the money system.
**I restore money flows as symbol of God’s support for our visions rooted in brotherhood and love.
**I join a collective effort of spiritually awakened human beings committed to heal the world, and boldly tap into the unbounded flow of money that is metaphor for the infinite value that we may add to this realm and for the spiritual support available to support our visioning.

Below is a vibrationally encoded image to elevate money flows to a higher order in alignment with value and love.

To access a printable version of the image and affirmations, click here.


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