Needy Heart and Dissolving Masks Audio (client resources)

Meditations to Heal the Needy Heart

1- Healing the Heart Leads you to releasing Heart wounds and moving beyond the effects of the story of separation. This is glimpse into much more in depth teachings about this, and a seed of new being.

2- Dissolving Mirrors, Masks, Wounded Heart to Reveal Authentic Self and True Heart  (DNA sound elixirs)

In this meditation you are led to understand that your sense of self comes from projections of others as well as interpreting that which you have not expressed as what you are. In other words, you believe lies about yourself and have lived according to the distorted mirrors around you. We first dissolve the masks–the coping and defense mechanism of the past–and then we break the mirrors of the false self that have created the fake wounded heart. Only as the fake needy heart is dissolved can the true Heart awaken and the authentic Self expression in the playground of endless possibilities. This meditation has powerful angelic elixirs that produce alchemical leveraging for far greater effect. The pdf file describes the meditation and presents the alchemical equation of the angels’ powers.



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