On Density….

Need to clean up….


“The purer the body, the less dense it is; the less dense, the more it can hold a higher vibration, and the higher the vibe, the more refined the emotions and thoughts, the greater clarity and inner knowing, and the easier it is to manifest in life. Similarly, the less we resist life, the less tension…the less density, and so on. The higher the light, the greater the clarity, and the more we perceive the truth of life behind appearances.  Density is what gives rise to linear time or to cause and effect. Resistance to life, desire for life to be different is what causes the gap between cause and effect–the larger the gap, the less aware we are of the connection and of the self as cause…the great the confusion and room for error, which engenders more resistance and pain.

And so the less density and the higher the vibe, the more the gap between cause and effect closes, and the more we dwell in true reality wherein lies the power to manifest our dream reality.”

And from the DNA emails:

“As you release negativity and allow new insight, you will release tension from the body. Tension = Density = Illusion


“body tension = density = illusion, and toxins cause tension as various organs must overwork and are unable to sing their pure tones over time….

The more toxins, the more you are prone to emotions and thoughts that are of a lower vibe.

As you embody new spiritual principles and live beyond beliefs….as you release old patterns of mental and emotional dysfunction, so will you support the body to clear the toxins and vice versa.

The clearer you are, the more powerfully you can resonate with the higher principles (light) and higher frequencies that these angelic beings intone.  This repairs and evolves the DNA, which then is ready to receive the alchemical codes for regeneration, abundance, and more. When you embody new codes in DNA and ready to express these, the angelic beings that support this work change outer reality to match your changes. Thus are you the instigator of change in the universe. The more you impact the universe, the more it is in your debt, which means that your life will move more gracefully toward ever higher orders of consciousness. There is no limit to what you may be at this time in evolution! Truly, you are the only one limiting yourself–all who wish to accelerate their awakening are given the opportunity, as karma is no longer a factor when you live beyond the story, beyond negativity, and beyond all separation.”


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