Align with Your Soul Mission on the Path of Ascension

Details of Weekly Sessions

Part I is recommended for all who are looking for deep healing, awakening, and full alignment with Ascension.

Session 1:

* Non-replication codes and other activations to support self-sovereignty
* The spiritual impact of egotism
* Healing The Rift Between Heaven and Earth within
* Anchoring in a Joyful Reality


Activation Work for Session 1

  • Healing the Past – clearing trauma from all levels, healing the Inner Child, reintegrating soul fragments, establishing mother/father acceptance and love, establishing self-love, clearing patterns of thought/feeling/emotion/behavior that recreate the past. Rebirthing in complete knowingness of Father/Mother God as Divine parents.
  • Healing the rift between the etheric and astral bodies to enable forward evolution and optimal intercommunication
  • Pineal activation – Brain illumination and awakening new areas to support multi-dimensional awareness
  • Awakening the Heart-Mind Chakra
  • Mother God activation and dissolving the false tree of knowledge
  • Father God activation for free will and surrender to Higher Will
  • Appendix, Nervous system /Medulla Oblongata, Hypothalamus, Frontal Lobe activations
  • Embodying Wisdom (Divine Sophia) in the Spine
  • Etheric, Astral, and Causal Body clearing and activation

Session 2

* Igniting moral being, Karma resolution, unplugging from mass consciousness, clearing astral/etheric/soul fragments through time
* Body Boundary Coding
* Divine Rights of Human Being activations
* Establishing three major impulses from Angels in our Astral Body as foundation to support new consciousness of 2012
* Deeper Soul Alignment Series of Activations
* Sovereignty Activations


Activation Work for Session 2

  • Morality: awakening as an inspired moral being that shapes the future. Clearing proscribed morality not rooted in self, tendency to live by ‘shoulds’, seeding true, self-determined morality that is a power of inspiration to ideals that transform and evolve the soul.
  • Karma clearing—initiating clearing of major karmic patterns for this lifetime, personal, family, soul family, planetary karma, and integration of consciousness needed to dissolve them. Clearing phenomenon of infinite karma that has plagued humanity up until now. Establishing first order wholeness in the causal body.
  • Unplugging from mass consciousness that a person is threaded to (themes of health, wealth, perspective on life, community, family, religion, etc.)
  • Clearing fragments and allowances for shadow or chaos interferences, and seeding sovereignty in bodies and faculties that align with greatest levels of human freedom.
  • Body boundary coding to support automatic resonance with patterns that uphold your highest good.
  • Seeding other Divine Rights – Knowing our Divine Rights leads to accelerated evolution. Understanding and embodying fourteen major DRs.
  • Righting three major impulses from the Angels in the astral body that got distorted by humanity being asleep: true brotherhood/sisterhood, ability to know Spirit/Divinity through cognition, ability to see the Divinity in another.
  • Soul Alignment series: Increasing affinity for truth as soul resonance; integrating soul name of ‘soul song’ vibration through lifetime whenever anyone thought of you or spoke your name; increasing capacity to hold joy in the body (to increase soul presence).
  • Sovereignty Activations: these are MAJOR activations that will impact on your soul’s future and clear so much violation to freedom and sovereignty through time—in your body, and at the emotional/mental, and spiritual levels. The body sovereignty activation alone will serve to clear ingested toxins, EMF interferences, and other subversive activities being carried out on the planet.

Session 3

* DNA Clearing and Crystalline Activations
* Cosmic Christ Activations
* Medulla Activation as Gateway of Universal Life Force Energy
* Further Astral body/chakra clearing
* Divine Rights for Chakras
* Deeper Soul Integration and awakening of latent gifts


Activation Work for Session 3

  • Clearing non-self, devolutionary, finite state creation, earth-boundedness programs in the DNA. Accessing coding in support of optimal soul evolution. Clearing etheric DNA. DNA illumination, infinite DNA, crystalline DNA activations (continual activation focusing on first 4 triangulations (12 strands))
  • Nervous system clearing and healing / Deeper pineal activation and veil removal to support DNA work.
  • Astral body clearing and evolution. Demon clearing from chakras. Establishing divine rights of each of the chakra centers.
  • Godhead and Cosmic Christ codes, Mary Magdalene initiations, seven seals work.
  • Deeper soul integration/realignment. Recovering lost soul capacities/disowned soul impulses. Awakening powers from deeper past.

Session 4

* 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Strangeflows of the Causal Body
* Our Spiritual Exudations as building blocks for the future
* 22 Causal Powers that resound in our etheric/tonal bodies
* Harmony Atomic Rainbow Tool
* Five Principles of Success


Activation Work for Session 4

  • Causal Body and its energy flows as determining our 5th dimensional potential / The Strangeflows (extraordinary meridians) as the Infrastructure of Our Being. Activating 5th D consciousness.
  • Our impact on the world – Continual Spiritual Exudations from nerves, muscles and bones as building blocks for future and input to karma. We are responsible for this substance that is either taken up by cosmos or rejected. Clearing up miscreational energies of the past; aligning with moral being in our creations
  • The Divine Causal Powers ~ The Word Made Flesh: the 22 Angelic Powers in our causal body. Activations to clear distortions and deepen connection. Methods to work with CPs.
  • Clearing the interdimensional rift of the A-bomb (Harmony Atomic Rainbow Tool (HART)) work – establishing energetic integrity and emancipation from mind control.
  • Embodying the Five Principles of Success at all levels of being.

Session 5

* Etheric Body Alignment with ascension ~ Etherisation of the blood
* Crystallization/activation of the endocrine system—the organs of perception of the etheric body
* Clearing lower ego vulnerability
* Threefold Heart Flame


Activation Work for Session 5

  • Firmly establishing ascension energies and alignment – Ether stream of blood as activating Pineal and supporting earth healing
  • Source point for Coming Into Being: The Four dimensions of the Strangeflows as the Four Faces of God: God as Father, God as Mother, God as Child, God as Holy Spirit
  • Crystallization of the Endocrine System that encodes what we may be and what we are becoming; lymph as crystallized Akasha (soul plans) and blood as Ego substance
  • Violet Flame purification, activation of threefold flame in the Heart
  • Etheric Heart-Blood Stream uniting us with spirit realms and earth evolution through the Etheric Christ
  • Clearing imbalances and distortions of lower ego veil of pride and fear
  • Practices and activations for Active Perception and embodiment of 5th dimensional consciousness
  • Meditation through the etheric body and Heart to accelerate personal and planetary healing and evolution

Session 6

* Active Perception and the new Will-Yoga
* The New Isis/Osiris Mystery – awakening Osiris/Christ to revive Isis/Sophia-Wisdom
* The Endocrine System — Gateway to Spiritual Evolution and Unleashing Spiritual Power of Regeneration in the Body
* The Energy Body of the Ascended Self


Activation Work for Session 6

  • Active Perception as merging truth-illumined perception (realm of Father) with love-imbued will (realm of Mother). The New Will-Yoga to ensoul perception and embody co-creative power of the Child (Christ). Methods of Active Perception that continually create and establish divine order in your reality. Series of activations to support active perception
  • The Christ impulse to move our of lower luciferic ego and embody Higher Self as Ego Principle
  • The New Isis/Osiris Mystery for our time. God as Child or Higher Ego unites Osiris to Isis. God-given powers within to awaken new perception in freedom in order to ascend to higher consciousness that perceives Spirit in everything. This mystery unfolds in the Thyroid Organ center, the master of the endocrine system and seat of the consciousness soul.
  • Endocrine System– The endocrine glands are to the etheric consciousness what the chakras are to astral consciousness. Major set of activations and processes to awaken the endocrine as a spiritual system of evolution. Hormones are spiritual schemata that have information about body evolution to transform the physical organism in support of evolution of the Light Body. This work is healing on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Ascended Self: Sacral Plexus clearing of chaos forces, reversal of energies from lower three centers, spinal activation, Heart becomes Root of Ascended Self and Throat becomes I WILL creative center, activating the Single Eye of Christ (optic thalamus)—true magnetic North of the Ascended Body. regenerating energies from The light of the body is the eye.

Session 7

* Abundance Consciousness
* Realizing the Abundance Blueprint (clearing soul distortions to realizing it)
* Law of Attraction Traps
* Prosperity Codes II Activation Module


Activation Work for Session 7

  • Abundance Consciousness: Change your relationship to money so that it operates at a higher order reality for you; clear attachment to effects and realize source of abundance is Divine within; dissolve the mortal mind and move into your Spiritual Mind; Connect to value and energetic balance with everything as means to radiate true prosperity consciousness. Understand how to be strong radiation for prosperity.
  • Law of Attraction Traps: lower desires create repellent energy in astral body; law of attraction emphasis of effects traps people in lower astral realm and binds them to reincarnation. The LoA industry is the greatest triumph of the forces of chaos!
  • Abundance Blueprint is not a soul-level program by one from the Higher Ego. We are all heirs to the full Kingdom of God equally. No one is bound to karmic programs around wealth. Great wealth as well as great poverty are both karmic lessons. Both patterns distract from what is important and consume your attention in effects. Abundance Blueprint is ease and unconcern about wealth—all needs are amply met and focus can be directed wholly on self-realization.
  • Realizing the Abundance Blueprint in the body as process of remagnetization of the body. Self-Realization or Abundance Consciousness is on the Path of Joy. Realizing abundance is a virtue and expresses alignment with Divine Will. Plan for Eternity rather than retirement – and all things shall be added unto you that you have need of, and what you realize will be yours for eternity.
  • Prosperity Codes-II Module contains sixteen powerful activations to embody the energetic radiation of prosperity consciousness, move into a higher order reality out of competitive plane and into realizing Supply within.

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Details for Part II only partially here…this section is in progress…

Session 8

* Expanding Magnetic Power, Ocean of Love Plasma
* HART revisited
* Connection to the Planetary Soul through the Body
* Clearing Death Fear Imprints
* Opening to Greater Psychic Power
* Temple of Awakening
* Christ Light Grid

Activation Work for Session 8

  • Understanding magnetic power in the body and how to raise it. Loss of magnetism in the body is from our identification in the mortal mind that brings on degenerative forces in the body. Magnetism is mental power—the lesser the magnetic power the feebler the mind. The magnetic field of a person is their mind, which is externalized or physically manifested as the aura. Weak magnetic power also means a weak immune system, being easily distorted by EMFs, fuzzy thinking, and sluggishness. Loss of magnetic power of the Earth reflects at the microcosmic level, the loss of magnetic power in each of us collectively. We have created sub-human realities through our behaviors. Learn to increase magnetic power, expand your aura, support the Earth to greater vitality!
  • Connection to the Planetary Soul through the Body- We stand in relationship to the planetary body as a finger to our physical organism. Establishing sympathetic resonance and attuning to the laws of nature. Cerebrospinal Fluid /Single Eye of Christ, Lymph, and Breath connecting us to Cosmic Rhythms.
  • Death Fear Imprints impact on how far our soul can go reach in spirit realms, maintain separation with God and anchor us to varying degrees in the mortal mind. Strong ‘end times’ imprints causing great fear in the world today. These are cleared in order to become a strong stabilizing consciousness that is not easily baited by forces of chaos at present.
  • Bringing Order to Chaos in the World: Learn to call on specific spiritual support as you bear witness to travesties in the culture; becoming an powerful agent of change in the world.
  • Temple of Awakening Power through Christ Consciousness: Etheric Temple in which you may immerse to integrate ever deeper Christ Intelligences, Sun DNA Codes, inter-dimensional connection, access past gifts to place on universal altar, etc. All in support of preparing you to take part in the Christ Light grid…

Session 9

Session 10

Session 11

Session 12

Session 13

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