Planting Seeds of Hope & Delight! Elixirs for Children

Below are powerful tools of light and sound elixirs, which work to cancel out disruption of white and black subliminal light and frequency that have infiltrated the bodies of man, through vaccines, toxic foods, denatured water, movies and video games, advertising, disruption in the EMF fields of the earth, etc.  While we face grave interference on earth, we have what we need to transcend it completely, and to establish a higher order of life that is sovereign and refined. This is something we will be working to support in your child: to establish a field of self-sovereignty and freedom from programs. 

The first tools are to be used with your child. They will work on you as well, on your home and all who enter, as well as most directly and powerfully on your children.  

The second set of tools are power wheels and sigils that you may use to strengthen yourself, so that support the changes in your child. Young children mimic the parent-caregiver, and so your clearing will support your child to establish more deeply in fields of higher qualities. Before age 3, a child is completely held within the mother’s emotional body, and the child’s etheric forces come from the mother, and only after the 3-year transition does the process begin toward the birth of its own  etheric body, and later its emotional body. So your participation in the program is very important.

Some of these power wheels are great to use in your child’s room or lunchbox. The Praise/Love/Gratitude sigil, for example, will neutralize harmful EMFs from cell phones, if placed on the phone. It will raise the vibe of water molecules and can be placed on a child’s water bottle.  In time, we will have stickers of these for you to use, but these are not yet ready. For now, I have shrunk the images and provided sheets with the sigils in small.  You can print the pages, cut out and tape onto objects your child uses. They can be placed under your child’s mattress so they work at night within your child’s fields. I have tested the PLG sigil on pple in workshops (via muscle testing) and the changes are instantaneous.


We are thrilled to gift you with a most precious light and sound elixir that were created by Almine, specifically for our program!

Almine is able to capture Infinite Intent and express these as qualities in the light and frequencies of these tools.  When you engage Infinite Intent, the power wielded is without bounds. You are encouraged to use these tools daily and as often as needed. Even if you do not see immediate results (though at times you certainly will), know the blessings that flow through them will be held in your child’s field until such time as they may receive them.

How it works–it works with both sound and light. It is a gift from the Infinite, designed to eliminate the illlusion that hold up captive in lower consciousness, within a person’s being. For this children’s light elixir, the intent was t

Through an internalized sense of comfort, affirmation and support, and nurturing within, your child will experience the benevolence of life–the programs or judgments of others will not stick. In other words, the inner landscape of your child’s being will fill with Infinite’s intent, in support of their most ideal and graceful unfoldment in wholeness, so that there is no room to hold the invasive distortions coming from the outer world. The elixir works on the ignorant distortions of people in your child’s life, as well as the subversive subliminal influences through technology and toxic substances.  It can only confer great benefit, so you are encouraged to use it often, several times a day, and as part of the daily routine.  You will notice your child growing more content and at peace–less impacted by the carelessness or callousness of caregivers, teachers, and peers.  Coupled with the FA master blend working in their field, your child will find life much more supportive of who they are.


Suggested use:

Have the light elixir printed on photo quality paper in 8 by 11.  You can have it printed on canvas and hung in your child’s room, or put the smaller photo (you receive with the Fragrance Alchemy) next to your child’s bed.  Place a copy on the fridge at your child’s eye level, and any other places that your child will see it often.

Tell your child that the land in the picture is part of the  inner world of the heart. At bedtime, play the sound elixir while telling a story inspired by the light elixir. You can imagine living there and tell a sweet little story about the adventures of a little boy or girl, appropriate to your child’s age. Or you can both imagine the magical and sacred land of the elixir…5-10 minutes per night, before bedtime will have great effect.

Once you work with the suggested method that empowers your child in impacting on their emotions, you can also add a step where you guide your child to finding this place in their heart, once they have soothed the storms within.

Play the sound elixir at bedtime. If you read stories at night for 30 minutes, loop the elixir to play twice; for an hour of bedtime stories, loop it 4-5 times.  Play the sound elixir in your child’s room, or other rooms in the house to clear the density.  The light and sound elixirs are power tools, and the light elixir placed in any room will act within it as a power object to dissolve density.



Sigils to raise the frequency around your child

Praise, love and gratitude sigil


Infinite sigil



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