Planting Seeds of Hope & Delight! Fragrance Alchemy for Parent & Child

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Fragrance Alchemy for Parent and Child

  • You will find that wearing the FA oils yourself will have an effect on your child. This is because the FA oils impact on the emotional and etheric bodies directly, and your child is connected to you at that level.
  • Children may need time to get used to the oils, but once they do they will ask for them, and may even have a sense of which oil they need at a particular time.
  • Have the oils set up somewhere ‘special’–on a nature table or something similar. You can also print the FA logo and have it laminated and place the oils over it.  I will upload a large sigil as soon as I get it!

A description of many of the FA oils are given in this pdf: FA-oildescriptions  (some are missing as they are newer blends)

This is a draft document on the FA blends and processes. It will be elaborated over the next few weeks.  I will add point locations and pictures. For now, you can find points mentioned on the on the points database (or just google the point number and images will come up).

Discussion on FA with Child

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Planting Seeds – FA and water molecules disscussion pdf







Link to a video on Dr Emoto’s water molecule experiments




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