Portal to Mother’s Garden


The main light (art) and sound elixir were created by Almine, specifically for our children’s program.  They were  created to support a field of nurturance that produces in the child, a sense of safety, and comfort within the self, in the home, and in the world.  The sense of wonderment, magic, and delight are also captured in the frequencies, so that these qualities are prominent even as they may not be present in the child’s environment.

It is recommended that you have a good copy printed and hang it up in your child’s room.  You may want to look at it each evening as part of a bedtime ritual, where you and child imagine into the world in the picture, while listening to the accompanying sound elixir.  Just gazing at the picture for a few minutes per day will produce immediate results, and more over time. They work to cancel out subliminal impressions of light and frequency that can affect behavior, emotions, and sleep.

The elixirs work far beyond what we can express, as they come from the Infinite, and will work specifically for for each child who joins.


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