Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart


Belvaspata, Healing of the Heart, is the original work of the great mystic and seer, Almine (LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Welcome to a wonderful journey with the angelic realms–the Mighty Winged Beings who are here to bring the Healing of the Heart, to support lightworkers to wake up to who they are, and humanity to begin a new phase of true heart-centered living.
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Belvaspata, Healing of Heart, is also known as the Healing Modality of Miracles. It comes from the great and incomparable mystic, Almine, who brings tools of immense power to those who are ready to embark on an inner journey of self-discovery through impeccability.

If you would like to begin training, read the information below.


Training with Anita

Anita has been on a dedicated spiritual path of awakening since 1999. She brings over 25 years of esoteric study and 13 years of healing clients to her teaching. She has been conducting large-group remote healing session programs around her intense exploration on the inner planes since 2010.  She found the work of Almine in mid-2012, and recognized what she had been searching for.  Her work is dedicated to bringing in highest teachings, to live a life of no opposites, wherein the miraculous becomes an every day wonder.


The Modality of Miracles

As you approach this powerful training with reverence and humility, through you many miracles may take place. This modality has been gifted to us at this time by the Infinite, and received through, Almine, who is here to usher in the new reality and support the awakening of those who came to participate in the greatest transition of all time. The Great Mother’s public reign of the cosmos from the earth has now begun, and it is time to learn about the principles of this new reality. With pure heart, you will  easily wield the many powers and gifts of these Light Beings.

When I found Almine’s work, I recognized much of what I had been tapping into since 2009, and saw that what she brought was foundational to being able to evolve the DNA in humanity.  Her body of work is so vast, and in it are all the tools and insights that we need to fully activate the body in new ways and be made anew in incorruptibility.

We are not reaching for ‘ascension’, but rather are we bringing heaven to earth and embodying our divinity…we are fusing matter and spirit into incorruptible substance.  As the body evolves higher faculties, so we will behold higher orders of reality, and anchor in these potentials for cosmic evolution.

Simply working with BVP will expand your fields and increase the healing power flowing through you, whether you practice it on clients or not. This training is wholeheartedly recommended to those who have an affinity to working with the angelic realms more directly. You will find that your power with BVP grows as you contemplate on the many principles of the new creation, as the modality is fully and wholly anchored within it. The power in this modality is unmatched.

The greater is the truth that you embody, the more clearly can these powers flow through you. It takes time to ‘expand into’ these frequencies, however, all may access the healing power of the Heart who are willing to make the effort.

Witnessed a Miracle!!!
I was outside with E… he tripped and fell over backwards… caught his fall by reaching out and really hurt wrist – possibly even broke if not just sprained… could tell it was serious by his cry – he was howling and that is NOT common for him… and when I felt it I could tell it was “not right”. He asked me to bring him upstairs. I briefly had fear flash up, but was present to witness and shift into – anything is possible. Brought him up, intuitively selected rose and saffron oils (Fragrance Alchemy oils), applied on heart and around navel – then did Belvaspata…all that seemed appropriate. Told him I was calling the angels for him… not only did he completely cease crying once oils applied, he mimicked the motions as I was drawing the sigils, and said he was calling them to him…. After a few moments, he got up, and we talked about the fairies in the forest, so he called them too to come and bring some of their magic – their sparkles. He is outside having a picnic now – not even any swelling!!!What a gift to witness / experience…. a much deeper understanding of all in practice…. And amazing to sense his receptivity….Poignantly, E’s only cousin who lives in TO, 3yrs old, actually broke his arm a few days ago… traumatic E.R. visit and x-rays were mixed up… drama. So he heard at least some of that story… and even with all of those thoughtforms having been introduced so recently, he did not focus on those, and when they came up in me, was able to witness and shift with ease. PRAISE!!! love & gratitude & surrendered trust & appreciation, Jodie C, PEI


Through this training program, you will be assisted to clear distortions to fully standing in power and true presence. The current plans are as follow:

  • Belvaspata Levels 1 and 2 ~ done after working deeply with the preparatory material.
  • Belvaspata Healing of the Soul – to be announced (this modality is just coming in now)
  • Belvaspata Master and Grand Master levels – (with BVP-2, after 3 months of daily practice)

For general guidelines on the four levels of initiation, go the BVP guidelines page.

The training that I offer also includes working with Fragrance Alchemy to clear the meridian system, as this is so very important at this time. There is so much to share about this, and you will receive information through the group posts and other material I’ve created for clearing the meridian system. Belvaspata Healing of the Soul , or Krihanash, is the new BVP modality that works with the Fragrance Alchemy.


DNA liveThis program will get you increasingly steeped in principles to part the veils of illusion and live in the light. The training is tailored to the individual presently and I offer one-on-one training.  A suggested pre– or co-requisite to training with me is the DNA clearing program. If you are interested in learning to invoke powerful angelic support in your work–for clients or simply to do on loved ones and to support human and cosmic evolution–please send me an email and we can discuss ( Note that this is my personal recommendation for training with me (not necessary to become a BVP practitioner), as it will begin deeper clearing and release of illusion.

There are also weekly BVP session calls, where you get to follow a full protocol on various themes. Protocols are relevant to cosmic unfoldment and what needs to be integrated at any time.


General Outline of Training

Training proceeds with a series of one-on-one training calls that cover principles of the new reality, training in BVP, mentoring for self-attunement, and powerful meditative processes and clearing. If you already have the BVP attunements, this training will deepen your understanding of healing at this time and the evolutionary potentials opening to us. As well, you will learn the Fragrance Alchemy and meridian healing to greater depth.


lightworker-activation-love-and-light1 Begin aligning to far greater power as a healer and lightworker! All modalities that are not steeped in spiritual understanding of the higher reality that is presently unfolding are archaic and no longer have lasting effects as they are subject to the law of compensation.



Fragrance Alchemy and Emotional Healing of the Heart

The Fragrance Alchemy is something dear to my heart, as I have worked with oils and studied acupuncture for years, for the purpose of understanding how to accelerate emotional healing beyond the modalities of past years that work on single beliefs and issues.  It is now time to transcend emotionality, and move out of the tyranny of emotions of separation. Through the powerful FA,  you will release your entanglement with the stories of pain an identity in the tribe.

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One-time payment of $975 Canadian (include FA oils):

Before signing up, please email me so we can discuss.

Four monthly payments of $255 Can each:

To read more about Belvaspata, you may visit the main website.


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