EHS Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training is underway and it is powerfully transformative! The Enhanced Healing Symbol  will transform you as healer and bring tremendous  healing to your clients.

The training program promises to revolutionize your understanding of what is possible at this time, and help you to connect to powerful angelic orders that have just appeared to usher in the new reality. The face of healing has changed completely, and most energy modalities are not effective to bridge people into the new potentials that open to us presently.  The old modalities simply move things around in a world that is under the law of compensation.

Learn to tap into the high alchemy wherein you are substance in the alchemical healing equation toward radical new being. This is not so much about learning technique as it is about you standing in full power and blossoming your gifts to bring higher potentials into the world. Illness and negative emotions no longer hold any substance–the substance has been withdrawn and they are mere shadows of holograms that are kept up by belief systems. As you powerfully bear witness and live in the new reality, the old patterns will dissolve in your clients. As practitioner you will learn to wield far greater healing power as you learn to access deeper being and bring in the energies of this powerful new Tool  that works with higher orders of angelic beings.

Join a growing group of healing practitioners who are dedicated to personal transformation and the transformation of the world. You will get increasing clear understanding of our bodies and how they are evolving, how distortions are maintained and how they may dissolve,  the evolutionary potential at this time, how to engage in high magic, the reign of the Mother on earth, etc.  As you will delve into the mysteries of the new reality and learn to embody higher light and frequency through DNA expression, you will become an effective transmitter of permanent healing and higher order of being for your clients. The wisdom emerging will arise within your being, and you will effortlessly be guided to what best serves the moment in her healing work.

I am continually astounded at the never ending love and generosity that Anita gives in all the Inner Master Tools, training for practitioners and patient sessions! I’ve never come across anyone who gives everything she has…she flat out holds back nothing! She is a gift beyond measure and I am blessed to have found her! Deepest gratitude Anita for all you’ve done and continue to do.

I have never come across anything like the Inner Mastery Tools. They are unparalleled! After 4 ½ months of prescription eye drops and numerous vet bills – including a specialist, I used this beautiful “etheric software” on my dog’s inner eyelid. The next morning his fur under the eye was matted with a discharge. I cleaned it up and his eyelid had returned to its normal size! The EHS is pure magnificence. I’ve had some heavy duty moods and by just setting the intent to release them and imaging my EHS I can feel them rise and leave me. I also notice if they come up again, they are definitely less intense and my awareness has changed to where I’m in the place of observer – watching it almost like a scene in a play. At that point, I bring it in with purpose and it has NEVER failed me. Thanks so much Anita! Love, O


In working with Anita over the past five years, observing her impeccable dedication to generously sharing the most deeply transformative information and processes accessible, is consistently heartening and inspiring. The comprehensive nature of her multi-faceted approach, and her capacity to convey with such clarity and passion the potentials that are ongoingly expanding through consciously embracing expansion, facilitated for me, through a recent workshop, as through the years of working together, a depth of transformation that truly inspires to boundlessness… a shower of blessings beyond what I have known to ask for. It is an honour and tremendous blessing to experience her gifts, rooted in love, for simultaneous synthesis of so many streams of teachings and levels of healing, as it is to be in relationship with Anita as a teacher and friend. – JC, Canada

Transcend the Illusion of Duality and Lead Your Clients to the New Reality emerging


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The other training that I offer presently is in an angelic healing modality, Belvaspata Healing of the HeartYou may read about this at  this link.

Eventually I will be training practitioners in the High Frequency Embodiment Processes and Emotional Ascension Technology, as well as the new yogas for body transformation.  All that I offer presently is part of this growing body of work that is bringing in the new face of healing. Join now and you still get personal training with me. In 2014 that will no longer be the case, as I have too many things to develop and need to immerse in it all to bring it out for others to teach. To contact me about training, email, or call (506) 832-4831. Don’t delay this step that will bring your healing practice to a whole new level of effectiveness!

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One way to find out is to explore some of the many audio programs offered. Or join the DNA activation program, and should you decide to train, you will be credited with the cost of that program.

Comments From IMT Practitioners


Working with Anita has been a blessing. Anita is a gifted spiritual healer who has taken time over the past few years to personally guide me to look within to find the ‘knowing’ that has been there all along. I have grown in inner peace, deep knowing, internal surrendered love, have a deeper love of life, and a personal awakening that all I need is truly within me. Anita is a gifted teacher with tremendous insights and an incredible thirst to share knowledge of the new teachings that are being provided at this time. If you are on a spiritual journey, I highly recommend Anita’s work. Without her personal guidance and time given to me, I would not be the person I find myself to be today. I have seen the work that I do with my clients change radically in just the past 4 months. I have clients that don’t even share what they want to change or release. Using a very effective process with the Enhanced Healing Symbol (EHS), they are releasing the issues with amazement to both themselves and me. In one or two sessions, clients have been releasing anxiety, fears, guilt, body pain, negative beliefs, and even claustrophobia. Through Anita’s work, I have learned a completely new way of healing that is done through vibration, frequency and light. This is a new method to assist with our changing times. I am truly grateful to have these new learnings to help people, and can’t imagine doing it any other way now! Lynne Smith N.S. Canada (To read Lynne’s recent testimonials from Lynne’s clients that she uses the EHS and Vertical-awaring with, click here.)




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