Pranic Tube and the Marriage of Masculine and Feminine to evolve the Resurrection Body

excerpt from material in the program to clear the Pranic Tube…

Pranic Tube and the Marriage of Masculine and Feminine to evolve the Resurrection Body 1

spine sigilsThe spine holds the wisdom of ages, and when properly activated, leads to higher consciousness and effortless knowing from within. In exploration work in 2010-12, we were shown inter-dimensional portals along the spine, and were told that each vertebrae holds the power of higher love.  It was further revealed that when the masculine and feminine aspects of being fused as one, a “single eye” would burst open in the head, and the entire being would be born in a new substance, which seems to correspond to the incorruptible matter that Almine speaks about.  And the “single eye” corresponds to a move from ‘flatland’ or the 2-D TV screen that has been the illusion, to the virtual reality of god consciousness, which lives simultaneously from oneness and individuation…from the vastness of being and in reverent appreciation of the contracted perspective that can examine and delight in the details.  From living in separation consciousness, for most, the ‘delight’ part has been missing, and you will be pleased to learn that this is in no way your ‘fault’. We have not had access to the richness of inner space and so have not been able to feel to great depth. All this is changing….and a big step toward this is clearing spine and pranic tube….

According to the ancient records man lost 75 abilities or windows to his magic through the separation of the spinal column from the pranic tube. This caused prana (feminine) and electrical impulses (from the nervous system, masculine) to disconnect, and masculine and feminine aspects began to express in opposition rather than harmonious cooperation. Over eons of time, the feminine became suppressed and has never expressed its true aspect. At the same time, the masculine expressed an overemphasis that was a distortion, and this led to the tyranny of hierarchy and external knowledge, and the addiction to needing to know and thinking we know anything.

The power of the masculine is in interpreting what the feminine brings through via non-cognitive information, and providing a fluid ‘structure’ to make known the unknown through experience. The power of the feminine is in holding open all potential by not locking into any belief system and plunging into the unknown through depth of sensing. Feminine destructures and seeks the unknown, in this regard it provides continual growth. Masculine gives structure and interprets as experience, and provides brief interpretation that is stepping stone to greater unknown. Both must be lived simultaneously and in a reciprocal and harmonious manner for maximum growth and evolution through inspiration.

When feminine is suppressed we have stagnation and emotional suppression. Feminine then lacks confidence and becomes needy and manipulative–undermining the masculine. With masculine overemphasis, we fabricate external information about a tiny part of life taken out of context, and we are completely misguided; we live in matrices within matrices…in thick cobwebs of lies and have hierarchies of power. Our world clearly reflects masculine overemphasis.

pranic tube 4The top part of the pranic tube relates to the awakened state (masculine), while the bottom half is the dream body of the soul realm. In sleep and in death, we live the lower half of the pranic tube. When the tube is coiled at the base of the spine, we are unconscious in the dream body. The lower portion that relates to the feminine is ‘coiled’ or in latency because of feminine suppression. Since we do not consciously live the lower part, we are forced into it through sleep and death cycles—the soul (feminine) forces us back there.

The result of feminine suppression or the “Fall” of man, has caused the pranic tube to separate from the spinal column, and the masculine and feminine aspects of being to work antagonistically or in opposition. The separation caused man to lose his magical abilities and the ability for inter-dimensional communication and travel. We must begin the restoration or reclaiming of our magic now. You will awaken new ways to manifest in the body once the programs of separation are cleared…

When pranic tube and spine merge, we awaken the magical powers latent in us, which are our birthright. “The pranic tube extends from the crown (at the top of the head) to the perineum (at the base of the spine). The diameter is the same as the circle created when your middle finger touches your thumb, tip to tip. The self-actualization of inner divinity requires that the coiled part of the pranic tube be straightened to yield its full use as the grounding rod of man. When straightened, it extends a hand length into the ground when you are standing.

Once grounded and fused with spine, we begin to access higher consciousness and powers of magic.

When spine and pranic tube merge, the chakras and endocrine systems transform and we move into a higher order of reality. (See new chakras, below, and also the 24 chakras in the separate pdf file)…..(END OF EXTRACT)


9th Direction“Life shall change and harmony shall come
When all life interprets the Intent of the One
Prepare now, let all that is stolen be restored
Be gone, all programs and memories from before

Prepare for the marriage of the direction of through
Release the dust of the ages that as personalities have accrued
The desire to control life must be released by you
To surrender to Source, this you must do
The hierarchies of old shall fall this day
The Infinite Intent shall lead the way
Renewed by the fusion, shall all life be
From the war of opposites you shall be free

(From the Sacred Fires of the Hadji-ka, by Almine)



1From the teachings of the Hadjika (information received by Almine during 2010-12, and the Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys ( .




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