Activating the 3 Centers of Head, Heart, and Gut (and BW entrainment)


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The 3 dantian centers of Head, Heart, and Gut (navel center) are three levels of the psyche with which we interpret reality.  The Head is the thinking mind, the Heart is the feeling soul, and the Gut is the body level and seat of instinct and true intuitive knowing. They correspond to spirit, soul, and body, which have been lived as separated parts that vie for resources and pillage from one another, causing ageing and degeneration. Yet, when they are aligned and in harmonious interaction, another perspective opens up, and a whole other level of reality becomes accessible as a window to the  eternal self.

Aligning the 3 centers requires that you practice stillness in mind, equanimity in heart (smiling heart), and openness to the adventure of life (relaxed gut). These attitudes change our hormones–away from the stress hormones that bind us to a lower reality of fear, toward the feel-good hormones and those for balanced power and empathy that lead us into a life impelled by inspiration.

Each center corresponds to a brainwave state, and so cultivating these states also supports deepening in the alignment.

As the inner war ceases, resources are freed to express a real environment, and through continued deepening, in time we reach a state of perpetual regeneration.

In this product you get:

** Written material on the 3 centers, 4th aspect, and the 4 brainwave states

** Several audios to activate the 3 centers (longer and shorter versions)

** Audios with  3 centers alignment focused on 1- stress release 2- reframing on any issue in life

** Entrainment tracks to quickly access the alpha, theta, and delta states. Another entrainment track that promotes the secretion of the feel-good hormones


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