Body & Life Healing through Greater Presence




Two Audios to Increase Conscious Presence in life ~ From Opposition to Graceful Unfolding of Life 

Through a series of  guided breathing processes (first audio) and contemplations and clearing (second audio), you will feel yourself as part of a vast ecosystem of interconnected consciousness, able to impact on reality in profound ways, through your thought, feeling, and intention…beyond what you may have imagined. And as you impact on the world, so too do you cleanse and purify body and life.

Life is orchestrated by deeper levels of consciousness. Where you have ‘blind spots’ or are unconscious are the openings for life to ‘poke’ or nudge you. This happens through others who can be messengers, depending on their level of awakening or dimness, and also through events. When two people are ‘asleep’, then their interactions are often full of hurtful blows and drama, or they are tightly bound by mutual belief systems. Any seeming unpleasantness or ‘blow’ is coming to you or through you to another because of inner allowances.

As you fill up the ‘gaps’ within with wakeful presence, then life engages you as messenger of blessings rather than blows, and the quality of your journey is elevated. Life moves to higher levels of refinement.

Profound acceleration happens when you no longer see life at face value at all…when all that happens, you process as though it is a deeper you doing it to yourself out of love.

See your life beyond face value…imagine that you may expand, purify, refine and elevate your life by using all the powers of the universe ….there is no limit to the work of art you may produce with your life…As you strive for this, you ignite more and more chambers of the DNA, and you become a new template or fractal pattern that is replicated, elaborated and built upon throughout life forms in the cosmos…

Feel into being the vastness of the cosmos…feel into the majesty of being…the majesty of being the Infinite Life expressing myriad finite expressions…The One as the Many…the Many expressing the One. All the beauty and wonder without is within you…

The entire plant world is within your astral body; the entire animal kingdom is within your etheric; the entire mineral kingdom within your physical. What is suppressed in you and other expressions of the One is outpictured as shadows—as resource depletion, poisonous substances, virus outbreaks, war, upheavals and cataclysms. When you judge or oppose things ‘out there’, you have separated yourself from Source and are co-conspirator of illusion.

  • Body Level ~ We are told that inertia forms when the mineral kingdom is not fully expressing in us. When life is stagnant and predictable, we are ‘hardening’ like a mineral, and cut off from Source. That is when we can be depleted in nutrients and suffer from physical toxicity because the mineral kingdom within is not able to support us.
  • Soul Level ~ We are told that emotional deadening happens when the inner plant kingdom is not fully expressing. The ability to feel love, praise and gratitude becomes dimmed, as does our ability to clear the emotional pollution in our world. Our meridians become filthy rivers like the polluted waters of the planet. They are one and the same, and as we clear our meridians, so will the waters of the earth purify.
  • Spirit Level ~ We are told that where expression is denied (from belief structures), shadows are cast in all areas of life, and poisonous plants, vicious animals, minerals hostile to man, and disruptive forces appear.

Through filling in the gaps where you have suppressed yourself, life will feel graceful rather than oppositional. 

Through presencing life fully, you have the power to impact on all life on this planet. When you do this understanding the interconnectedness of all of life, our efforts ripple far and wide through creation. Through your effect on all life, you accelerate your own body evolution as the universe blesses you with increased power and awareness. 

Reverent Breaths ~ Body and Life Purification through 3 powerful Breaths of Eternal Life audio gives you a glimpse into the power of your being in full wakefulness and presence. It leads you through accessing the frequencies of the universe and directing feeling from Heart center and life force from Gut/Navel center to purify your body, life, and the planet.6- The Breath of the Divine Marriage

From the process, there will arise in you a growing sense of how deeply you are embedded in the vast ecosystem of creation, and how powerful you are within in. The breaths teach you how to purify body, life, and world through conscious focus and intention. It is so simple yet can be completely life-changing.  These are meditative adaptations of 3 of the 7 breaths or eternal life, given to us in the Arasatma Breaths, by Almime (   These 3 breaths purify Head, Heart, and Gut–the 3 dantien centers of Chinese internal alchemy.

Imagine that all the spiritual power squandered in negative thinking and endless drama were focused to generate purification frequencies instead! We would very quickly witness the heavenly state on earth. Don’t be fooled by these simple processes–they are immensely powerful and purifying

 Filling up whole life with Presence ~ Dissolving Shadows of Inertia – Neglect – Suppression (with DNA sound elixirs, sung by Almine)  leads you through to deeper presencing in life from greater wholeness.

This ‘advanced’ meditative talk leads you to understanding that you hold the entire mineral, plant, and animal kingdom in you.  As you ‘presence’ your life fully, so these realms purify within and without. The present day increase of fungus, virus, toxins, etc. are due to the fact that we are not presencing and taking responsibility for our lives. Where we leave gaps of unexpressed power, there we will find ‘invaders’ and toxicity.  These are amazing insights to accelerate body evolution and work with the foods that you take in. Presencing life with conscious intention to cleanse and purify all nature realms is a powerful way to accelerate the reformation of body toxicity to serve a higher function. Healing and awakening presently can be tremendously accelerated when we are on the pulse of evolution and taking up all potential.

In this package, you also get access to a link to information on the angelic elixirs, along with a special profound exercise and angelic elixir to support healing of relationships. 

See also, the 7 Breaths of the Arasatma, Level 1, a most powerful process to clear trauma from the body.


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