Clearing & Activating the Eight Extraordinary Meridians ~ Reservoirs and Flows of Source


Dispelling the illusions of the 8 Extraordinary meridians and their Tones of Fertility is the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys, LLC,

From the profound teachings of the incomparable mystic Almine, we are told that eight primary illusions have trapped consciousness in duality, and prevented the knowing of the fluid, boundless, unfathomable nature of our being and potency to manifest a life of flourishment. It is time that we free ourselves from bondage to illusion, as the path to liberation is clearly laid out through the many potent tools that the mystic Almine has received in the last years.  The life of self-sovereignty and high magic awaits those who dare to live beyond the matrices of the known, and follow the stirrings of the never-ending adventure of self-discovery beyond limitations.

This product contains a series of video meditations to clear the four pairs of extraordinary meridians.

Product includes:

* Set of video meditations to clear the 8 primary illusions of the 8 extraordinary meridians

* Supportive audio meditations including one to clear along the microcosmic orbit, another to dispel illusions in the Haraaknit, and a video describing androgynous expression through the Du and Ren extraordinary meridians.

* The 8 Extraordinary Meridians of the Body, LLC Spiritual Journeys (  (pdf of alchemical equations by Almine)

* Angelic elixir blend for boundlessness (sung by Almine)

* Booklet of 8 meridian art light elixirs (created by Almine), with affirmations for each meridian

* Sigil sheet to store oils and video tutorial on how to do the FA protocol (for those using FA oils)

The videos may be done repeatedly, and you will go deeper each time.

For more information and for links to articles, see below.

Light Elixir for the Yang Wei Meridian by Almine,


These eight  primary illusions have cut us off from the eternal, formless part of ourselves, causing us to live separated from our Source, and from loss of sight of the dignity, the beauty, the flawlessness, and perfection of our being and of life that is ever-present. Yet when we are reconnected, we will know that  nothing has power over our incorruptible core.

Let the illusions dissolve now, and let the entire meridian system become a unified field that catalyzes evolution through the perpetually vitalizing flow of Infinite Intent moving through our being.

All opposites open up a space of expression. They only lead to hardship when we forget their usefulness and become captured by them. When we understand polarity as a tool of expression through emphasis, we appreciate the depth of being and learn to master polarity as a tool, until there is only indivisible oneness.

Almine teaches that in releasing the eight illusions of duality that have bound us to matrices of belief systems, we exit the cycles of linear change of birth, death, and ascension, and move toward the resurrected life of no opposites and perpetual regeneration.

Read background on the eight extraordinary meridians on the blog posts.  (For example, Dispelling the Primary Illusions in the Eight Extraordinary Meridians,  and Higher Function of the Eight Miraculous Vessels)

You may purchase the 8 alchemical oils to clear the eight extraordinary meridians (received by Almine), on the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy website. Go to products, and click on FA Oil Kits.

Purify Memory in 8

(Alchemical equation received by Almine, – appears in the Booklet to Dispel the Illusions of the Eight Extroardinary Meridians)


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