Power of Voice, Fluidity in Being, Sexual Energy as Healing Power, Organ Sound Healing, Pearl of Goodness





Higher Chakras - Throat Chakra

Awakening the Power of the Voice (22 mins)

To speak from the shallow cup of the little self depletes our supply. To communicate from the well-spring of existence feeds immortality and draws in higher reality, until through the sacred word, we will have manifested heaven on earth. This audio is a contemplative talk that reveals esoteric information about the immense power of the voice to heal or to harm the inner terrain of the body and the environment. When the voice is made agendaless and operates from inspiration rather than from personal will, it becomes a most potent tool of healing.

This audio and the next two are based on teachings in Secrets of Rejuvenation, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com

Accessing Higher Truth & Insight to Open to Fluidity and all Potential

sanctuary of stillnessThese short meditations  help to access highest truth available to us in the moment, and open fluidly to all possibilities. When we are fluid and seeking highest truth, we bring in the miraculous. A miracle is simply a higher order reality brought into a lower and causing us to transcend.  As we transcend what we resisted, we release density and toxicity–moving to a higher vibrational level of greater clarity still. These audios help you to understand how to live in surrendered trust, and access understanding and resolutions from the stillness within…in mindlessness.

* In the first meditation, we approach the level of detail of understanding another in a situation, through becoming all things and thus accessing the vastness of being, wherein all things are known.

* In the second, we find resolutions born of stillness, by emptying ourselves in our sanctuary of stillness.

Purging Impurities From Fluidic State

This 13-min short audio is perfect for deep purging of impurities. Good to do after a challenging emotional day, or combine with your other purification exercises. The archangelic elixirs in the audio bring in frequencies to restore tones of purity in the DNA–these are sung by Almine (LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com)


Directing the Sexual Energy to Heal and Beautify the Body

sacral chakra

I am very pleased to be collaborating with a woman who is as tireless and passionate about embodying highest potential as I am!  Meet Ciara Young who has been exploring higher sexuality for years, and shares my quest,  that is, the quest to secrete the higher hormones that will liberate us into our divinity.

In this first audio, Ciara leads you on a simple exercise of directing the sexual energy to feel it as innocent creative healing power in the body. In reclaiming full self-sovereignty and power to manifest in the new reality, it is critical that we understand our sexuality in a new way.

Coupled with the vibration of praise, moving the sexual energy to skin and face is the best facelift treatment that you can give yourself.  (See also the True Beauty audio series).

Yin Meridian and Organ Sound Healing

pearl of goodnessFrom Chinese Medicine, we know that every part of the body has a specific function.  The emotional pollution from life in duality consciousness gets lodged in the organ system. Through the organs, our future unfolds, as they hold ‘attitudes’ toward life. The more hindered they are with distortion, the less they operate as a unified, cooperative or coherent whole.  In this meditation, we use the correspondences of Fragrance Alchemy (modality by Almine, visit the dedicated website), sound, sense organs, affirmations, and higher perspectives and virtues of the internal yin organs to clear physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual stagnation, and activate higher awareness. Sound can break up stagnation and density–it is a vibrational frequency that reverberates through the tissues and organs of the body.  Different sounds have different frequencies that affect specific organs and functions.  Together with the FA, specific angelic elixirs, and higher perception and feeling, we may achieve alchemical leveraging and release the resources that have been trapped by illusion, into body and life.

After clearing, we create the ‘pearl of goodness’ in the Gut or 3nd dantien, through cultivating the higher level frequencies or virtues of the yin organs through higher perspectives.

az face

Cultivation of the Pearl of Goodness and the Virtues of the yin Organs for an “Energetic Facial”

Audio focuses on the cultivation of the ‘pearl of goodness’ (from ACM internal alchemy) through activating the virtues of the five yin organs, and then maps these virtues onto the corresponding areas of the face, for an ‘energetic facial’. 44-mins of pure goodness!



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