Releasing Stress and Trauma



The noisy mind is a sign that you are spinning in illusion. Density in the body caused by patterns of resisting life produce noise in the mind.  Illusion is a state wherein the body ages, and you are stuck in repetitive patterns–though the scenarios and players may change, the story-line is much the same. The same issues keep cropping up and the same reactive patterns.  This causes ageing to the body and life is experienced in struggle.

Under stress, the adrenal glands operate in fight, flight, or freeze mode, and produce cortisol, referred to as the death hormone. When we have well-being in the body, on the other hand, the gut produces serotonin, signalling to the whole body that all is well. This allows the body to heal and regenerate. Stress is said to be the number killer…and it has many disguises as various ailments.

The key to end this is stilling the mind is releasing density. We do this by

**Releasing the stories of the past and not projecting negative expectations into the future
**Becoming self-transparent–clear on the origins of our actions
**Refining attitudes to life
**Repeated practice of stopping the noisy mind as soon as it starts

This package has many several audio meditation to get you on your way.  Life with a still mind is experienced as graceful unfolding….you feel blessed and guided as you will hear intuitive knowing…higher opportunities start to open up to you…you take on an ageless beauty.

In this product you get:

  • an audio to release stress through affirmation and brainwave entrainment
  • several brainwave entrainment tracks specifically designed to release stress
  • a trauma clearing breathing meditation
  • a powerful meditative exercise to clear the stories and negative self-judgments you may harbor
  • meditation focusing on the adranal glands (soothing the flight/flight/freeze response)

The cost is $77, and you will receive the audios as an instant download.



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