Saradesi Satva Yoga ~ I AM the Fountain of Youth


Saradesi Satva Yoga removes linear time, which is the primary cause of aging and decay. Linear time occurs in the gaps caused by separation. Space is caused by what we are not expressing, and it becomes rigid and static when we see it in the mirror of opposites…as what we are not rather than as potential yet to be explored. We then move in linear time to try to get what really lies within. We separate when we self-suppress and have lost touch with our vastness…with knowing that we are all things and that all of existence is within our being.

This yoga helps remove the opposites of movement and stillness; by balancing them we cancel them out to reveal a state of eternal rejuvenation. In perfect balance, life is ever new–this is the nature of existence, and the result of having no reference point. Without a reference point, we are in perpetual renewed expression..and our eternal self is revealed.  This is a deeply transformative program that works at a non-cognitive level to shatter all structure.

Listen to a short audio on the yoga and its effect.






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