Stilling Mind for Better Health and Vibrancy




This audio program supports you to still the mind to allow for light to flow through your body as healing and higher awareness power. Be patient with yourself and understand that the journey from dense to light body is a wonderful process to be appreciated each step of the way!

blasting light in head

1. Affirmations and Exercises to Still the Mind

This part includes a manual and supporting audio talk and meditation, in which you will learn the tremendous importance of stilling the mind and be assisted to achieving this. It is recommended that you take most seriously this practice and continue until you have attained to mastery of the mind. Still mind is a must for body healing and purification. In fact, you cannot heal and evolve the body so long as you allow the mind to be in incessant noise or preoccupied in distraction or thoughts that have no value to evolution. The still mind prepares the ‘space’ or the field into which higher awareness, which is light, may arise. There are more steps to preparing the field, and a second audio is also given that will activate the three main centers of intelligence to support you with this.


2. Three-Centers activation and Oneness Pulsation of the Planet (Schumann frequency)

This meditation leads you to activation in the three centers of Intelligence of Head, Heart, and Gut, and contains an audio track that is conducive to restorative harmony at all levels. The track uses the Schumann frequency to entrain you to a deep alpha state that matches the pulse of the planet. The ancient mystics used techniques to reach alpha states of awareness where their brain activity would be in perfect harmony with the pulse of the planet, which is a deeply healing and life giving resonance. The 45-minute track will take you from waking consciousness into a deep alpha state that enhances healing, reprogramming, manifestation, harmony on all levels, and grounding in the body.

3. Affirmations to Support the Embodiment of Fundamental Principles of Health

You have a divine right to be restored to health and vibrant wellbeing by your surrender to your wholeness, which is surrender to your essence as love.

As you strive to embody spiritual truth and principles, you will radiate their frequencies, magnetizing yourself to vibrant health, continual cell regeneration, high energy levels, increased capacity for living, and balance and harmony at all levels of being.

This audio has trigger affirmations to support principles of health. Use this one often—the more you embody these principles, the more you will accelerate to wholeness and health. There is no limit to the level of health and vibrancy that you can achieve, and understand that the more evolved and robust is your body, the greater the level—depth and breadth—of consciousness that you can embody. And with greater consciousness comes greater aliveness, productivity, and genius!

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4. Subliminal Programming toward New Being

In this audio, you are supported to integrate the following four affirmations that have been encoded with specific activation to deepen their integration.
I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious, and content.
I am surrendered to life and ensouled by love, at peace that sees divine perfection, grateful to be alive.
I am profoundly loved by the universe and supported to thrive.
I sing the Song of Self into the world and the whole universe responds to me.



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