The Four Sub-personas of the Psyche ~ Liberate Your True Self



This set of 4 videos for the 4 sub-personas of the psyche capture deep truths that will liberate you from the inside out, awakening dormant capacities at the core of being. Through touching on principles of higher life and how the deep psyche operates and is stirred into articulation, you will feel an increasing resonance with what is shared, until you are ignited into new ways of expression, deeper self-compassion, clarity, self-trust and self-acceptance.

These videos are best done repeatedly over a period of several months, then used as reminders thereafter, as inspired. They work alchemically and repetition will have a cumulative impact, such that you will hear things anew each time as shifts become embodied to greater depth.

Product comes with a pdf that lists the main themes for each of the 8 sub-personalities, which form the 4 sub-personas.

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