Enhanced Healing Symbol for Practitioners


The Practitioner version of the EHS gives you the ability to attune your clients to the EHS so that your clients get the power of IMTs to process and clear between sessions! This results in accelerating healing for your clients.

If you work with groups (group clearing, teleseminars, etc.), the practitioner’s EHS will give you that extra boost  to make your work more effective and transformative for clients. The impact of your work will be felt by many, and in time, this capability will boost your confidence in working with large groups.

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I use the IMT-EHS with all my clients as it is the simplest and most effective way for them to deepen the changes that they do in session work. Even if you are not an IMT practitioner, this option allows you to boost your healing work with the power of the IMTs! – Anita


I noticed that the power of the EHS is incredibly stronger in P-Versions – The EHS P-Version attunement tore down walls bigger than the ‘Chinese wall’ – the curtain fell and I have so much more access. I attuned a friend to the EHS the other day, and it changed her whole life. The nice story here is that she received a symbol some months ago and she didn’t know why – when I told her about the EHS she said that that was what the symbol she received was for. N Shepherd, Sweden


The IMT-EHS contains activation of key Inner Mastery Tools and processes to help clear and transcend emotional states, limiting mental patterns, and spiritual blocks, as well as to support physical healing. But even much more importantly, it supports the emergence of the new creation within and around you. Each time you use it, you are serving evolution.

Attuning Clients

In a session, your client will choose a personal ‘healing symbol’ and you will have the ability to link up the IMT-Enhancement coding to their symbol through a simple process that is like a attunement.  You will learn how to do this on groups as well.  But you need not attune others to use the power of the EHS on them–you can use your EHS on others (on yourself by proxy), after doing a preparatory process, and will get full clearing and transmutational power.

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I have been a trainee and practitioner with the IMT’s for 3 1/2 years now, and use them in every meditation or as a background base in any energy work that I do or partake in. They are an extremely powerful and beautiful tool that has greatly enhanced my own practice. I have so much respect and gratefulness for Anita, who has been such an amazing mentor, teacher, and friend. She continues to inspire my soul’s yearnings. Nic, BC.



I have been training with Anita and the IMT programs (EHS and all the healing programs she’s offered) since 2009  and  I will be forever grateful for this learning and experiences.  Anita is a warm, incredibly knowledgeable and caring person who constantly keeps me informed and up-to-date as things evolve in our ever changing world. Over the years I have been working with the IMTs for personal transformation and now with clients and doing teleseminars and live groups.  It is such a great experience to know that I can support a whole group of people to having profound shifts.  
It is such a joy to be working with these Tools and the many Angelic Realms through them.  I am in awe, praise and gratitude, as I see the consistent changes  in my clients.  After a group session on 48 women where I led them through releasing tension, density, and linear time through the joints, 12 of them came up to the microphone at the front of the room, without being asked to do this, and shared their transformational experiences.  That was a “wow” moment for me!
I am so loving all the teachings that I am also doing training  with Anita in  Belvaspata  and the Fragrance Alchemy oils. Layering these elements brings in incredible power. Lynne S. Nova Scotia Canada


What You Get in this Package:

  • Personal attunement (by Anita) to the practitioner version of the EHS by phone, and initial setup (60 mins)
  • EHS personal package, which has in depth materials and  audios to activate the Heart field, still the mind, and much more. (to read about the personal EHS package  Click Here) (value $250)
  • A dedicated download page for your clients, with simple manual, audios on how to use the EHS, and general bonus audios to support their healing. This you can give to your clients after you have activated their Healing Symbol.  You get to use the audios with your clients in any way that you wish. (You just cannot resell as a product).
  • Four hours of private training calls with me (over the phone), where we use the EHS to clear on whatever you wish to work on, answer any questions, and I will give you ideas on how best to integrate tool use in your practice. I will show you powerful techniques that I do to support ongoing healing activation in clients. (value $600)
  • Parts of Foundation to the Miraculous Life, Parts 1 and 2 –– intensive programs that delve into the mystical and miraculous body of work, form the great mystic Almine.  (value $500)
  • Integration processes and spread capabilities with the amazing Rune Mastery App
  • The first four sessions of the DNA activation program–foundational  to accelerate enlightenment, repair and strengthen the DNA, and ignite it to begin integration of the higher templates gifted to humanity since 2012. You will receive audios to deepen integration. You can read about this program on this link. (value $500)
  • Specific sigils for your accelerated healing, and Information on use of specific sigils and angelic elixirs that will accelerate healing in clients.
  • 6-months of weekly healing support .
  • Email support as needed. Also, you need extra help in devising powerful meditative processes for your teleseminars or group work, you may book time with me at a discounted rate from my usual fees. Email for this option.

While there is a lot of support material included in this package, the basic Tool can be learned and put into practice very easily. You do not need to know details of how it works to get immediate effect from it. That said, plan on 6 mos to a year to take it all in.


Boost the power and effect of your healing work today! Cost is $1650 (Can).


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have the personal EHS, use the button at the end of this page with the price minus the cost of the personal EHS. If you’ve done the Foundation programs or the DNA programs, then you will be credited for the amount paid. Email me in that case.

Payment plan of $700 up front, and 8 payments of $135 over 8 months (billed ever month, starting in 1 month)
One time down-payment:

PLUS ~ 8 payments over 8 months (if you are in Canada, HST addition will have to be charged later)

If you rather sign up with another payment plan, please email me (anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com).

Email anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com if you want to find out more about this intensive training and powerful capability can enhance your healing practice.


To read about the IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Click Here.



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