Purification and Higher Vibe Audios with Angelic Elixirs (package 1)


These audios were gathered to give you a sampling of simple methods to shift your vibration. The more that you embody principles of the new reality that we are moving to since the great transition of 2012, the more gracefully will you shed the old and embrace the new. 


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Affirmation Audios

1. Affirmations to Embody Principles of Health

This audio leads you to an alpha state (entrainment track), and has an extensive set of affirmations for principles of vibrant health and body regeneration., as well as vibrationally encoded images.

2. Release and Awakening with Subliminals

Contains affirmations for accelerated awakening, spoken out loud and embedded subliminally. Your ability to wield healing power at this time is in measure as your consciousness is firmly rooted in the Heart. Immerse in higher spiritual principle and it will become first-nature. There is no limit anymore to what may arise within us and the evolutionary potential that we may unfold as we embody higher principles of the new reality emerging.


Mind Purification Activation Audio

drama of lifeThrough activation of the Mind Purification and Enlightenment Tool (one of the Inner Mastery Tools), this audio leads you to stilling the mind profoundly. MPET helps you to unplug from non-serving thoughtforms and connect to more expansive ones that are rooted in the new reality arising in and through us. This is becoming easier with clear intention, as the morphogenic fields of fear, illness, and untruth no longer have substance holding them up. They are only as powerful as they are being fed, and you can participate in their dissolution for all of humanity by your personal intention and effort to unplug consistently.  Affirmations are then seeded to help you attune to peace (surrendering the noisy mind of control and needing to know) as the path to know and participate in higher perfection that is ever present upon your Surrender to Infinite Intent. Length: 16:21 (music continues from 10:22)

Comes with a light elixir to enhance your ability to still the mind.


Angelic Elixir Audios

 Short 6-min Integration Activation Elixir with Light Purification Exercises
TLT lightThis audio has the two elixirs for the first and last of the Atlantean archangel working through Light healing in the DNA. You may call on AA Anaknavi –the One who enables Effortless Unfolding of a Flourishing Life through maintaining an Eternal Perspectiveand AA Arat-brivatur — The One who brings Inconceivable Clarity of Being and supports claiming the Divinity of Godhood in Expression. Please be in mindfulness, reverence, praise, and grateful receptivity when you use this audio.


Purification on all Levels ~  Subliminally Embedded Decrees in the Light Language of the Mother

light language 1While moving into deep relaxation, first through a trypnaural entrainment to activate the feel-good hormones in the brain, followed by entrainment to the pulsation of the planet, known as the Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz), the first audio contains powerful decrees for purification of body and environment through reverencing the Mother of Creation. An angel elixir plays for the last 3 minutes of each round of decrees, to mark the completion of the decrees. These are repeated to fill the 25 mins of entrainment.

The angel elixir come from the Angel of Joyous Possibilities, who reveals to us the endless possibilities that open to us on our attitude of joy. The cosmic script is not predetermined; rather it is an endless array of joyous possibilities.

The statements, spoken in the Light Language of the Mother, are such that they must come to pass when uttered–they act as an ordering  power.  These are embedded subliminally.  Each time you use it and shed the old, you serve evolution.


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