Maximum Purification – A Program to Transcend to New Being

Maximum Purification

 This program is now packaged into a self-study program. Email me for details.


Transcend to new being in January 2014 with Natalia Rose & Anita Briggs!

True to it’s name, Maximum Purification will provide you with a clear path for shedding anything that is not divine gold within your being.  We stop at nothing but transcendence that takes us beyond tension, density, the story of separation, and degeneration and aging.

We will walk you through to understanding the accelerated evolution that the body can undergo at this time, now that we have made it through the condition of 2012 into a new reality.  Natalia brings a  groundbreaking cleanse experience and I will deliver new material including processes, activations, audios, teachings that will put you on a path to high frequency embodiment with no turning back . Your perfection, like gold, is buried within the layers of false programs that have held you in linear time and fixed space.   As you learn to shed the tension, resistance, and negativity, you will experience more graceful unfolding of higher life and being.

No more do we force change upon ourselves that keeps up in endless inner battles with a new ‘enemy of the day’, but through insight, shedding of programs, and learning to presence life fully in all areas, you will experience graceful dissolution of patterns that may have plagued you for years.


No more battles ~ Transcending into Timelessness and Continual Regeneration

pathogensWhat you battle as external to you–be it boss, lack consciousness,  inner demon, or fungus–you strengthen. What you resist or cannot accept in yourself or in life creates a gap between cause and effect, which is linear time. Into the gaps of linear time are illness, negativity, drama, and hardship sustained. When in the gaps of linear time, you are under the forces of mortality and degeneration.  On the other hand, when  you resist nothing and simply direct your emphasis to higher ground, you disentangle from the false and float up like a soap bubble to higher ground.

In this groundbreaking program that will move you beyond separation consciousness, we will explore all aspects of being as all are equally important to break out of the cycle of life and death.   For example, as you clear up the stagnation  in life, walk through fears, and presence all aspects, so too do you clear the pathogens in the body.  As you release negativity and drama  through embracing new perspective and powerful attitudes of ascension, so you will stop the drain of vital life force and will have the power to evolve the body to higher functionality. It is not possible to make the leap to higher consciousness unless all aspects of spirit, soul and body are under mastery of the self-sovereign indwelling consciousness.  And through perspective and various practices, you learn to continually slip ‘through’ the density into another level of reality that transcends the old world. I have written several articles, below, that will give you perspective on the new reality and how to move to it.  While these teachings form part of the basis for this program, I will not go over them necessarily, and some familiarity is assumed. (If you do not see them yet, check back in a few days…)

Cleansing the body, dissolving negativity and memory from the emotional body, purifying voice and thought, ending the tyranny of belief systems  and more will all work together to bring profound clarity in being.  This is not about forcing new habits, stopping cravings, etc. this is about learning a new way to be in life that will allow the natural unfolding of accelerated body evolution. Forcing change only moves dysfunction around so that it morphs into other expressions. But when you steadfastly emphasize what inspires and expands your being, you transcend through all programs that have kept you in illusion.  (See the article on Transcending ‘though’ the three “T”s of linear timebelow).

Scroll down to the bottom for a week-by-week outline of the clearing work that will transpire while also working at the physical level to increase your vibe and maintain a high level of purity and body clarity.


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Body as Symphony of the Creative Word

The program combines teachings with activation work, so that you will be assisted to release at deep levels, in order that the insights may be embodied more easily. The body is a sublime vehicle intended for the expression of Infinite Intent through a unique lens of individuation. As Individuated being you have a specific template superimposed over the never- ending ‘rose of DNA’ of Infinite Being. That is what you are, a lens through which Infinite Being may express in a certain emphasis from wholeness of being. As individuated life, you contribute to the Infinite’s perspective. You can only experience that reality as you move to the state of ‘pristine man’ that has transcended all programs and effects of the ‘Fall’.

body of lightThe body is the temple of the secrets of creation–in it is contained the wisdom of the ages. Each body joint is a portal to higher precepts of life that can lead you to full conscious awareness in deeper dimensions, each vertebrae holds a particular quality or tone to create alchemy between the masculine and feminine aspects of being and lead us to a state of perfect inner balance and androgyny. As you release the hold that linear time has on you, each body system will begin to emit its pure tones, and the whole will be entrained to sing higher harmonics and join in the cosmic music of the spheres.  As emotional debris from the stories of separation wash away from the meridian system, each meridian will take up higher ‘office’ and serve its benevolent ruler, the true Heart, whose Song changes the inner terrain through tones of purity and innocence.  This in turn awakens the High Heart or thymus,  which is the inner GPS that has full awareness of all avenues of highest potential. When the thymus awakens, it prepares ‘outer reality’ for the growing genius that you begin to express–its job is to make sure the universe is ready for you…that outer reality matches the inner beauty of your being. And it engages the white blood cells to purify ‘outer’ reality for you. When all body systems are engaged in higher work, there is a high vibratory hum of deep contentment. No pathogen can touch the body at this high hum…no impure thought can stick…negative emotions find no toehold…all simply pass through like wind through the leaves of the tree.  And at higher states, the impure cancels out as it is itself entrained to higher harmonies.

As you learn the true functions of the body and its systems, you will stop trying to shape it according to false standards of beauty and health, and  will be on the path to establishing inner radiance, and the requisite inner purity to have the body operate as cauldron of high alchemy.  Beauty is a side-effect of purification at these deeper levels.  You are here to interpret Infinite Intent and birth the seeds of divinity.  Every aspect of your sexual system has a lofty function in manifesting the dreams of Divinity, for example. As we clear the distortions to those organs, you will experience a new lightness and purity within that will have all the false programs of sexuality, attraction as power abuses, beauty with an agenda, etc, will give way to true power from your divinity. You are not what you think you are…life is not intended for you to eke out a living, imprison yourself in some niche and become the expert of your little fish bowl reality. We have been fashioned for ever greater expression of beauty, genius, passion, and creativity.

This program will give you an understanding of how to release the body and being from bondage in the matrix of opposites and establish it in boundless being that may be continually regenerated.

The program will be fast-paced, and assumes familiarity with out work.  If you are new to Natalia’s work, please contact her for details on what you might need to get up to speed.



If you are new to my work, I highly recommend at least the first two levels of the DNA repair and activation program, along with the pre-package of audios and pdfs that you can work with to begin clearing  some levels of density (stilling mind, clearing needy heart, activating three centers of Head, Heart, Gut, and more). For now, email me for details.



The general outline of the program is this: we begin with learning to release linear time from the body systems, clearing the meridian system of negativity,  clearing density from joints and muscles through insights and activations, clearing the wounds of sexual distortions and abuse, activating the Head, Heart and Gut in new ways, and all this culminates in learning to use the endocrine system for manifestation. The endocrine system is the gateway to the magical life.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a week-by-week outline.

For her part, Natalia will support you on the physical level toward a glowing and vibrant body with systems and organs humming with health and purified blood and lymph. What you will find on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels are increasing clarity, peace and a deep abiding connection with the power of the divine.


This 100% VIRTUAL Maximum Purification program and cleanse runs for 6 weeks, starting January 11th, (optional pre-cleanse begins on January 1st). Participate virtually from wherever you are in the world via audio and video conferencing, as well as a private Virtual Living Room on Facebook.


Who is Maximum Purification for?
• Anyone who wants to detoxify and clear every level of their being for full physical and spiritual alignment;
• Anyone who wants to regenerate their endocrine system, and activate the power of the sacred glands;
• Anyone suffering in their body from chronic or acute symptoms, depression and deep seated illness, wishing to heal;
• Anyone curious about the divine potential intended for all human kind;
• Anyone seeking to more fully embody Source energy and develop a deeper relationship with themselves;
• Anyone who has trauma or emotional baggage weighing them down;
• Any veteran cleanser who wishes to get to the next level of healing, wellbeing and high vibration;
• Any man or woman who realizes how deep the toxicity from the modern lifestyle (from birth to present) goes;
• All of those seeking freedom!

What you can expect:
• Releasing tension in the body, negative emotions and noise in the mind resulting in rejuvenated organs;
• Emotional transcendence beyond pain, grief and trauma;
• Clearing of the meridians and endocrine system, as well as activation of the sacred glands awakening you to your heavenly potential;
• Opening up of the spine and activation of the pranic tube, enabling clearer manifestation abilities in the body;
• All systems becoming renewed with life force flow;
• Alleviation of chronic and acute symptoms as well as weight balancing for those in need;
• Lightness of being and high frequency embodiment;
• Deeper clarity of thought and intuition; and
• An upgraded spiritual practice and overall quality of life!

What you will receive:
• Live conferences (and recordings) with Natalia Rose once a week including specific protocols, food preparation demos and Q&A time.
• The Maximum Purification Companion guidebook including protocol outlines and plentiful recipes to satisfy every palette and level of cleanser.
• A live event with Anita Briggs once a week, designed to heal, enlighten and activate parts of your physical and spiritual being while dissolving deeply engrained experiences and patterns.
• A multitude of meditations and tools to accompany your cleansing journey.
• Access to the private Maximum Purification Facebook group that will serve as on demand support, and our Virtual Living Room.
• Discounted clearing support sessions with Anita Briggs ($50 off private sessions)
• 25% discounted Counseling Sessions with Senior Detox Counselors, Ana Zaharia and Joanna Novick.



The big launch: January 11, 2014

Other weekly meetings: Wednesdays at 1PM ET & Sundays at 6PM ET

Price: $450; $405 before December 1st

Payment Options:
• 1 time full payment of $450 (includes a bonus DNA Level 1 Clearing Session from Anita Briggs & Detox4Women Audio from Natalia Rose) + 10% discount on full payment, if you sign up by December 1st!
• 2 monthly payments of $225, or 3 monthly payments of $150. Payment plans have been made available to enable flexibility for anyone seeking to join.

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Program Outline by Week:


Maximum Purification

Key themes: High frequency embodiment of new reality, establish powers of regeneration, beyond duality and death forces, emotional ascension, activation of all body systems to higher functionality.   Purification of obsolete programs and toxins to enable body to activate as powerful manifestation chamber (may be a better word to use here…not sure). Secreting new hormones for complete transfiguration.

Early sign up:  Free DNA 1 clearing session (see DNA program for details)– fixed cut off date is December 11, since it is a lot of work and I need to fit it all in. This is a value of $133. For those who have done the DNA program, I will do an activation of the Heart process to expand the heart field. All will get  audio and/or pdf after session.  Offer expires after Dec 11, no exceptions.


Pre-package for those who need to get up to speed with stilling the mind, activating the three centers of Head, Heart, and Gut, and need some work to clear old wounds.  Email me as the package is in the works. This package includes a basic level of DNA repair, but if you can, sign  up before Dec 11 to get at least the first full clearing session!


Week 1 ~Releasing Toxicity and Closing the Gaps that sustain Illusion

activating the power of the gut, eating in a new way with mindfulness and understanding symbiotic relationship that will increase nutritional quality of food, sigils to increase frequency of food. General topics of ecosystem, inner and outer as one and how our ‘outer’ invaders happen (specifics with viruses, heavy metals, etc.). Stagnation and lack of presencing in life, negative emotional states, and disruptive mental activity all affect the level of disruptive forces from mineral, plant and animal kingdoms within. What causes density and how it expresses on each level of body, soul, spirit. The ties that bind us (that are cause of cancer and other major illnesses)…Using the creative and healing power of the voice from the fullness of being rather than from the small will. Closing the gaps of linear time in all ways.

You will be working with powerful processes on audio to clear toxins at all levels, and to begin grounding the pranic tube, a necessary step in reaching a state of regeneration.


Week 2 ~ Releasing Tension and Linear Time

focus is on tension = density = linear time/illusion = degeneration.

How to live without density and move into regeneration. Clearing joints at one level of intelligence (2nd level will be covered in advanced sequel program). Background clearing in muscles and fight/flight response in body. How old programs lock us into old realities of aging/hamster wheel in body and life. Importance of living beyond judgment…without resistance…in surrendered trust. Ascension attitudes and unselfconscious living as key to regeneration. Unselfconscious and innocent beauty versus self-conscious programs of beauty that age. Yoga to release trauma from current life, past lives, and past cycles of the old cosmos.

Week 3 ~ Beyond Negative Emotions from the Stories of Separation ~ Cleansing Emotional Body

focus on the meridians and clearing old emotional memory. (Please read pages on Fragrance Alchemy on the website, to understand the necessity of releasing binding emotions of separation). Release emotional debris in the meridians, clear the four level of Akasha. Learning maps out of old emotions through higher perspective.  Acupressure and insight/affirmation routines to transcend the old. Understanding of meridian system as gateway to abundance, and acupuncture points as fields or gates of abundance that open through releasing the past, emotions, and opening to new insights.

Week 4 ~ Clearing Sexual Distortions and the Old Power Tyrannies~ The  Linchpins that Crumble the Old

focus on clearing sexual abuse and distortions from the organs, and old programs of tyranny and power abuse in prep for profound activation in week 5. Clearing needy heart and learning to move beyond attachments, neediness, identity, masks, and stories. This week will continue with clearing emotions, and will include a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

Week 5 ~ Higher Function of the Endocrine Glands ~ Gateway to the Magical Realm

activating/transfiguring endocrine glands to higher functionality. Understand higher functionality of endocrine glands, and principles of living ‘pristine man’ and beyond, which causes secretion of higher hormones. Clearing body fluids, activating the 24 chakra and body circuits in preparation for manifestation. Activating the sexual organs through alchemy to awaken their dormant powers of high magic.  There may be additional audios on higher sexual function with guest healer, Ciara Young.

Week 6 ~ Body as Temple to Birth Seeds of Divinity ~ Awakening Powers of Intuition and Manifestation 

Manifestation though the awakening body. You will learn at least four ways to engage the body in manifesting the desires of the true Heart, including one that activates the full endocrine system. This is all new information. Most processes will be supported by audio.


This is a very fast-paced program, and please prepare for it by exploring some of my audio programs. For newbies, I recommend at minimum, the stilling the mind audio program, along with the Core Heart Frequency activation package, and/or the five clearing meditations to activate the thee dantien centers.

For those more familiar with the work, please consider several DNA activations. For those who have been following closely, join in with readiness to be amazed!


Following Offer expires November 30th:

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If you are training with Anita or have done any prior RHS program,  you can join Ana’s class and  receive a $100 credit towards your Maximum Purification tuition if you participate in Enlightened Cleansing 101!

Just tell Ana when you sign up!


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