Purification through Light Language Decrees

 NEW****  Purification on all Levels ~  Subliminally Embedded Decrees in the Light Language of the Mother

light language 1While moving into deep relaxation, first through a trypnaural entrainment to activate the feel-good hormones in the brain, followed by entrainment to the pulsation of the planet, known as the Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz), this audio contains powerful decrees for purification of body and environment through reverencing the Mother of Creation. An angel elixir plays for the last 3 minutes of each round of decrees, to mark the completion of the decrees. These are repeated to fill the 25 mins of entrainment.

The angel elixir come from the Angel of Joyous Possibilities, who reveals to us the endless possibilities that open to us on our attitude of joy. The cosmic script is not predetermined; rather it is an endless array of joyous possibilities.

The statements, spoken in the Light Language of the Mother, are such that they must come to pass when uttered–they act as an ordering power.  These are embedded subliminally.  This 7.83 Hz pulsation sustains all life. This is also the exact resonance of Pinoline, the hormone produced by the pineal gland. Furthermore, this is the frequency that the DNA uses to replicate, which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of healers. So the 7.83 Hz frequency in the body not only produces homeostasis and grounding, but it also activates the pineal gland and the DNA. As pineal activates,  so serotonin is transformed to melatonin, which is the super-oxidant of nature that prevents aging. Each time you play this audio, you are acting as ordering power in the world–that is in addition to the personal benefits from it.



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