Q & A on DNA Repair, Clearing and Activation

Q. Are the 6 sessions levels of activation? Can you explain how that works?

A. Yes they are levels. The DNA is a very complex structure that holds light and frequency. It is the original fractal pattern out of which is created our cosmos. The DNA has a magnetic field around it that is distorted to the level that we are in distortion and pain. Just as our heart can be needy and distorted by belief in wounds, so too the DNA holds ‘pain’ through its magnetic field. So the first level of clearing is of the distorted magnetic field.

DNA Rose 441The great seer Almine has revealed that the DNA forms a ‘rose pattern’ made of rows of petals filled with frequencies that capture all that exists in the cosmos. The “Rose” is seen when you take a cross-section of DNA, wherein each petal corresponds to a strand. The ‘tubing’ of the strand is electrical (masculine), and the chamber within holds frequency (tone, which is feminine).  There are 600 angelic orders of tremendous power that hold the light and frequencies of the DNA Rose macrocosmically, and they are here to support the activation and expression of our greatest potential at this time. Each session works on clearing different rows. Then later sessions focus on seeding templates of higher expression.

Q. How does clearing, repair and activation happen within the DNA, and what is the goal of doing so?

A. Truth, which is light, translates into ‘hormonal cocktails’ that are frequencies in the etheric body—the etheric body is a body of tone (sound….logos). It is through frequency that our DNA activates. And the activation of DNA is how we ascend—ascension unfolds through evolving consciousness (or embodiment of light).

As you embody greater light, your body structure turns to crystalline, and light and matter fuse. Higher DNA codes enable us to behold greater Self or god-awareness through our senses. Sense capacity/acuity and DNA go hand in hand, and the Heart is the driver because it ‘sets the tone’ for alignment and thus for evolution.

Nothing in your reality changes until it is your DNA and being expressed. And the body is the vehicle of consciousness–so higher body vibe, higher consciousness and more refined feelings. Higher vibe means more robust health and vitality to the point of regeneration.

The goal is evolution–body evolution to an ever higher order of expression. As the body expresses ever higher potential, so too does life. We are called upon to manifest heaven on earth presently. It is the time of the 2nd coming, which is about embodying fuller potential and living from the resurrected body.

Q. You’ve mentioned that as we shift, everyone does. So is it necessary for us to even do this work?

A. Well the ‘work’ is never necessary–you do it if you feel the inner stirring. Sometimes that inner stirring comes from not being able to go on with life as it is. For many, life in the matrix has no meaning or lure for them in any way, and increasingly, the the things that used to distract or interest feel very flat.

The fact is that the new reality is here and now, and the substance is being drawn out of all that is false. Soon doing things the old way that believe is external security, success, power, etc, will no longer work.

As we shift deeply, we become a grounding rod for higher light and love, and by this we make the transition easier than it would otherwise be. There may be some bumpy times ahead, and those who ‘do the work’ will be a force of lessening the bumps. In our own lives it will translate into not being part of the drama…

Yes, everyone is being supported to the new reality, but what part do you want to play is the question, as well as how quickly do you want to experience the new reality. All are invited, and the rewards of getting involved are enormous. Those involved in supporting the smooth transition will grow in power and consciousness. Do you want to integrate the new order now or over ten-twenty lifetimes? It is completely up to each person, but the immense support of sublime angelic orders is here right now…the mysteries of body evolution that have been held secret until the end of time are here right now. Those who have guarded the secrets are healed of their burden as we take it up in reverence and appreciation–this is the minimum owed to them.

As you do the work, the focus will move away from what do I get from it? to how can I serve the most High! Your personal life will lose its hold on you, and you will live for something larger than you.

Q. What is the relationship between the power of the Heart and DNA?

A. The striving of your Heart drives evolution of your “I”—”I” is the eye through which you behold the Infinite. And the ‘eye’ through which you behold the Infinite is the same Eye that beholds you. In other words, the Infinite experiences you to the degree that you behold It. As Pineal, Heart, Gut, and DNA move into coherent alignment, they operate as one unified engine of evolution moving you on the upward ascension spiral.

Only in truth can the mysteries of creation be revealed—and there is much new to be uncovered. Truth is light. The more that perception is rooted in truth and clarity…free of veils of illusion, the easier it is to establish divine order and manifest heavenly good on earth. And at this particular time in evolution, deeper truth will cause the arising of deeper dimensions of self into embodiment such as was not possible before.

And I will add that truth is not generated by the clever mind–in fact it’s the complete opposite. Higher awareness that has the ability to reorder you to higher and higher only come on stillness…in mindlessness…in the humility that knows that you know nothing.

Q. What kind of changes in perception can we experience through DNA activation?

A. As we rise above the density, we will tap into the higher consciousness and light that is present at this time in evolution. And importantly, we begin to vibrate at a higher level that matches the new creation, which causes us to perceive a new reality. The awakening process is self-reinforcing. The more clarity in perception and release of old emotional patterns, old confining belief structures, etc…the more the new reality will arise within you (via deeper dimension of self beyond the story of separation) and be revealed around you because you are establishing yourself in that higher order reality.

jacob ladder blakeAnd that higher order reality engages the higher dimensions far more actively. Joy or the deep smiling energy from the Heart is part of the entryway to the DNA portal to higher consciousness. In the person who lives in deep abiding joy, there will be gratefulness…and the DNA will begin to function as intercommunication highway. In joy the veils that keep us separated in unreality and fear fall away…and as the veils fall away, so we behold higher truth and higher beings.

Your joyful non-resistance is the key to unlock those higher pathways. In this case, new capacities and traits will be awakened to bring you to deeper true self. Pathways will be highlighted in which you can best engage these new capacities and realize greater potential.

The amazing part is that as you do this, you support cosmic evolution, and the cosmos will be in your debt, and you will notice greater ease in life, higher awareness, and all manner of other blessings. You’ll also experience that people that really don’t inspire you will either shift or move out of your life, and others that are more in resonance will move in.

I’ve experienced incredible floodings of insights about my work. Every week brings deeper understanding, deeper peace, ability to feel more deeply, accomplish more with more ease. It is an amazing process. Many who’ve done the program have found many many profound shifts. I will gather testimonials as some point.

Q. What is the correlation between shifts in conscious perceptions and physical shifts?

A. When you grasp the world with deeper consciousness, the focus shifts from the pain to transcendent consciousness. Reality changes with consciousness. We believe the world of matter is static because of our limited senses…expand/evolve the senses, and things become more fluid. What we believe in gets locked in through our expectation and disbelief that it could be otherwise.

So when higher consciousness becomes embodied more fully, we will have heaven on earth. That level of consciousness orders reality and is master over it. It is the level that neutralizes and casts out all illness and disharmony and regenerates the cells. It is that consciousness that ignites the infinite potential from the DNA. But, it must be embodied. Nothing changes in your reality until it is embodied in the DNA.

Each cell contains DNA, and as the structure becomes more beautiful so does the cell. And as it expresses highest strand capacity, you’re expressing beyond duality, pain, struggle, illness. Consciousness and DNA go hand in hand; Heart and DNA are totally in sync too. You can’t be a vibrant and conscious individual with broken DNA that expresses only old survival and ancestral programs.



Q. What does it mean for Heart and DNA in to be in Perfect Co-resonance?

A. This pattern is repeated throughout the body. For example, these three frequencies correspond to the whole being of Head, Heart, and Gut, the powers of thinking, feeling, and will, and the three bodies of astral, etheric, and physical. As mentioned in a prior question, it’s been revealed that the DNA forms a ‘rose pattern’ made of rows of petals filled with frequencies that capture all that exists in the cosmos. The first level of ‘petals’ consists of three ‘attitudes of ascension’, namely, Love, Praise, and Gratitude. And this is repeated through the higher levels. The Heart also has a core frequency pattern of love/surrender, peace that knows and is in praise of perfection, and the abiding smile that opens the doors to co-creation.

In Love Without End, the trinity Heart power is characterized as Unity, Love, and Life (corresponding to Head, Heart, and Gut), and Master Jeshua reveals that DNA is the carrier of love. The full quote is so profound that I wrote it out here,

The only biological aspect of my birth that is truly relevant to your understanding is the human DNA change which occurred at that time. That change has been resounding through heart energythe centuries like the Master key of a tuning fork, affecting every new generation of children. DNA is the physical carrier of love; therefore it conforms to whatever quality of love is presented to it. The energetic transmission of this higher love is a frequency within the Sacred Heart given by the Creator, to be extended from one to another.” “In organic life, DNA is constructed to conduct the complex and mysterious functions of love. Human DNA is constructed to handle and to conduct very high levels of love function. As you accelerate those love functions, your DNA will change accordingly.

Through our intense planetary exploration work, it was emphasized over and over again that the moral power of the Heart was the driver of our evolution (through the 2nd Adam DNA templates). We witnessed complete reordering of the angelic realms and the realms of ascended masters as ‘power on morality‘ was put into effect.  This actually is a key precept in the new reality as well: soon it will not be possible to be ‘intelligent’ or to have a powerful impact in this world without have the requisite moral awakening.   I don’t know how long it will take before people notice this, but you may be witnessing that things you once did to get certain outcomes, actions out of expediency, etc, no longer work as easily as they once did.  I digress a bit here, but the gap between cause and effect is closing, and we will notice the effects of the law of compensation more and more. So if you try to ‘get’ from the world, your debt repayment in some other form will be noticeable.  In the new reality we enter into a different experience of time, and cause and effect are experienced inseparably. The DNA program accelerate embodiment of the new elements of creation and erases the old belief structures that can cause you to not perceive rightly.

We are holographic, and the smallest level that holds the entire cosmos within it is the DNA, which is in co-resonance with the Heart. The Heart’s zero-point and the portal to higher consciousness within the DNA operate as one.

Seer and mystic Rudolf Steiner described certain moods of soul that will restore harmony and proper fit in our four bodies, and these have a direct correspondence to the core frequencies of the Heart around the zero-point and the frequencies around the DNA portal to higher consciousness. Steiner characterized the frequencies as reverence (Head), surrender and harmony (Heart), and (child-like) wonder (openness) at life (Gut). These frequencies, when practiced as a way of life, have the power to restore ‘proper fit’ between the physical, etheric, astral, and “I” bodies in such a manner that all effect of separation is dissolved. He taught the practice of these in his esoteric training. While it was possible to move beyond separation individually in his time, it is now the path of forward evolution for all, and spiritual support abounds for us to do so.

Creation has changed. It was a shared ‘collective grid’ held by the tension of memory or unresolved emotions. So we could be sovereign only to a point. But now our reality emerges through our Heart field. By the resonating emphasis of our Heart does our reality emerge—and the resonating emphasis is also in the DNA at the same time.


Q. There are so many DNA activations out there, how do they fit together?

I can’t speak for others. I have been on an intense journey of exploration on the inner planes since end of 2009 that led me through great travails, and to breaking out of much illusion. In the process my colleague and I were given body templates (DNA templates) that were steps in dissolving the separation between micro and macrocosm. They were very hard to interpret (they don’t come with instruction manuals…) Each one represented a deeper covenant with the Infinite and had many body changes. Without going into detail on the story that unfolded, I was later led to the work of Almine, and found that what she was saying matched all that I had witnessed and experienced during those years. And that made me realize I needed to bring this work out. Almine has clearly explained the DNA and how to express from highest strand capacity, and her work keeps revealing more. 600 orders of mighty angels have come forth to pour in light and frequency of the healed masculine and feminine archetypal powers. They have been here since only mid 2012…so this is all new.  This work is a combination of many insights, templates, activations, etc, and is directly supported by these new angelic orders.

Everything is here…everything has been revealed for us to repair, clear and activate all systems from meridian system to chakras, to senses and endocrine, blood, spinal cord, pranic tube, and more, and as we do we fuse soul and body, then the marriage between masculine and feminine will occur. DNA repair and activation is a foundational step. Next is release of all negativity and memory, and I support this through the Emotional Ascension Technology work that includes Fragrance Alchemy.   Those who really want to shift can at this time–it just takes commitment to live the new principles.

Another great bonus of the DNA program is that many of the activation and supplementary audios use elixirs sung by Almine that hold the light and frequencies of these mighty angels. They are sung because DNA responds directly to sound. So when you listen to these elixirs, you are integrating new coding in the DNA without any effort on your part. It helps to work with the insights, and I impart those through written material, but the elixirs are a true gift and blessings from the Infinite. I am so very grateful to Almine for her tireless work, and thrilled that I was able to acquire these elixirs and offer them to you!

I listen to elixirs daily. The shifts in awareness that I have made in the last year, last few months, and even last week are profound. There is no end to our awakening.


pineal in cosmos head

Q. How does DNA changes affect emotions? Will I notice changes emotionally?

DNA is known to be influenced by  emotions (there are scientific studies around this). Fear is the most destructive of emotions, and encompasses anxiety, worry, patterns of control, and stress. It’s been shown that stress damages the endorine glands to the point that they operate inversely to how they should if we were on an upward path of evolution. The  hypothalamus affects our thinking powerfully…the amygdala is shut down in fear, the thymus atrophies when the heart is needy and leads us to paths of mediocrity and stagnation, when its true function is to lead us to the most wondrous paths of growth. Ideally the heart’s morality ignites the pineal, which is master of the DNA.

When the heart is needy it acts as tyrant that imprisons the key endocrine glands. I could go on and on about the endocrine system, having studied it for years. Endocrine is our true GPS and holds the power of high alchemy and most potent manifestation. In fact, it’s not possible to manifest outside of the law of compensation unless you engage the endocrine system in its higher function. I will be doing a program on manifestation through the endocrine system later.

All this is only possible as the body sheds the old programs and interpretations from life in the old reality. That is what these DNA activations do…shed the old, dissolve it all, and seed the new. The seeding is a tremendous power as well.

So yes, you will notice changes at the emotional level. Many emotional states are no longer part of my repertoire. I remember how they were possible, but those perceptions are no longer there at all.

You can’t split perception and emotion…perception yields emotion and emotional habits influence perception and hinder higher awareness.

The angels of the DNA tell us that when we give up emotionality, the 24 chakras will come on line and reveal an entirely new reality that is around us now…most of us cannot attune to the subtle currents of higher vibes because we are stuck in the coarse states of emotional drama. The DNA program will help you to give up the addiction to drama. But it’s not a panacea–it is the foundation step to other parts that together will lead to your liberation and full awakening.

And an amazing cascade of changes is instigated as the chakras come online. Also importantly, when the needy heart is stilled and true Heart expresses, then the pineal is also ignited (master of the DNA). So you see, it’s not a linear progression…everything loops back to everyting in great and mysterious feedback loops.

Song of Self and DNA

This brings up the point about DNA responding to sound. DNA is light structure that holds chambers of frequency. Frequency is sound and emotion. Russian scientists have proven that DNA responds directly to language–to living language. Sanskrit is one such language, as is the light language given to Almine by the Mother of Creation. But also part of living languages is the Song of the Self. Our body is is as symphony of the creative Word. When our body emits its pure tones, when the true Heart rules and the needy heart is no more, then we sing the Song of the Self continually in life. Our DNA responds directly to this, as does the entire universe. When we are singing our true song, the universe bows down at our feet, and all of creation recognizes the awakening master. All this is now possible as we embark on this wondrous journey with the most powerful orders of angels walking alongside.

The angels working in our DNA have revealed also the power of the voice. When we express from the fullness of the DNA Rose, our voice has greater resonant depth–in fact, it has as many ‘strands’ of frequency, if you will, as the number of chambers of the DNA that we express from. Our voice is our most potent healing device. Moreover, when the voice speaks from depth of being and expression, “it is heard all across the land”…it becomes an ordering power.

All this is now possible. We must stop trying to eke out a life through finding ‘better’ and ‘nicer’ ways to be in life. Radical rebirth is possible now for everyone who is open to it. And you see how DNA is foundational to everything–heart, voice, endocrine…it s the first step to High Frequency Embodiment.

The DNA program is cutting edge…all this and more will be touched upon.

Q. Do the DNA activation support our ascension?

Ascension needs to be defined. We are not going up into heaven, rather heaven is being established in this realm…on earth. We are fusing spirit, soul and body….we are being rebirthed in the incorruptible substance that Almine refers to as ‘tonal luminosity’, which is the substance of the body of the Christ. It is not light + love, but rather something new produced by the high alchemy of combining and resolving all polarity. Our body is the cauldron of high alchemy in this process, and we keep giving up the lower base substance of toxic thought, negativity, etc. and the body purifies continually and unfolds higher and higher faculties.

Working from the body through purification and integration of higher frequencies, living from higher insights, etc, are all part of the process of ascension. Ascension is really establishing the resurrection body. Everything has been revealed for this possibility here and now, and that is what all my work leads up to. But there is no goal or end point…evolution is infinite.

Q. How does the act of ascending as an individual relate to the larger planetary/cosmic ascension?

A. The human DNA contains every DNA code in the whole of creation, as we truly are a microcosm of the macrocosm. The composite of 441 chambers of the “DNA Rose” is vessel to hold all the frequencies in creation—this represents the potential of the human being. And the Heart’s Core Frequency Pattern is co-resonant to the inner ring around the DNA portal. Understand that in fear, the portal is shut. As we cultivate the core frequency pattern, the chambers of our Heart begin to hold higher frequencies and these form a co-resonant magnetic field around the DNA portal.

No other being in creation holds as much potential as the human being who is to become a co-creator of Freedom and Love. Our evolution and unfoldment in Heart and DNA drives cosmic evolution. We were created to be a vessel for god consciousness, and that potential can be realized at this time, and must be by more and more beings who have come to support the ascension of the earth.

The tones of the cosmos are meant to be playing a beautiful melody, But parts have been silent or distorted. What we see on earth and in our bodies reflects what is going on cosmically. The macro/micro distinction is blurring, and as we express from our fullness, so we support the healing of the cosmos. If you take your life story and see it as impersonal distortions that you are working with in order to sing more of the DNA Rose chambers to expression, then you see how every one who participates supports the cosmos to sing from its fullness.

I have been acutely aware recently of the need to ‘presence’ all stagnant areas in my life. This forcing me to operate and express in new ways…I’ve worked with others who are feeling pulled to another focus. And as we each do our part, we become powerful pivots of cosmic evolution.

It is time to let go of owning our stories and seeing them as impersonal parts of the cosmic pain body that we are here to dissolve. Our imprints of pain and trauma from separation form a surrounding sheath of magnetic frequencies around the DNA. This corresponds to the cosmic ‘pain body’ that is also a layer of magnetic frequencies that hold distortion. What is done microcosmically affects the whole of creation now, and vice versa. The angel gods that are present can work macrocosmically, whatever is done microcosmically. No contribution is ‘small’…size does not matter. You don’t have to change the lives of many to make a significant contribution. Your striving, devotion, and ruthless elimination of negative emotions and misinterpretation is of great value.

Q. What might fuller DNA expression look like in life?

A. You can imagine my delight when a client sent me a link to an article while I was writing up some of the DNA material. It is about “the children of AIDs”, identified 5 years ago. These children have been found to be resistant to AIDs, and when exposed have rendered the virus benign. Apparently this is due to having four extra codons turned on in the DNA. It is estimated that about 1% of the population has now been entrained to this more powerful DNA that makes them invulnerable to illness. The article states that there are three characteristics to this phenomenon. These are:

1- The mind that sees Unity (similar to knowing perfection).
2- Being centered in the heart – to be Loving.
3- Stepping out of polarity – to no longer judge the world…and so moving out of the fallen state.

The above match the Core Frequency Heart Pattern, the three frequencies that form the magnetic field around the DNA in the rose pattern, and the moods of soul (Steiner) that undo the effects of the Fall of man.

Whatever they are doing within themselves is producing a waveform that when seen on computer screens looks almost identical to the DNA molecule. So the researchers think that by the very expression of their life that these people are mapping with the DNA – resonating it – and are changing these 4 codons and in so doing become immune to the disease.

You will be amazed at the effect of redirecting your energy from all patterns of separation to patterns of unity and love. You will reach a new level of vitality and exuberance for life as you surrender to what is…to your deeper Self, know perfection, and allow the smile to course through your meridians no matter what. When you then also cultivate praise, love, and gratefulness, and practice being in reverence, outpouring love, harmony with life, and filled with wonder, you will exude such a powerful field from your Heart that your life will accelerate beyond what you can imagine. It may take some practice, but the angelic and higher realms are at the ready for anyone who creates the opening.

With the AIDs children, we have proof that the path to unity and undoing separation is through a new orientation in Heart, and this is the very pattern that will confer our sovereignty from foreign invaders, as well as drive our evolution.  We are not driving out the invaders, but rather allowing them to reform to higher expression.

Nothing is inherently ‘bad’…NOTHING. What appears as troublesome to us is simply what we don’t yet know what to do with. If we battle it, we make it stronger. The resolution is always to find what might be expressed to bring things to a higher order, through going to deeper consciousness. That is what shadow is: potential power that we have suppressed within, and that is why we can’t change the world ‘out there’…because we are seeing the projections of our collective suppression.

It is so interesting to note that illness is the result of the Fall of man, as is death. It will be fascinating as these children are followed over the years to see how their bodies age, as they will likely establish the youthfulness of a 35-year-old throughout their lifetime that may be a lot longer than we are used to! You will also note that these children first appeared in 2007, one year after the major changes that marked the end of the dream of separation.

Q. How does the endocrine system mediate the heart’s power and DNA expression?

A. For the last several years, I have been teaching (the Ascension initiations) that our attitudes in life, our understandings and orientations that reflect trust that our daily needs will be met (Root), that forgive others and ourselves recognizing eventually that there is nothing to forgive (Sacral), that demonstrate courage to move away from conformity (Solar Plexus), that allow us to see with Innocent Perception and without attachment (Heart), etc, change us hormonally and cause our endocrine system to operate at a much higher order. Each change affects specific glands that cause reverberations through the entire endocrine system, and so changing in one area  causes new understandings in others. The endocrine system operates as a planetary system, where each planet exerts a force on the whole. And there is no end to what we may embody as cosmic consciousness through the support of our endocrine system!

As the endocrine system evolves, it moves from inner planetary system to galaxy, and I imagine it can go on infinitely.

When the needy heart is abandoned and the true heart rules, then the thymus (high heart) activates and life shifts dramatically.  And when the true heart rules, the power of our morality activates and merges with the power of the etheric Christ, and this causes a stream of etheric substance to activate the pineal to higher functioning.  The pineal then causes higher functioning in all the glands, and that is when we enter into the magic life.

If we live continually in the pure vibration of any one of these attitudes (love, praise, gratitude) for a few months we change from mortal to immortal, becoming an ascended master in the flesh. This occurs because love, praise and gratitude are attitudes indicating we have chosen life. They signal the pituitary gland to order the thymus to excrete the life hormone so our cells are continually renewed.”iv

Q. Can you comment on the process of body evolution through embracing expansive consciousness?

A. The practice of surrender, peace, and the smiling energy is so powerful, because it takes you deeper and deeper into consciousness outside of duality. So long as you resist anything in life (or have value judgment or prefernce) and don’t embrace with gratitude and praise, the power of love cannot be present. And love moves everything to a higher order. In love, you disengage from illusion and weaken its power for the whole world. This is your greatest service. Others do not need you to rescue them, but rather you serve through releasing illusion.

In time, you will have a whole body felt-sense when you are moving toward expansion or toward contraction, and you will be in such praise and gratitude to be experiencing this accelerated expansion marked by daily epiphanies. You may approach this through the heart or through the mind—through expansive feeling or through being steeped in illuminating thought—either path will get you there. And at some point, you will sense a heart-mind emerging as new faculty. The heart-mind unifies the feminine and masculine poles of consciousness—as they unite, right and left brain hemisphere operate as one in the corpus callosum that is often referred to as the seat of the higher mind.

There is so much that happens. This is discussed in greater detail in the program, and every aspect of the whole will eventually be elaborated through separate programs. The possibility of accelerated body evolution at this time is tremendous.

Q. Can you offer some imagery to illustrate how we move into ‘new states of being’? I am a very visual person and learn most effectively that way….

A. A simple imagery is this: imagine a radio with many stations that can be picked up. A new station has become accessible—this one has only healing music that expands your being, confers ever greater health through the frequencies it emits, has mind expanding ideas that speak to you directly in all ways, and is run by high consciousness Beings. It is accessible to anyone who tunes into it. Over time you will lock into it and the other stations will no longer even be an option, because they will be too coarse for the refined receiver that you have become.

Q. As a healing practitioner, I am very interested to incorporate this into my practice with clients. Can you comment on how my personal work can expand my impact with others?

A. All the statements from the DNA clearing processes are gifts or divine rights that we are able to embody. As you embody these, so you can establish this for others. Contemplate on them, and you will find you get far more support in your healing work with clients than you thought possible.

If you wish, when perceiving the dysfunction of another, you may bring conscious illumination that sees the
transformation…the perspectives and pathway through and beyond the story. Resonate deeply with it and allow the illumination that you have brought into your life to radiate to them. You are learning to be a ‘transmitter of consciousness’. Your job is to be steeped in the truth of these times so that you can be there for the unfolding of the higher order reality. And the DNA clearing audios give you an understanding as to what is possible and even necessary at this time.

Q. What kinds of simple practices support ongoing shifting?

A. The support for DNA repair and activation is at the height of power presently. No longer is it necessary to experience backsliding at every step forward. You have but to steadfastly reinforce new being. And understand that everything acts in a manner that is holographic when you awaken to and intend that to transpire.  As  you choose to remain pristine in thinking, already you are supporting greater purity in physical body because the mental body interpenetrates the physical. But when you also intend for it to work holographically, and you imagine that all your organs, body systems, cells, etc.  are responding likewise to toxins they encounter at their level of operation through your commitment to do so at the mental level of thought, you cause even greater purification!

Below are some suggestions to reinforce new being and move into the new reality (some come directly from the insights of the Lemurian Angels that are active in the DNA):

1- When programs are spoken or read, or otherwise encountered, say in your mind: “Cancel, cancel, cancel.”

2- When negative images, events, or possibilities are encountered, say with conviction to yourself or to others as appropriate, “No, that is not my reality.” In so doing, you do not let anything pass into you that can program you at any level.

3- Be mercilessly self-scrutinizing to determine the origin and motives of your actions; unless they are the result of living from the still mind, surrendered heart, and depth of being, all must be continually examined. You are master taking the reins of your entire being. As you fill your whole being and life conscientiously, so will you become sovereign of the body as well as be able to fill out in life and wield greater manifestation power.

4- Use negative resistance to your environment, letting hostile elements pass right through you. In negative resistance, you let the situation or upset pass through you…not letting it stick in you in any way.  You are then like the cloud that has no obstacles as all things pass through it.  You are there, but you no longer partake of the external as real….no longer controlled by fear or need to be accepted…or whatever the situation may once have triggered in you. If challenged, simply focus on the emotion stirred up and know that it belongs to the illusion of duality that is not divine reality. Don’t attach a story to it anymore….simply acknowledge that it is energy and let it release by drawing it into the Gut and destroying it (as described in session 4 material). If you feel something stick through having agenda or preference…simply acknowledge, feel the resistance, and let it go, knowing that you are and have all things. Feel yourself gliding through your life like the cloud that has no obstacles…gently reminding yourself to wake up from the dream of obstacles….As you do this, be present to yourself in a new way–grateful and appreciative of your efforts.

5- Release neediness by releasing the fear of abandonment, rejection, and disapproval. Do this by being fully present and supportive of yourself. When needy, be present to the neediness and let Infinite Love bring comfort. Nothing external to you can supply your true needs…you may be receptive and appreciate the warmth of another, but first be present to yourself.

6- When hearing something that challenges beliefs…question where your beliefs come from..release them, and entertain that this information may be true at some level of reality. Do not dismiss from a false place of knowing. Live beyond belief, always ready to be amazed…thereby remaining open and in the fluidity of all possibility.

7- When someone opposes you, release all need to prove or convince, release all one-upmanship, etc. and look for something in the other that you can affirm…let any bitterness or grudge dissolve.

8- In all of life, look at what you can pour out into this moment to make it better…

9- Where possible, put all focus, effort, and other resources only in what is life-affirming or enhancing. Celebrate the little things continually, and the bigger things will appear over time without you even noticing how they got there!

10- Live in continual hope—that is a knowing that infinite potential is held in each moment…Revelation is at hand when you live beyond appearances. In hope that is a present power, the magic of life is invoked.

11- Bring a smiling energy from depth of being into the peaceful Heart. This smiling energy is ever present from depth of consciousness beyond all stories and conditions, and it renews the eight extraordinary meridians that are Cause for your indwelling consciousness and your life. This smiling energy enables you to cultivate the powerful perspectives that move you out of negative emotions altogether. Thusly do the eight meridians act as the rivers of renewed life, washing through the meridians of the emotional body that hold the old memories. You do not have to understand the meridian system to engage a smiling energy that acknowledges that all is well…whatever challenge or upset is there shall pass…and you can access that moment where all is well at any time. With the continual smiling energy, you create a higher vibratory inner field in the body, and even the cells know that all is well.

12- Practice Praise, Love and Gratitude continually….as these are the most powerful ascension attitudes that lead to higher vibratory light and frequency embodiment.

Q. How do we most effectively use our experience of ‘outer life’ to shift inwardly?

A. Imagine that every thought, feeling, deed, and word is deeply steeped in conscientious and conscious intention to embody the Infinite…can you see how you might accelerate yourself on this journey?  The more deeply you enter into that state, the bigger is your contribution to cosmic evolution, as far higher potentials begin to light up in this realm.  Our most important task is to become a fluid field of luminosity–free and joyous to express the genius, nobility, beauty, grace, power, and unbounded gifts of the Infinite–this is an ‘inside job’.  Use outer life to first reflect on where you are in distortion, but then quickly move to what you need to express and emphasize within you to fill out in wholeness, sovereignty, power, and full transparency and innocence.

A key is ‘filling out’ in expression. Where we are not fully present is where we compromise sovereignty. Where we do not express, tones are missing from our Song of Self and we leak power.

A short while ago, the 300-petalled DNA rose exploded to 441 petals (an alchemical sequence from 12 to 144, 300, 441).  This explosion just shows how nothing is fated and all happens in vivo, so to speak. The more successfully that we embody what we are given, the more we unlock doorways of higher potential that will not otherwise open.

Our active engagement in leaving behind all that pertains to the world of duality, opposition, separation, density/tension, negative emotions, and belief structures can lead to unimagined levels of evolution that impact the whole cosmos. There is no greater service that we can do than our self-evolution.

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