Realms of Innocence ~ To Enhance Extra Sensory Perception

fa_realms_of_innocenceThe alchemical formula for the blend, The Realms of Innocence, is the most complex and detailed yet received for any fragrance’s formula. The purpose and gift of the plant essences and alchemy of this blend, is the enhanced capacity of the extrasensory perceptions to enable self guidance. It is clear from the formula itself, that it facilitates the opening of a gateway between the physical and the magical realms, known as The Realms of Innocence. Although its magical properties can be released to the wearer when worn anywhere on the body, its optimal placement is on the 3rd eye.

Through the ‘art of happiness” we may enter into joyful interaction with these hidden realms–these are the etheric realms where beings that have as their densest body the etheric body (we have the physical as densest body). Beings in this realm include the angels, elementals of creation (elements on earth and cosmic forces), fairies, elves, devas, and many other species. The veils are thinning, and we may enter into reciprocity with these realms for mutual benefit in evolution.
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