Releasing Density from the Joints that Cause Linear Time, Illusion, Victimization, and Pain


There is tremendous power to manifest that is held in the 13 main joints of the body. Discomfort in any joint area indicates that the perspective on life associated with that joint is too limited, rigid or has become obsolete. When it is corrected and cleared, we become flexible and fluid, and able to better interpret Higher Will that moves our life. In addition, as we live without density, we close the gap between inner and outer life and live in non-resistance.

With less resistance, there is less tension. Tension, which is primarily stored in the joints, is the cause of is cause of linear time. When we live beyond tension, we no longer partake of drama and we live in timelessness where we are continually regenerated at the cellular level. The secret Fountain of Youth is in living without resistance or tension. This is the single-most powerful state to attain to in order to self-regenerate and youth-en.

Each time you release a lie to higher understanding, you unleash trapped power into the body that renews the cells, and our DNA repairs. Broken DNA is what causes aging and keeps us in lower consciousness.

The joints are gates or portals to deeper intelligence about how to be in this world without getting ‘locked’ into any part of it. When we are not attached or in resistance, when we are not stuck in the past through things like regret, guilt, sense of loss, etc, then we allow our reality to fluidly reshape according to our interpretation of Infinite Intent. With joint portals open, we are surrendered and flexible in the moment, wholly in the flow of the One Life and in perpetual regeneration–at a cellular level and in terms of abundant in and out flow.

Working at the level of joints can have far reaching impact on your life, let alone the immediate physical effects of pain reduction and increased vitality.

The first audio in an 11-minute talk from the Miraculous Body series, describing how every part of the body is made up of consciousness, and as we live the insights encoded in the body, we open to communion with higher realms out of which we were created.

Harmonious-Integrating-of-the-Masculine-and-FeminineThe second audio is an hour-long meditation that takes you to a deep state of tension release and leads you to clearing the stuck programs and beliefs that cause resistance to life and being stuck in the past. The audio contains activations to support deeper release. Angel elixirs play in the background, which not only balance out illusion, but also work directly to activate chambers of the DNA in support of resolving duality and entering into the fluidity of the present moment. Used repeatedly, these elixirs eliminate discordance at deep levels and seed new insights for life.

The third audio is a 20-min release through the joints via specific affirmations; it also uses angel elixirs. The accompanying pdf file contains the affirmations and contemplations for easy reference.

The fourth audio combines five potent angel elixirs in support of closing the gap between the poles of past/present, feminine/masculine, inner and outer reality, giving and receiving, etc. When we close the gap on all polarities, we live outside of the illusion of opposites, and enter into the miracle life of the present moment.

surrendered trust light elixirAnd the fifth audio is about surrendered trust–which is the ascension attitude to support moving out of linear time.

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