Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery Training

anu-rune-mastery-subscriptionsThe Runes of the Infinite Mother were received by the great seer and mystic, Almine, over several years. They are an incomparable tool of leveraged evolution and profound guidance.

In 2014, I was  initiated as one of the placeholder of the Runes. I’ve since mentored dozens of people through to Mastery and Grand Mastery.

If the Runes resonate with you, then I’d be happy to support you!

Explore the Rune Mastery Intensive Program: Click here

We’ve also developed a Rune Mastery App that is phenomenal, and full support for practitioners to have online clients.

Visit the Rune Mastery App site: to read about the Runes, to read about the App, to sign up the App


Runes and wheels by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, 



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