Sacred Govt by Almine


As you awaken more and more and seek support for acceleration into greater power and presence, you become more accountable for how you perceive.

If you try to improve the lives of others as though what you see is imperfect and needs you to improve things…you engage in a ‘grey’ magic (seemingly well-intentioned black magic). But everything is in perfection, and the One Life brings opportunities through all its individuations. You can certainly deliver the inspiration and insights to those who ask or are open (as the Infinite moves through its lenses (us) to affect all), but you cannot do this if you see imperfect, believe in victims, or feel life needs improvement.

Surrendered trust is rooted in knowing that the universe is perfectly equitable (if you can’t see it, you are not expanded out to the eternal perspective…and you do not need to see to know this is true..always).

ST is rooted in knowing the absolute and profound benevolence of the One Life…

So if you are reaching higher consciousness and then look at the lives of others as wrong…that things should not happen, etc. you are ‘playing in the mirrors’ and they will crash on you…




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