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Both eyes

Posts from DNA program on eyes + wheels

Eye exercise

Perspectives audio – general one (perspectives product has general + specific ones)


Haaraknit from BV Book-2

Paalesh heresta aklech nunahers birak ekre virasat paa-uklet
Only from outside illusion can it effectively be changed.
Kuras estra biranak vile-ustravaa haarstana skarut uvrekla bares.
To live from here, disease ends as you re-create your form at will.
Kru-hanach subetsta kle-uharanet esta uranechvi iskle mishet.
By opening the door you can go in and out, preparing yourself to
life in formless form.
Kurut arsta erkle brivet erste ninus harsva aruset erkletve privabit.
It is the wellspring of all incorruptible white magic to dissolve
Kirapa bivek elke nus astavaa irestaa arch klanaaniset uselvi
haarichpa eret klavi.
When illusionary form is dissolved, we live as images of
separateness within Oneness.
Kaanash ersta hursvava enash urach pararut niselvi branabak
esklavu ukrevit salvuta.
The way images are cast upon a screen; we are the screen playing
the roles of the unreal images.
Arach herenus arksla parut niset vavu areskla parut eret urech
nenesh usta.
Though the eye sees another as separate, it cannot be. The ocean
cannot be divided.
Kurach nereset ekles urstava ninus eret paara ekleshne stuva.
Form became solid because we believed the trick of our eyes.
Arska nusivavi arak ekleshne irata piruha. Neselvi baruch
The Oneness of life whispers through the amygdala and must
override the messages of the eyes.
Kuhurabit niret eresklave piruha arvata ishate ekle hunesvi
There are certain qualities to live that help the amygdala interpret
the messages of the One Life.
Archna iras harsut pilichva aranut eselvaa.
The trick of the eyes lets us play the game of relationship.
Asalvi urnut aruk vra hilsevat arach pra-unut hiret arak bruhastat
Though relationship has value as a means of joy, believing it to be
real is detrimental.

New Eyes

gods and goddesses..she who sees with new eyes

New eyes protocol – 1- for FA clients 2- for BV/FA practitioners (with BV activation  3- for general clients (no FA)  4- for DNA group (without goddesses) 5- for product, with goddesses!

No longer static….spaceless space

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