Selflessness ~ The Power to Achieve Oneness Within

The intensity of the energies at present are causing many to feel inwardly challenged. For those who are embracing change, there may be a feeling of dying within. But none of us are really prepared for this, as this process has never happened before, at least not to the level of intensity that it is presently. From what I understand, we are not transforming to another level so much as we are birthing into new being. Through our work last year, we were given body templates for the 2nd Adam and beyond, and the 2nd Adam is a new being that emerges from a new substance than does the first. Everything is different in the 2nd Adam—from the very atom to the DNA, organs and glands, as well as faculties and covenant with God. And the reality is that in order to embody the 2nd Adam, the first Adam must die. I have been experiencing life since the start of 2012 as a transmogrification…like the caterpillar dissolving and being made into a new creature: the butterfly. It’s not a pretty sight and does not feel so good at times; and it helps to retreat and allow for the process to take place uninterrupted.

I woke up recently with the rudiments of a fairly simple healing exercise, and that day it unfolded of its own during a remote healing session on a client, wherein I experienced it in a multidimensional manner. It came to me that morning because the night before I was contemplating deeply on how we can truly transition consciousness from being anchored in the lower realm to being firmly in the spiritual realm, and more elegantly than I have made the transition in the past years (and continue to do).

General Discussion

In moving from material plane of existence to the supersensible, we must learn to think (feel and will) from the Absolute, rather than from conditions or events in external reality. We must continually think according to what we desire in this realm, what is for the good of all, and in that way we energize that reality from the field of future possibilities that exists at any moment. When we focus in this manner with consistency and faith, over time, our reality will change accordingly. And of course, this happens over time and not in the instant, and so great faith is needed to keep believing without seeing.

Many people think that creative thinking from the Absolute is reserved for times of conscious manifestation, but that is how you will end up straddling two worlds and making a mess in both. We must learn to think from the One at all times, and this is becoming a necessity at present as the vibrational hum in this realm is rising and our thoughts are manifesting more quickly, for good or ill. We are all being forced to awaken or else… And so healing is no longer an option; it is an evolutionary necessity. In heightened wakefulness, we become aware of the impact of our thinking, feeling, and willing on the world, and learn to put it in the service of the highest good. In other words, we become selfless in our use of these soul faculties and thereby we support the ego to transform into a higher aspect of itself.


Selflessness is the power to unify the many back to the One. And in order for us to achieve this at the level of self and others, we must first achieve this within, at the level of our parts of self. We cannot hope to unify the fragmented parts of God if we are unable to do so at this very basic level within our own psyche. Yet, not many have achieved this inner state.


Becoming Selfless in Thinking, Feeling, and Willing

Of course becoming selfless in these faculties is a process that requires us to sacrifice varying degrees of attachment to life, but if we begin to move in that direction, we create the opening for the higher vibrations to support us in ways beyond what we might consider possible. Every effort toward selflessness enables greater support to become active in this realm, and unless we are striving for selflessness that support can do nothing to help us.

The following ideas may seem rather lofty for many, but I repeat that any effort in this direction increases the spiritual support that can be active in this realm.

We become selfless in thinking when all of our thoughts come from the Absolute or the Divine Mind, and we are exploring possibilities or co-creating at inner levels. And when we are not actively creating in this manner, we immerse our thinking in silence so that the One may impress Itself upon our mind. This is actually how Steiner describes the consciousness of the angels—in their outer life they are manifesting according to their inner nature or according to Divine Will, and in their inner life they are spirit-filled. In selfless thinking, we still the chatter and inner dialog, and replace it with an attitude of openness and innocence so that divine radiance and blessing may always shine forth. And when we subdue judgment in this manner, what would have been mental judgment becomes a feeling sense about others or situations that needs no explanation or justification. What occurs is that we allow our deeper mind to inform us about our affinities, and leave out the high probability of error from the conscious reactive mind that so easily takes over thinking in unconscious living. In time, our thinking penetrates into deeper mysteries and receives understanding by revelation. And soon enough a depth of feeling accompanies our thinking and we find ourselves continually on the edge of expansion.

We become selfless in feeling when all of our feelings bear the stamp of the eternal, when our feelings put us in touch with the eternal. In order to achieve this, our feeling must ‘think’ from our essential nature as love. Another way of expressing this is that feeling comes from the wellspring of the intelligent Heart. Selfless feeling is cultivated through meditation and contemplation on eternal qualities and through a love and devotion to the eternal and holy. An effect of this is that we no longer seek sensual experience for the feelings that they may give us, because our feelings now emerge from within rather than come from external stimulus. This is not to say that we do not enjoy sensual experience, on the contrary it can stir us to even deeper feelings of enjoyment and even higher pleasures. Another aspect of selfless feeling is that we attain to emotional equanimity, as we no longer indulge in drama of emotionality. And this is largely what the exercise to quickly reunite fragmented parts is about.

Feeling bridges thought and will, and that is why emotional equanimity is such an important quality on the path to awakening. Feeling steeped in love and reverence for the eternal supports truth-filled thinking and wisdom-imbued will.

We become selfless in willing when we harness the will to serve deliberate action to fulfill a higher will and purpose beyond personal pursuits. We free the will from the body and its demands and commit it in support of doing what is right for now and into the future. We become increasingly moved by a desire to do good and support the good of all. Truth-filled thinking and feeling steeped in reverence for the divine informs the will toward moral action. In time, the will serves only the One true God.

Selflessness is the power of the ego to move us away from separation back to oneness of being in God, but now in full consciousness. This power of the ego comes from the Christ, and is what is referred to as the Christ Impulse.

* * * * *

Because of the urgency of the times for awakening, healing has had to change. Not many years ago it was still appropriate to seek understanding of the dysfunctional patterns of our many parts of psyche in order to change them. And while it is still helpful to seek some understanding in order to be able to have compassion for these parts and understand their true needs, we must not stop there or focus too much on that effort. At present, healing must ‘cut to the chase’ and focus on the goal of attaining to Oneness in the most expedient way possible.

Everyone is being challenged to integrate a higher vibrational reality and so to move into higher or deeper consciousness. And this is causing internal resistance in everyone to varying degrees. As the old dysfunctional and wounded parts resist, we fall out of sync with the higher vibrations and experience hardship or drama.

Our wounded parts of psyche know themselves by their internal ruminations and negative emotional states. As the vibrations rise, they feel threatened with their very existence and resist. As resistance increases, we may experience them more often and more intensely.

It is no longer beneficial to explore them deeply and transform their wounds one by one, because in so doing we give up one illusion for another. The fact is that we need to move to a substantially higher order reality, and the transformation on the same plane is not very useful to that end. That said, there has to be some level of understanding in order to help these parts transmute, but the power of healing needs to be stepped up by several orders of magnitude.

There’s a simple exercise to do when you are triggered into old stuff, feeling overwhelmed, or stressed that supports a move toward becoming selfless at the level of the psyche. Essentially it is about helping our parts to surrender their indulgences and be healed in the light. But several things need to be grasped, and the process has been put into a larger context so that it is one step in a three-step process toward Oneness.

If you want to learn this powerful process and much more besides, I invite you to join the upcoming Remote Healing Session Program!


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