Silencing the Mind ~ Reclaiming Sovereignty ~ A 4-week Intensive

galaxy_mind (1)We are at a most important time presently, wherein we can and must regain sovereignty over our being in order to end all mind control and take back the truth of being and our true home.

We are to clear the distorted frequency particles of all false emotions including false love and compassion, and all the light particles by shedding belief systems, desire to know, and thinking that we can know. To do this, we need to silence the mind profoundly, so that the support to clear all infiltration and programming can work in us at deepest levels. With the silenced mind born of surrendered trust, we will perceive with enough clarity to navigate the times ahead and be able to transcend the illusion and drama that may play out.

To those who pay attention, freedom to hear and interpret Infinite Intent will come, and new vitality will infuse their lives.

This remote healing session program is being offered to meet this most incredible time. It will be different from prior ones, in that the focus is not so much on sharing insight and information as it is on activation, and holding pristine space for most profound change to take place within those who join. There will be time for insight after deeper clearing and deeper level embodiment of new faculties is first achieved.

I will be joined by colleague Jodie Carter in daily ceremony and clearing work on the group, with support also from healers Ciara Young, and Erlisa  Jorganxhi. This group of powerful women have all gathered around the great mystic Almine in the last few years, heeding the call to awaken as wayshowers of the new reality emerging.  I am very grateful for their support and our mutual vision in offering this at this time!

The program will be 4 weeks in duration, with the first two weeks of concentrated clearing with two ‘live’ remote session events each week, leading up to a full week of ‘silence’ that coincides with Almine’s silence retreat at Killarney Ontatio (June 16-20).  The first two weeks will entail daily activation work on the group, to strip away programs from deep levels in all parts of the body, and thin the membranes that have become thick matrices of belief systems.

During this time, you will receive daily, inspiration from the Infinite through the Calendar of Oneness, received by Almine. The daily angelic messages capture the Intent and Focus of the Infinite on each day, to which you may align in order to enhance graceful unfolding in your life. It is a most potent Tool of guidance.

On Mondays and Thursdays of each week, a live remote healing event will take place. These events are done through audio that you play at a certain pre-arranged time, to release and open to deep reorganization within. If you are unable to do it during the ‘live’ event, then you can do it on your own at your earliest convenience, and will still receive full benefit. Each remote event comes with audio(s), and support material.

rainbow flowerTo take in the daily work that we will be transmitting to the group, you will be given Fragrance Alchemy protocols to work with daily. These protocols combine alchemical equations, power wheels, and the pure Egyptian oils through which mighty angelic powers are able to work at dense levels of the physical body.  We are boundlessly grateful to Almine for the gift of these incredible tools!  I encourage you to explore the Fragrance Alchemy material.

For those new to Fragrance Alchemy, I have put together a special 24-oil kit, which has all the alchemical oil blends that we will use in this and subsequent programs during 2014.  You may purchase the special 24-oil kit and supporting materials, by clicking on the link below. The 24-oil kit will be offered at this special price (25% off) during the month of June only, to give everyone who will be joining the transformative work in the next 6 months a chance to stock up. If you have the oils already, you might consider ordering a refill at these prices. (If ordering a refill, please indicate as much, as we will fulfill orders to all new clients first, as timing is a bit tight!)

During the week of silence, you will receive short daily contemplations and suggestions via email, while you will be held in sacred space to support  dissolution of programs and the elimination of interference from the old dream of separation that has played out over eons.  All of these distortions keep the mind in thought and noise, which begets linear time. We are truly closing the gap of linear time, as the wayshowers are called upon to stand in full  power and presence.   A brief description of the program is given below, and then more context and discussion.

Program Outline

The program will be delivered as daily remote healing sessions, with 2 ‘live’ sessions per week (Monday and Thursday evenings) that consist of audios that you do while we work on you remotely, focusing on a specific theme. More clearing will be done than we can share via audio and written material, as the time is short. Much of the clearing work would require deeper esoteric teachings, but some of this will come through in the daily emails.

The focus will be on clearing spirit programs from the body, particularly from muscles, spine and pranic tube. Clearing the Akashic substance that holds the ghosts of the past and dispelling the main illusions from the extraordinary meridians.

We will be using the powerful Fragrance Alchemy oils to support the clearing work.  This will lead into the 3rd week that is the week of silence.  You will be guided to upholding silence to the extent that you can in your life, so that you may receive the blessings that will be pouring in to all who are ready to release the old dreams of separation. Much support is here, for us to clear old interference patterns that have become entrenched during the  old dream of separation.  So much infiltration comes in by way of technology, denatured foods including refined sugar, media manipulation, vaccines, etc, etc, that our systems have become so scrambled and unable to heal and hear the Infinite.  Through deep silence and mindfulness, you will be assisted to take in the profound support to establish a level of sovereignty within, allowing rewiring, repair, and ignition.

Note: because we will be fully immersed in silence and holding deepest space for healing, there will not be live events during the 3rd week. However, we will continue with the daily evening focus and activation on the group.

You will receive daily contemplative emails, and suggested daily FA protocols. Also, written material and audios, as appropriate.

shrihat satva sigil You will also learn the Shrihat Satva YogaI AM Lucid Dreamer–the yoga to clear the emotional body of trauma, debris, and old patterns from the dream (soul) body.

There will not be a Facebook group for this program, as that can be a source of noise and unnecessary engagement. FB will be a venue in the 4th week, where you may share your experiences if you wish.  The fourth week will continue with integrating the many blessings that we will receive. I am leaving details open, to allow for things to unfold.

For those who want to know ‘what comes next’ after this, the program immediately after will be to unify  the 7 fields of perception/communication, which only becomes possible after  the fields are cleared of distortion patterns. I will be offering private sessions only in the 4th week, after the inward period of silence and integration of the remote work has been taken in to some degree.

Bonus Materials:

  • One month of the Calendar of Oneness, complimentary with Almine’s blessing.
  • The Power of Silence Audio by Almine
  • Stilling the Mind audio (Anita)

Sign up here ~ Cost is $333 (one payment, or 2 bi-monthly payments of $170 each) One payment of  $333

  Bi-monthly Payment Plan (2 payments of $170)

As soon as you sign up, you will be given details on how to sign up for your free month of the Calendar of Oneness.



Awakening-from-the-Dream-300x225So much of what we have made ‘holy’ and desirable are from shallow desires of trying to fix the world, rather than courageously facing the lies of the tribe, and going to depth to witness its perfection. There is nothing to ‘fix’ and nothing to save, as the Infinite Being is perfection itself.  When we shed the beliefs, the worldly interpretations, the need to be seen and heard, and we surrender in humility that knows that we know nothing of the unfathomable vastness of being, only then will we hear and sense Infinite Intent. Until then, we are part of the noisy clamor that drowns out the voice of truth.

So much healing is focused on clearing this or that thing, when true ‘healing’ happens through shedding the false to reveal the perfection inherent in the real core essence of being. Living from that core–even if only in momentary glimpses–purges distortion that disfigures true beauty and majesty. We cannot wish a better world into place when we ourselves are immersed in distortion, for doing so only thickens the matrices of illusion that choke life.

We become the wayshower and herald of the new reality, only through full embodiment, such that we operate as a unified field and begin to secrete the higher hormones of pristine man and beyond.

The times ahead will be intense for most–both personally and globally–and it is critical that we be able to find the centered depth of stillness within, so that we are able to observe the world around us without getting swept into its madness. In depth of stillness that touches on the real, there is no fear and the meridians run clean.

While the times certainly call for this work, it is also immensely practical for all areas of life. During 2014, all will be focused on embodying higher faculties beyond duality and beyond all matrices–man-made or otherwise. The silent stilled mind that is beyond being programmed is not only foundational, but is a step that will pave the way for leaps of consciousness to be made through all the other processes to come.

“In the activity of our day, do we discover ourselves in the play of finite form. In
the silence of the mind, born of surrendered trust, do we touch the face of
Divinity Quest (#17)

Thought arises from believing life at face value, which causes tension in the body, and fixed expectations based on the past. When we believe life at face value, we have entered into the mirrors of the matrix. When we think we know, we have just sealed the future to be like the past, and are then on the disc of linear time and subject to the law of compensation. 

Still all repetitive thought, that your being and your life may fluidly move into new expression outside of linear time. In the silence of mindlessness, all is renewed …as you hold on to nothing, all is replenished in ever new vitalizing waters of the One Life.

“Through the knowledge that all life is constantly renewed, as the water in the river is constantly refreshed, can we become free from the illusion of static form and unchangeable circumstances. When we are entrenched in this realization, we have entered into a life of miracles.”  Almine



This program is ideally offered to those who have done some work with me before. Either RHS programs, the MP, the DNA activation program, the Enhanced Healing Symbol or Belsvaspata training,  Vertical Awaring, Fragrance Alchemy, or several audio programs and/or private sessions.  If you have not done prior work with me, you can still benefit as you will receive much support to shed obsolete ways of being, but you may not easily understand the written material. If you would like to join and are new, please email me and we can see if this program is suitable at this time.


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