Special 24-oil Kit for Programs in 2014!


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I hope that you have had a chance to explore the Fragrance Alchemy pages, and have a sense of the power of these pure Egyptian alchemical blends.

In several remote healing program intensives, we use the FA daily to promote silence of the mind, clear trauma from the body, dispel illusions, sustain hope, purity, and timelessness, and more.  It is recommended that you have the full 24 oil kit when in these programs.

The 24-oils purchased individually in 3.5 mls would be well over $350. Oil kits are the most cost-effective way to buy the oils.   With great support by Almine for what we are doing, we have been granted permission to sell the kit at a low price, which allows us to sell it with materials for $220 + shipping.  This offer only applies if you are signed up for a program.

If this is your first time using FA, then you will need some additional material to get you started–this includes a manual, exercises, and audios to get familiar with the FA oils and their power at clearing the ordinary meridians of the emotional body, and the extraordinary meridians of the causal (mental) body. (Note, this is not the full FA programs with the other kits, but a smaller package to get you started before the program).

There are some additional options given below, for those who just want a refill of oils in the 24-kit, a 16-oil kit, or the 4 new oils kit.  already have the FA oils and would like partial refills.

Can I do the program without the FA oils?  We no longer recommend this.  The protocols are designed with great care and intention, and themselves add another level to the alchemical process of clearing.  Theoretically they can be done without the oils, but the oils add a significant level of power. That said, it is an option if you have severe allergies.


24-oil FA kit plus materials ~ $220 ~ shipping is $12 and will be added to the amount upon checkout. 


Refill Options ~ Oils only

24-oil kit ~ $200 + shipping (Prices subject to change in future, as this is deeply discounted)

16-oil kit ~ includes the 8 FA oils for the extraordinary meridians, the God BlendGoddess BlendFlower of Saffron, and Rose oils, plus the new blends of Realms of InnocenceGarden of EdenLion of Judah, and Song of Joy. $150 + shipping (Prices subject to change in future)

4 oils– new blends of Realms of InnocenceGarden of EdenLion of Judah, and Song of Joy.  But you will have to pay shipping for this option (additional $15). Cost is $62 + shipping.



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