Special Product Offer ~ Clearing Density in the 13 Main Joints Meditation and Angel Elixirs

120213-spiral1There is  tremendous power to manifest that is held in the 13 main joints of the body. Discomfort in any joint area indicates that the perspective on life associated with that joint is too limited, rigid or has become obsolete. When it is corrected and cleared, we become flexible and fluid, and able to better interpret Higher Will that moves our life. In addition, as we live without density, we close the gap between inner and outer life and live in non-resistance.

With less resistance, there is less tension. Tension, which is primarily stored in the joints, is the cause of illusion..it is cause of linear time. When we live beyond tension, we no longer partake of drama and we live in timelessness where we are continually regenerated at the cellular level. The secret Fountain of Youth is in living without resistance or tension. This is the single-most powerful state to attain to in order to self-regenerate and youth-en.

Each time you release a lie to higher understanding, you unleash trapped power into the body that renews the cells, and our DNA repairs. Broken DNA is what causes aging and keeps us in lower consciousness.

As a special offer to those attending Lynne’s joint-process release meditation and clearing, I am making available to you an audio of the full joint clearing process that is set to angelic elixirs to clear density and support greater fluidity and joyous surrender to the moment.  This product also contains the angelic elixir music that Lynne used in the meditation. These sound elixirs work directly in the DNA and in the body, eliminating discordance at deep levels.

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